The Power of Ten Book Four: Dynamo

The Power of Ten Book Four: Dynamo

by RE Druin

Discord Link at: TPoT link!    Always up if I'm online.

Getting carved off a soul is traumatic. Getting snared by an extradimensional entity for unknown reasons is worse. Waking up in a new world that is suspiciously familiar to your favorite reading material as a kid is downright crazy, but there's been some big changes to canon...

Soul-Shard Vier wakes up in a Marvel Universe with no idea of what to do in the grand scheme... but it's a super-hero universe, and it's friendly to EVERYTHING you might try to do.

Time to not buy into comic book universe power stasis and start climbing the scales, and if you get to exploit some canon that's still relevant along the way, all the better, right?

---A Marvel Comic universe (not Cinematic!) style fanfiction, with some major differences.

---As a comic book universe, power-ups happen with great speed. Leveling meets Bestowed Great Power for Great Responsibility!

---It's a comic book universe, so the scale goes Way Up, and anything goes.

Credit to Jack of Hearts for the cover!

Updated Daily. The Power of Ten series has updated daily since 11/2019!

Ebook: The original Power of Ten: The First Day, Part One! The First Day

And Part Two! Part Two of The First Day!

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Table of Contents
208 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Issue 0 – The Penultimate Promotional Preword! ago
Issue 1 - The Passive Protagonist ago
Issue 2 – Captured in Cryo! ago
Issue 3 - Radical Recovery ago
Issue 4 – Concentration and Control ago
Issue 5 – Offending Onlookers ago
Issue 6 – Radical Reactions ago
Issue 7 – Seeking Somewhere Scarce ago
Issue 8 – Decisions on Directions ago
Issue 9 – It’s in the Blood, Baby! ago
Issue 10 – Acknowledge the Assay ago
Issue 11 – Assay Assembled! ago
Issue 12 – More Money for Me! ago
Issue 13 – Fast Food Frenemies ago
Issue 14 – The Mellifluous Mountain ago
Issue 15 – The Rascally Russians and Rockets ago
Issue 16 – No Longer Nameless ago
Issue 17 – Arsenal and Alchemical Ammunition ago
Issue 18 – Dangerous Dealer ago
Issue 19 – Delightful Drinks ago
Issue 20 – Eventful Earnings ago
Issue 21 – Mundane Material Matters ago
Issue 22 – Moving Mountains and Changing History ago
Issue 23 – Destiny Diverted ago
Issue 24 – History Hijinks ago
Issue 25 – Repulsion Rep Count Recitations ago
Issue 26 – Bouncing Bricks ago
Issue 27 – Mountains on the Move! ago
Issue 28 – Weal is Weighty ago
Issue 29 – Vampiric Ventures ago
Issue 30 – Ghoulish Games ago
Issue 31 – Kingly Krushing ago
Issue 32 – Favors and Favorites ago
Issue 33 – Traveling Teleporters ago
Issue 34 – The Perils of Poison ago
Issue 35 – The Shapes of Skrulls ago
Issue 36 – Shapeshifted Scum of Space! ago
Issue 37 – Loaded Lessons ago
Issue 38 – The High Hie Here ago
Issue 39 – An Apple, But Not So Big ago
Issue 40 – That Taste and Touch of Humanity ago
Issue 41 – Digressing Dialogue ago
Issue 42 – The Crashing of the Cards ago
Issue 43 – Helping the Heavy ago
Issue 44 – Copping a Crib ago
Issue 45 – Scouting a Spider ago
Issue 46 – Topping off The Threads ago
Issue 47 – A Deal for The Dealer ago
Issue 48 – A Deal for The Dealer, II ago
Issue 49 – Dynamo’s Debut ago
Issue 50 – Dynamo’s Debut is Not to Script ago
Issue 51 – Dialogue with the Devil ago
Issue 52 – Defended by the Devil ago
Issue 53 – The Fantastic Foyer ago
Issue 54 – The Marvelous Muffins ago
Issue 55 – The Marvelous Muffins II ago
Issue 56 – Helping Hands ago
Issue 57 – Scanned by SHIELD ago
Issue 58 – Three Lives to Lead, or Two? ago
Issue 58A - The Alderstein Arc, Part II – Explosive Epilogue ago
Issue 58b - The Alderstein Arc, Part III – Accounting Irregularities are Interesting? ago
Issue 58c - The Alderstein Arc, Part IV – First Date for Dynamo?! ago
Issue 58d -The Alderstein Arc, Part V – Grim Matters for Grim Men ago
Issue 59 – The Demure Debut of Dynamo/Super-Soldier Info ago
Bonus Issue 59A! - The Devil is in the Details ago
Bonus Issue 59B! - The Devil is in the Details, Part Two ago
Issue 60 – A Scene in Central Park ago
Issue 61 – Fiddling with Fate and Fiends I ago
Issue 62 – Fiddling with Fate and Fiends II ago
Issue 63 – Fiddling with Fate and Fiends III ago
Issue 64 – Fiddling with Fate and Fiends IV ago
Issue 65 – Fiddling with Fate and Fiends V ago
Issue 66 – Sharp Spears ago
Issue 67 – A Deadly Deal ago
Issue 68 – Foiled Fakers ago
Issue 69 – Rightful Respect ago
Issue 70 – Rightful Respect II ago
Issue 71 – Rightful Respect III ago
Issue 72 – Rightful Respect IV ago
Issue 73 – Rightful Respect V ago
Issue 73A - Assays of the SHIELD trainees ago
Issue 74 – Rightful Respect VI ago
Issue 75 – Rightful Respect VII ago
Issue 75a - Assays of Shields and Dyna ago
Issue 76 – Extraplanetary Events ago
Issue 77 – Extraplanetary Events II ago
Issue 78 – Pious Phantoms ago
Issue 79 – Sanctum Spiritus ago
Issue 80 – Contracted by Congratulations ago
Issue 81 – Smashing Super-Science ago
Issue 82 – Friends and Family ago
Issue 83 – Relative Rebirths ago
Issue 84 – Thaumaturgic Tryouts ago
Issue 85 – Fantastic Facades ago
Issue 86 – Chopping Consultations ago
Issue 87 – Consulting the Comics ago
Issue 88 – Comics Consultations, Part II ago
Issue 89 – Oceans of Originality ago
Issue 90 – Oceans of Originality, Part 2 ago
Issue 90a - Bonus Chapter: First Call, Fateful Calling ago
Issue 91 – Young Dragon named Danny ago
Issue 92 – Webbed Wonder ago
Issue 93 – Nova Corps Newbie ago
Issue 93A – Assessing the Arachnid ago
Issue 93AA – Judging the Jewel ago
Issue 93b: Recommendations on Trainees ago
Issue 94 – Gauging the Gravity ago
Issue 95 – Down on Doom ago
Issue 96 – Dealing for Dollars ago
Issue 97 – Cards and Concrete ago
Issue 98 – Crossing the Crux of the Matter ago
Issue 99 – Cracking a Core ago
Issue 100 – Powering a Psion ago
Issue 101 – Inspecting the Iceman ago
Issue 102 – Optical Options ago
Issue 103 – Optical Options II ago
Issue 104 – Attack of the Atlanteans ago
Issue 105 – The Momentum of The Mountain ago
Issue 106 – Grim Day, Grim Night, Grimm Business ago
Issue 107 – Electrifying Entrepreneur ago
Issue 108 – Encephaholo Exam ago
Issue 109 – The Profit of Perfection ago
Issue 110 – Casinos and Crimes ago
Issue 111 – Purple Prisons ago
Issue 112 – Public Persona, Path to Preincarnation ago
Issue 113 – Long Lost Legends come to Life ago
Issue 114 – Stopping the Storm ago
Issue 115 – Stopping the Storm, Part II ago
Issue 116 - Stopping the Storm, Part III ago
Issue 117 – Waspish Ways ago
Issue 118 – Ancient Arachnids ago
Issue 119 – Dimensional Detours ago
Issue 120 – James Jaspers, Judged ago
Issue 121 – Disappearing Doppelgangers ago
Issue 122 – Disappearing Dupes, Deuce ago
Issue 123 – Doctoral Discussions ago
Issue 124 – Altering the Earthly Entrée ago
Issue 125 – Destiny Diverted ago
Issue 126 – An Inquiring Idiot ago
Issue 127 – Icy Interlude ago
Issue 128 – Sundered Space Gods ago
Issue 129 – Celestial Seed Subsumed! ago
Issue 130 – Patriotic Acts and Actions ago
Issue 131 – Growth in Gigawatts ago
Issue 132 – Negative Results Run Rampant ago
Issue 132a – Dido’s Lament, by Dealer ago
Issue 133 – Clea’r Eyes, Clea’r Heart ago
Issue 134 – Fires of the Faltine ago
Issue 135 – Diabolic Designs ago
Issue 136 – Black Cat Capering ago
Issue 137 – Seriously Stupid Skyfather ago
Issue 138 – Thunder for Thor ago
Issue 139 – Redheads Reincarnate! ago
Issue 140 – Avengers Alarmed ago
Issue 141 – Wrecking Crew Wrecked ago
Issue 142 – Tryco’s Tournament, The Contest of the Champion ago
Issue 143 - Revising the Ranking ago
Issue 144 – Apocalypse Arraigned ago
Issue 145 – Getting Ready for the Rumble ago
Issue 146 – Gathering Galactic Credits and Capital ago
Issue 147 – Sweet Seven Dragons Damsel ago
Issue 148 – Sonja the Sword ago
Issue 149 – Ranking Rumbles I ago
Issue 150 – Ranking Rumbles II ago
Issue 151 – Ranking Rumbles III ago
Issue 152 – Rating the Rumbles ago
Issue 153 – Spicy Servings ago
Issue 154 – Spicy Servings II ago
Issue 155 – Ruminations and Rumblings ago
Issue 156 – Rounds of Rumbling ago
Issue 157 – Rumbling to Ruin ago
Issue 158 – Another Eternal Ending ago
Issue 159 – Bound by Blood, not Angst ago
Issue 160 – Blood Brothers ago
Issue 161 – Blood Brothers II ago
Issue 162 – God and Guardsmen ago
Issue 163 – Challenger Chastized ago
Issue 164 – Apocalypse Averted ago
Issue 165 – Predestined Places on the Board of Brawling ago
Issue 166 – Pummeling Poor Pugilists ago
Issue 167 – Pugilist Punishment Prolonged ago
Issue 168 – Dancing with Dynamo ago
Issue 169 – Dancing with Dynamo II ago
Issue 170 – Avatar Assault ago
Issue 171 – The Hands of Hercules ago
Issue 172 – Strength vs Skill, the Contest Concludes ago
Issue 173 – The Fighting is Finished ago
Issue 174 – Fleeing with the Phoenix ago
Issue 175 – Eye Spy with my Optical Eye ago
Issue 176 – Shifting Shi’ar Salvation, Phoenix Force Flummoxed ago
Issue 177 – The Mending of a Mentalist ago
Issue 178 – Parties and Pleasantries ago
Issue 179 – Heading Home ago
Issue 180 – Winning Wagers Tallied ago
Issue 181 – Fixing them Funds ago
Issue 182 – Fixing the Fixer ago
Issue 183 – Fixer Finds a Niche ago
Issue 184 –Future of the FF ago
Issue 185 – Affairs of the Fantastic Folk ago
Issue 186 – Asgardian Angst ago
Issue 187 – Old Magic, Opportunity for Ororo ago
Issue 188 – Wakandan Wrath ago
Issue 189 – Price and Payment of a Power Stone ago
Issue 190 – The Winds and Waves of Asgard ago
Issue 191 – Eddas of the Eternal ago
Issue 192 – Guides to Godhood ago
Issue 193 – Winds and Waves ago
Issue 194 – Answering the All-Father ago

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Another fabulous adventure of numbers

Reviewed at: Issue 19 – Delightful Drinks

Only 19 chapters so far and haven’t found much our yet besides the fact a sama and brigs seem to be running the world it’s interesting to see a world seeming not in the grip of a disaster can’t wait to see where this goes. 

A spell caster who just wants to be Able to cast spells again heh. Anyway this author has written several other very long story’s that have been finished which is it’s self a extremely rare thing for these sorts of work. so it may take a year or two but you will get to see the end which is it’s own recommendation.

Leahcim Zanathax

The newest Power of Ten novel from RE Druin, and this time its about superheroes!  Set in a greatly altered version of the Marvel Universe, the MC is another of sould shards split off from Aelrynth similar to how Traveler was.

I just finished Ch.21 and its very different, so far.  The MC is a good person, and their actions fall somewhere between Robin Hood and the Punisher, though the only people she's killed or stolen from have tried to either kill or psychically attack her first.  She seems to have decided that all she needs to do is put herself in a situation where scum will be themselves, and she's handled all the moral justifications she needs.

I'm enjoying it quite a bit so far!

Fair warning, as with all of the Power of Ten novels, if you aren't familiar with D&D terminology there is a fairly large learning curve to understand the terminology she's using.  The first few chapters have a great deal of it, though, again following RE Druin's pattern for these things, the LitRPG info dumps get smaller and happen less seldom as you get past those set up chapters.

Can't wait to find out more about this new world!


Great opening for the next Power of Ten metaverse story now shifting to another Soul-Shard. This time we are in a Superhero world with what I can only imagine will include all of the usual superhero tropes and comic book storylines but with a PoT slant. 

Can't wait to see where this one goes.

Shadow Shard

This is a story for those people who like a good bedrock system of rules in place, and an overpowered main character not because of shenanigans but because they know the bedrock well enough to build the best of houses on top, despite of the first pillar being put up by something else, and the random faults, earthquakes, and hidden jem's and the bedrock itself being from another continent. Overall a fun read.

Frickin Fedora

TLDR: Great story after the initial DnD slog.

Reviewed at: Issue 34 – The Perils of Poison

Style: The story is first person, from the perspective of someone who has the memories of a previous character the author has already protrayed in other books. I have not read any of the author's other works, but if you just assume that the character has extensive knowledge of DnD abilities and has a great deal of experience and is by no means a noob at the hero gig then it works just fine. The chapter length is odd, in that they are a reasonable size but sometimes it just cuts off and picks up in the next chapter (sometimes in the middle of dialouge). Like someone has a full length book chapter and then cuts it up according to length and not where it makes sense to cut off. The style of the narrative itself is fine and I have no complaints and nothing has distracted me besides what I mentioned above.

Story: Yeah it's pretty frickin good. Somone with a lot of experience, DnD powers, and a decent amount of Marvel canon knowledge is dumped into a very different Marvel universe than what is normally protrayed in the comics. I won't spoil the alternate version of Marvel ideas, but I love it. Currently this story doesn't have the problem of having too many characters and the characters it does have are very well maintained, consistent, and in my opinion fun to read. There are some hints in the story to where it plans to go and I am excited for it.

Grammer: I have not gone over it with a fine tooth comb or anything, but I have never once been distracted by an obvious grammer mistake. If you read it normally any mistakes will slip under your radar and therefore don't matter.

Character: Oops I already talked about this in the Story section and am too lazy to move it down here.

Overall: Get through the initial weirdness of a character you are supposed to know and some DnD slog and it is smooth sailing the rest of the story. No constant number crunches, and if you just assume the main character is competent the story is quite enjoyable even if you have not read any of the author's other works.

Norwes the cat

The fourth book in Re:Druin's Power of Ten series, and we don't start off with a world ending calamity this time. 

Our MC had landed herself in a politically stable superhero world, and a ~spooky~ eldritch horror as inflicted an unwilling Warlock pact on her.

Strap in as she powers back up, spends Karma wisely, and takes on baddies on the way. 

Re:Druin consistently writes great, Competent MCs, and Dynamo shaping up to be  right up there with Sama and Traveler for being smar and competent as she makes her path, always and enjoyable read. 


A Worthy Continuation Of The Series

Reviewed at: Issue 47 – A Deal for The Dealer

An excellent story with some clever world building that both pays tribute to and expands on Marvel lore, with a deep contempt for the "status quo is god" that plagues so many stories, especially comics.

The grammar and spelling are solid, with no real technical issues to distract from the story.

The MC is powerful, well-informed and has no hesitation to make waves and change things. She is diving right in and doing what she believes is the Right Thing To Do, and doing it without sacrificing her own morales.



I have been a long time lurker of the author and their work and I must say that he does know how to write.

If you enjoy power fantasy with a dash of reality ( looking at you king gravity) then this is the book for you. 

If you are new I suggest reading the author's previous works so your not confused but they are also well worth tbe read, be it slaughting the forces of chaos in magic land or in the grim dark future with ray guns and psionics or giving the undead a jolly good what for! 


All in all I have high hopes for this one


It’s just very well-written, honestly.

Reviewed at: Issue 95 – Down on Doom

See title. No grammar errors, good dialogue, consistently believable characters. Easy 5 stars.

Knowledge of Marvel is not in any way required, god knows I don't have any. This book is much less math-heavy than the former ones, which brings me Great Sadness - but I can acknowledge that that's much better for new readers, especially those that don't have 90% of 3.5e memorized. It's going to be very easy to get into without reading 1/2/3 - but deeper exploration of the PoT system has not been shown so far. Again, better for the average reader, but just makes me a but sad.

Go read it, it's honestly great. Me being so obsessed with math is a personal problem.


TLDR: This is pretty darned cool, well worth your time checking out.

I'm not familiar with the Power of Ten series, but I do know RPGs and Marvel Superhero lore, and that was plenty enough to catch up and run with this story.

There's some really nifty 'alternative takes' on Marvel ideas presented that I like. I also appreciate the short, punchy paragraphs and the ability to focus on a limited cast of characters. (Long 'graphs and too many characters are a pet peeve of mine in this genre.)

Well writted and very few if any spelling/grammar/plot hole errors. Highly recommended.