Mother of Learning: The AU Chapters

Mother of Learning: The AU Chapters

by nobody103

Original ONGOING Comedy Loop

This is a collection of what-if scenarios for my other story, Mother of Learning. Time related stories are full of interesting concepts, and alternate timelines are one of them. I've always been fascinated with AU stories, and I've decided to make a few chapters to celebrate getting Mother of Learning official published on Amazon.

(By the way, if you are interested in that, you can find the Amazon link here.)

And yes, this is basically the author making AU fanfiction for his own story. Don't take this too seriously: none of the stories here are canonical and are made purely for fun.

If you aren't familiar with my main story, this will probably not make too much sense to you, but Mother of Learning is a story of a magic-using teenager stuck in a time loop, set in a fantasy world that is in the midst of a technological and magical revolution. If you like what you just read, go hop to the main story and give it a try.

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4th Anniversary

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Make Fanfiction of your own Fiction

Reviewed at: The Fourth Looper

Not everyday you get that kind of strategy going but I guess you should expect the unexpected when it comes to this author. Again and again, we have seen groundbreaking steps in what we should call the top of standards. With no exceptions, he has come out with borderline top-end content that we are all pleased to be blessed with. While this new fiction, which is a collection of shorter stories rather than one large story, might be different in some ways from the others fiction we know from this author, it is certainly something that can still be appreicieated.

Style would be a good place to start with, when it comes to this author. Yet again, we get a sort of analytical look into the world rather than just a bunch of facts being thrown at us. Everything has been meant to make sense as if it was told from a researcher rather than just a typical person. This isn't meant that we get to see the world from a literal researcher but more that we get it from that sort of mind-set. When mixed in with a high-end type of descriptive combat scenes, we get a score that I would like to call a perfect 5/5

Grammar! That one is easy, I must say. Like other works, there are no simple grammar mistakes, no dumb missed words, and certainly no words not meant to be there. As one who has combed through several portions of the texts in the hope that I could find flaws, I found none worth mentioning. Could wording be used differently in some scenarios? Yes, but that shouldn't effect the actual grammar score so here we have another 5/5

Giving the actual story a ranking here is a bit hard since its meant to be a collection of stories rather than one prolonged one. It's fanfiction of the original work, meaning that some facts can change over time, personalities can change, and facts about the world can be altered at the authors whim. Is the current story put out fantastic? Most definitely. But one can never be too sure with those later on. For now, we will be giving it a 5/5 with a possible downgrade to 4.5 if the later stories prove to be of lesser quality(even if I personally doubt that to happen).

Characthers are easy enough. We have the standard warning as before. Those that might get introduced as "OCs" could be quite interesting but since the author has already shown a habit of much planning, I wont entertain the idea of them seeming shallow. What we have currently seen is as terrific as always and should be rewarded as such. 5/5

Since we can all find the average of this, I think I'll leave the overall score for the reader to guess



Mother of Learning: The AU Chapters' song

Reviewed at: The Fourth Looper

the legend has returned and at a glance this looks quite nice
let's see if the author can bottle that lightning twice
so far it's a solid addition to the franchise
it's a pleasure to read more of this, and a surprise!

all the grammar is how it should be, as expected
and the story is a classic tale, well respected
all it needs is more chapters and it will be complete
after so long, this installment is a welcome treat


I didn't even realize this was long awaited.

Reviewed at: The Fourth Looper

I didn't realize this was possible. I've long since given up on getting any more MOL content and then this arrived. Its beutifuls

In all honesty, this is an almost sad update - because like a appetizer before dinner suddenly making you realise how hungry you are, this AU content is here to make you realise just how much you were missing MOL.

Entitled Infracaninophile

It's noice, it's absolutely dodo, it's a pleasant surprise and what not. Recommended reading for all aficionados of the original Mother of all loop stories. What can we say, it's excellent and nice, long, and makes me want to reread the original as my next stop. Meaning: Right now 😁 !


Fanfic for Your Own Fic

Reviewed at: Predator

MoL, as shown by the lists, are the top book on RRL. This is to that standard, even if it is short. It's just that good. One of RRL's top fanfictions. Why? It's just a bunch of possible other chapters that could have happened, to the standard of actual chapters. Of MoL.


Amazing AU's that I deeply enjoy

Reviewed at: Predator

While the first AU is admittedly fairly disappointing due to just being a set up chapter and not having much content at all.

The following two AU's are amazing, following the ideas of what if the Time Loop never ended and if Zorian became a Grey Hunter Shifter, and I loved reading both of them even if both are a bit depressing.


Just what it says on the can.

Some fun extra au chapters of MoL. Gotta say I'm happy they're AU, but still fun. The author is accepting suggestions, which is the best part, so any crazy theories you had from last time around could be up for grabs. Maybe some shipping?

It's nice to revisit this classic. 


The best keeps getting better

Reviewed at: Abyss of Time

The short stories provide an interesting look into 'what-if' scenarios contained within the greater MoL universe. 

I have long wanted to see what an immoral or evil Zorian would do and in the second story we get to see a bit of what that would look like.  He is one scary MF. 


Mother of learning fan fic

Reviewed at: Predator

A continuation of mother of learning. If you like mother of learning, you'll like this. This is some interesting, high quality, fan fiction of it. I find it a pity that the mother of learning still left some unresolved red harings, especially the romantic portion of it, but it's definitely something worth reading.


Nice continuation to an incredible book

Reviewed at: Predator

The title says it all, it's a nice continuation of the main book, it has the same style, and satisfy's many what if questions that people may have had. My only complaint is that there's only one chapter for each what if scenario, but it's still satisfying to have an answer, and there are continuations of the what if scenarios made by other people (essentialy a fan fiction of a fan fiction, namely theres a continuation to Abyss of Time by , it's really good and I reccomend giving it a read).