UNRANKED: A Portal Break Xianxia

UNRANKED: A Portal Break Xianxia

by Crownfall

Just over five years ago, humanity began to Awaken to strange new powers. Right before I was sucked out of the world.

While I was gone, the gates opened, swallowing cities and pouring monsters into the land like fountains of death. Awakened humans rushed to match them.

In the five years that passed, my body stuck in a coma, the power balance of humanity shifted entirely. Awakened live as kings and queens, free from the rule of law.

I did not Awaken, nor gain their power. But in my time in another world, I gained knowledge of another power.

I alone cultivate.

But I don't intend to be alone for long.

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Mohammad Al-Deep

For a supposedly immortal patriarch that ruled a dog eat dog sect for hundreds of years, the MC has the maturity of a 12 years old.

He is in a new world with a different power system than the one he is used to, so the first thing he does is get a phone to see how things worked in this system, everything cool so far.

Except the fact that he apparently forgot to do any research or anything and just went to kill stuff to become ' strong ', and then the plot bend over backward so that his lack of knowledge + the fact that his super strong sister that was always by his side during his coma, decided to take a break with her girlfriend, and left her brother that got discharged from the hospital last week on his own.

So with his infinite wisdom, cultivated through hundreds of years of politicking and slaughter, he decided to reveal the secret he conveniently kept hidden from his amazingly supportive and well connected sister, to a stranger he talked with for a total of 5 minutes, and all that for her help in something minor that his sister could have granted to him with a phone call, I even doubt if his sister would have even asked why.

So, yeah, xdddd, immortal pateriach of a demonic sect he says, pffff, more like a pateriach of the conveniently not so bright minions.

Other than the convenient characters , I would say that it has an interesting setting, with a somewhat decent world building.


Very interesting premise and concept, grammar is also perfect, the only thing dragging things down is the character of the mc at the start.

The main character is said to have lived for centuries as a cultivator that slaughtered enemies, and he also betrayed his master as he conquered the nine realms, but at the end he didn't have the heart of killing his son (after his son betrayed him) because that would have been unnacceptable on Earth? He lived in a different world for centuries, why would Earth's standards matter at that point? Not even talking about the many genocides and atrocities he probably committed as a member of the demonic path, he has already gone over those standards miles ago.

The other problem is that his character and personality doesn't resemble someone that lived in the demonic path for so long, it's like after all those centuries of experience and of killing, his character did a 180 and changed personality from what it was or was supposed to be. Even if he decided to step away from the demonic path, he still lived in it for centuries; at this point it's a part of him. You cant just get rid of it instantly as if the previous centuries didn't affect him in term of character.

I feel like this is mainly a problem at the beginning of the novel, it wasn't necessary giving the mc such a backstory. If you can get over this at the start then the rest of the novel is smooth sailing. There aren't many characters yet, so I am talking about the MC mainly. I tried to ask to the author about it but I got blocked without a response..?

Story is not very developed yet since it's just the start, but it's going in a very good ditection. I really like the mistery that is surrouding the main characters, and I hope the cultivation aspect to be a major point as the story moves on.


Intro tells us the MC is a really not good person. Demonic sect leader and all that, but despite the sudden change of heart completely glossed over in the context of him massacring people for a hundred years. He seems a bit too mellow, like any well off kid. No anger issues, nightmares, skeletons in the closet, he is just vibing with his OP sister. To me it is just a question of why even have that sick backstory if it's not relevant to anything besides his unique power system and even for a litrpg fantasy the events are honestly hard to believe. coma>isekai>death>wakeup from coma>use unique power from isekai. We are led to believe the MC has no ability, but how did he get to the other world and come back.



it feels like we only have 2/3 of the book here, the conversations are clipped and scenes will just abruptly end and jump to something else, conversations dont go long enough and it feels like the author is just trying to speedrun writing a novel and the quality of the story suffers for it. Although the premise isn't the most original its done in an interesting way but as it is the constant whiplash i feel reading this story means i'm probably going to drop it.

Crimson Overlord

Full read review and impression

Reviewed at: Chapter 20: Threshing

This is a very early story, that is missing a lot of meat for the readers to chew on. This story is lacking in setting, plot, power system and characters for the most part. While the main idea of the story could be very good, it isn't given nearly enough time to bake.
One example is that The main character of this story was supposed to be a change demonic grandmaster but the first thing he does, was to gain power for no real reason in story other then to have it, which clearly goes against that point. Nearly any reason would be decent but there isn't one.

Another example is that there no real reason for the mc not to have a system, it doesn't have to be used but the mc is literally given reasons why he should have one, family ties, the ability to still get exp through kills which is literally Qi, breakthroughs being equal to level ups or rank ups but the reason he doesn't have one is that the system doesn't understand the mc doing the literally same things as everyone else manually?
Lastly the pacing and character development is pretty bad, everything I know about the mc is still from the first chapter and there nothing important added to his character sense then and the same goes for his sister after the Athena thing was brought up. plus most problems get solved in three chapters or less, which is a problem when the chapters are already pretty short and it isn't enough time for good character development unless your a master writer.

Anyway this story could be great but isn't five star or even four star worthy at this moment and time but still good.


It's pretty good, seen plenty of similar stories. MC was sent into an other world, lived a long ass time, died, then found himself back in his world with time passing by MUCH slower. Author is doing a pretty good spin of it, but not caring for the MC's attitude/personality.


Not perfect, but pretty entertaining thus far. Its kind of a reverse of most stories I read where the System is what makes the MC unique. Now everybody has the System...yet he doesn't.

Unfortunately this Author's writing library looks like my own writing folder on my laptop with dozens of partially completed novels ;). I hope this one isn't added to the pile.

Cocop (Cale Plamann)

When I read Solo Leveling, I liked it, but I wanted more.  More of a focus on leveling up and development rather than overarching plot mysteries.  I wanted a main character that kicked ass and ENJOYED kicking ass.

That's what this book is.  A reincarnator that appears to have a different system than everyone else on Earth killing monsters to level up and having fun.  He's fun.  The side characters are fun.  The passages are quick and exciting to read.  In short, this book is a a fun addictive gem and I really hope to see more from it.

Style The author does a good job of switching up scenes to immerse us into the world, and a good job of building the 'mystery' behind the MC's mysterious powers.  The battles are smooth and fun to read, but most importantly, this book makes you want to click the next chapter button.  Every single chapter is like an appetizer, delicious, but it leaves you hungry for more.

Grammar I didn't notice mistakes so that sounds good to me.

Story The story is fairly simple so far, but it is well crafted.  Basically there are no flaws with the execution, but the only reason there is a half point ding on this front is that it feels like a mashup of plot arcs that I've read dozens of times before (although it does a good job of mixing them in a unique and interesting way).  I suspect that this might be due to the story being fairly new/short, and I'm excited to see where things go.

Character We don't have many characters so I am hesitent to give a five, but I like the MC and his quest for atonement mixed with his bloodthirsty nature.  I like his sister.  I like her pets.  In short, it looks like its building toward a five star rating, it just isn't long enough yet to justify one.


So the concept of gates discharging monsters into the modern world isn't new, the combination of Regressor/Returned from Alternate Dimension and Cultivation versus LitRPG heroes was an immediate hook. 

Style is good. Has just enough detail to keep me interested in the mystery of what exactly happened on Earth. Pacing is very good, building anticipation toward the cultivation growth and battle that happens a bit later. 

Grammar is good, no complaints.

Story, so far there hasn't been much, which is why it's not a full 5 stars. This is still early enough (11 chapters in) that we're still in the setup portion of the fic, but what has been presented is enough to keep me hitting that next button.

Characters is also lacking a touch. The ones presented are fun and interesting, but we haven't seen enough of them yet. I really like the juxtaposition of the MC's bloody past and long life mixed in with seeking a different outcome this time, and I hope to see more on that. The idea of raising a family and then being betrayed by your kid is very rough, and I'd love to see how that's resolved emotionally with the MC.

Also I need more Hooty, tbh. Hooty is good.


Author's writing chops are solid, characters are differentiated, main character has some depth shown and clearly some depth still to go, and the worldbuilding is intriguing. Action is crunchy though it occasionally suffers from not having enough sense of place to go along with the sense of motion/action. Also, the lack of communication makes for good drama but I don't buy it given the worldbuilding. Still, I'm looking forward to reading more of the story, delicious delicious words.