Jackal Among Snakes

Jackal Among Snakes

by Nemorosus

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Traumatising content

The royal bastard of House Vasquer, Argrave, changed after his stay studying magic at the Tower of the Gray Owl. The sickly man's awkward posture and cruel behavior have been replaced with a neat dignity and acerbic wit. Though once listless, he now strives towards his goals with a life-or-death tenacity. Most come away thinking he seems to know too many details about too much. Few can claim to know his motives or his goals. 

Yet behind that confident appearance, the primary contributor for an open-world RPG's wiki battles existential dread and things far beyond his ken as he struggles to adapt to a grim, gothic fantasy world mirroring his favorite game. The prospect of fighting against a world-ending calamity loses all of its appeal when it transitions from entertainment to reality. Argrave is spurred towards unwanted heroism to preserve his life as he struggles desperately to keep this sinking ship afloat.


Releases 5x a week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!

Cover by Mitchell Kirby: mdkultra.com

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3rd Anniversary
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Table of Contents
355 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Valhalla-Bound at the Speed of Sound ago
Chapter 2: Unsocial Visit ago
Chapter 3: Choosing Between Boredom and Suffering ago
Chapter 4: Hot Nights, Cool Looks ago
Chapter 5: Bloody Hard Work ago
Chapter 6: Hitchhiking is Dangerous ago
Chapter 7: Argrave, Meet Margrave ago
Chapter 8: Sun Tzu Teaches Horseplay ago
Chapter 9: Non-Illegal Robbery ago
Chapter 10: Early Onset Eldritch-Induced Baldness ago
Chapter 11: Lion Cub's First Hunt ago
Chapter 12: Strike Up the Band ago
Chapter 13: A Prince's Penalty ago
Chapter 14: A Prince's Prize ago
Chapter 15: Supersession ago
Chapter 16: Firebrand and the Cat ago
Chapter 17: Theory to Reality ago
Chapter 18: Raging Tempest, Roaring Flames ago
Chapter 19: The Sad Clown ago
Chapter 20: Royal Road to Misery (2) ago
Chapter 21: Sick in Heart and Mind ago
Chapter 22: Sick Tension ago
Chapter 23: Insomnia ago
Chapter 24: Changing Wind and Reign ago
Chapter 25: The Swordfish Sharpens ago
Chapter 26: The Holy Fool ago
Chapter 27: Dread Breath of War ago
Chapter 28: Confronting the Long Sleep ago
Chapter 29: Walkthrough: Galamon% ago
Chapter 30: First Contact ago
Chapter 31: Machine Learning ago
Chapter 32: Blood Drive ago
Chapter 33: Stowaway Jackal ago
Chapter 34: Damned, Their Fate ago
Chapter 35: Promising Prospects ago
Chapter 36: Leave it to Fate ago
Chapter 37: Songs of War ago
Chapter 38: Scorched Earth ago
Chapter 39: Darker Skies ago
Chapter 40: The Marketplace of Ideas ago
Chapter 41: Parting ago
Chapter 42: Parade of Steel ago
Chapter 43: High Roller ago
Chapter 44: Used Spellbook Salesman ago
Chapter 45: Farewells ago
Chapter 46: Come Wind or Rain ago
Chapter 47: Beneath the Lion's Sun ago
Chapter 48: Ambition and Anger ago
Chapter 49: White Edge ago
Chapter 50: Bandages ago
Chapter 51: Hothouse Flower ago
Chapter 52: Prehistoric Fears ago
Chapter 53: The Blind Will See ago
Chapter 54: Amaranthine Heart ago
Chapter 55: Hibernation ago
Chapter 56: Escape ago
Chapter 57: The City of Magic ago
Chapter 58: Into the Dark Streets ago
Chapter 59: Stain ago
Chapter 60: Profligate ago
Chapter 61: Book Mule ago
Chapter 62: Siblings of Vyrbell ago
Chapter 63: Friends in the Business ago
Chapter 64: Sowing Seeds ago
Chapter 65: A Brief Foray ago
Chapter 66: Thorngorge Citadel ago
Chapter 67: Order of the Rose ago
Chapter 68: Breaking Walls ago
Chapter 69: Lion's Paw ago
Chapter 70: Anneliese ago
Chapter 71: A Prince's Example ago
Chapter 72: Grandfather Acquired ago
Chapter 73: Purple Haze All in His Eyes ago
Chapter 74: Negotiations ago
Chapter 75: Castellan of the Empty ago
Chapter 76: Proper Eating ago
Chapter 77: One Percent ago
Chapter 78: One Job ago
Chapter 79: It Can't Happen ago
Chapter 80: Wrapping Up ago
Chapter 81: Farewell Once Again ago
Chapter 82: The Wider World ago
Chapter 83: Backpacking ago
Chapter 84: Stone Vigil ago
Chapter 85: Thorny Hospitality ago
Chapter 86: Stone and Bone ago
Chapter 87: The Lame Will Walk ago
Chapter 88: Oppressive March ago
Chapter 89: Fewer Options ago
Chapter 90: Poor Timing ago
Chapter 91: Dependent Thought ago
Chapter 92: Menagerie of Morbidity ago
Chapter 93: Heads and Tails ago
Chapter 94: Butting Heads ago
Chapter 95: Moving Hearts of Stone ago
Chapter 96: Death in his Breath ago
Chapter 97: Selling Air ago
Chapter 98: No Rest for the Wicked ago
Chapter 99: Night of Withering ago
Chapter 100: Unsullied Knife ago
Chapter 101: Sentinel's Capstone ago
Chapter 102: Thicker than Water ago
Chapter 103: Knight of the Wellspring ago
Chapter 104: End of the Long Night ago
Chapter 105: Two Stars Consume the Darkness ago
Chapter 106: And the March Goes On ago
Chapter 107: Sullied Marble ago
Chapter 108: The Unexpected ago
Chapter 109: Lure of the Fellhorn ago
Chapter 110: Empty Vessels ago
Chapter 111: An Arid Goodbye ago
Chapter 112: Ensnared ago
Chapter 113: Malgeridum ago
Chapter 114: Watershow ago
Chapter 115: Caged Pride ago
Chapter 116: Expedience ago
Chapter 117: Myriad Metal Monuments Marring Mountains ago
Chapter 118: A Hand in Need ago
Chapter 119: Contracted Metalworker ago
Chapter 120: Copper Link ago
Chapter 121: Metal Clashing ago
Chapter 122: Burdened We Toil ago
Chapter 123: Singers of the Brume ago
Chapter 124: Death in Toto ago
Chapter 125: Beast's Instinct ago
Chapter 126: Sleeping Oasis ago
Chapter 127: Jet-Black Relics ago
Chapter 128: The Old Guardians ago
Chapter 129: Blades That Lie ago
Chapter 130: Dissatisfied Stalkers ago
Chapter 131: Durran ago
Chapter 132: Intrigue of the Desert ago
Chapter 133: Easy Out ago
Chapter 134: First Ripple on a Still Lake ago
Chapter 135: Banners ago
Chapter 136: Waves Collide, Amplifying ago
Chapter 137: Golden Lady ago
Chapter 138: Mirror Room ago
Chapter 139: Biggest Prize ago
Chapter 140: Division of Power ago
Chapter 141: Steel Tempered by Tyrants ago
Chapter 142: Left Wanting ago
Chapter 143: Cushioned Iron Fist ago
Chapter 144: Ride and Die ago
Chapter 145: The Alchemist ago
Chapter 146: Apathy ago
Chapter 147: Baring Your Heart ago
Chapter 148: Make an Effort ago
Chapter 149: Unpredictable, Insurmountable ago
Chapter 150: Blood, Bile, and All Things Vile ago
Chapter 151: Bitter ago
Chapter 152: Standing Proudly Once More ago
Chapter 153: Last Will ago
Chapter 154: Cynical Bastards ago
Chapter 155: Stupid Heart ago
Chapter 156: No Return Policy ago
Chapter 157: All Eyes Ahead ago
Chapter 158: Stepping Aside ago
Chapter 159: Back to Work ago
Chapter 160: Sunset for the Desert ago
Chapter 161: Step on Heads to Rise ago
Chapter 162: Spiteful Sparrows ago
Chapter 163: The Skyburnt Fortress ago
Chapter 164: Giantkillers ago
Chapter 165: Lion's Lap ago
Chapter 166: Tension Before a Plunge ago
Chapter 167: Captive Audience ago
Chapter 168: Looking Backwards ago
Chapter 169: Stay Awhile and Listen ago
Chapter 170: Dissonance ago
Chapter 171: Out of Containment ago
Chapter 172: When Will You Learn? ago
Chapter 173: Looping Road ago
Chapter 174: Even the Greatest Fall ago
Chapter 175: Into the Plagued Lands ago
Chapter 176: The Northwest ago
Chapter 177: The Holy Fool ago
Chapter 178: Herald of the Ninety Six ago
Chapter 179: Purpose Established ago
Chapter 180: Marred Hallowed Grounds ago
Chapter 181: Flower in the Wetlands ago
Chapter 182: Spirit of the Wetlands ago
Chapter 183: Coward's Choice ago
Chapter 184: Testimony of the Divine ago
Chapter 185: Left Behind, but Catching Up ago
Chapter 186: Taming of the Prince ago
Chapter 187: Bonds of Blood ago
Chapter 188: Intrepid Preparations ago
Chapter 189: Prospecting ago
Chapter 190: Lone Mourner ago
Chapter 191: Coerced Confessions ago
Chapter 192: Foolhunt Begins ago
Chapter 193: Puppet Show ago
Chapter 194: Flawless Show ago
Chapter 195: Grappling the Powerful ago
Chapter 196: Stoked by Righteous Winds ago
Chapter 197: Endless Isles ago
Chapter 198: Bizarre Adoption ago
Chapter 199: Askew ago
Chapter 200: Siege of the Palace ago
Chapter 201: Conflict in Paradise ago
Chapter 202: Done Enough ago
Chapter 203: Fight of the Fools ago
Chapter 204: Omniscient Commander ago
Chapter 205: Family ago
Chapter 206: Fate of the Wetlands ago
Chapter 207: Departing Changed ago
Chapter 208: Rising Tension in Rest ago
Chapter 209: Softly ago
Chapter 210: Privilege of the Younger ago
Chapter 211: Rigging the Odds ago
Chapter 212: Advantage Play ago
Chapter 213: A Prince's Gamble ago
Chapter 214: A Prince's Arbiter ago
Chapter 215: Unexpected Guest ago
Chapter 216: Declaration of Spring ago
Chapter 217: Golden Ticket ago
Chapter 218: Shadows ago
Chapter 219: Monitors ago
Chapter 220: Talk of the Town ago
Chapter 221: King's Bearing ago
Chapter 222: A New Test ago
Chapter 223: Amour Fou ago
Chapter 224: Third Figure ago
Chapter 225: The Troupe Departs ago
Chapter 226: Drink What They Bleed ago
Chapter 227: Stony Flesh Echoing Whispers ago
Chapter 228: Caged and Unafraid ago
Chapter 229: Shooting Star ago
Chapter 230: Museum Tomb ago
Chapter 231: Partner ago
Chapter 232: Moving Past ago
Chapter 233: Princess, Locked Away ago
Chapter 234: City of Dragons ago
Chapter 235: Help Yourself ago
Chapter 236: First Breath of a Titan ago
Chapter 237: New Inner Circle ago
Chapter 238: Dog on the Heels ago
Chapter 239: The Controlled Meeting ago
Chapter 240: Imprisoned Snake ago
Chapter 241: Vasquer ago
Chapter 242: Golden Conduit ago
Chapter 243: Unexpected Truths ago
Chapter 244: Forced Hand ago
Chapter 245: Behind the Veil ago
Chapter 246: Intent ago
Chapter 247: Unwanted Wanderer ago
Chapter 248: Siege of Smoke ago
Chapter 249: Relic Regalia ago
Chapter 250: Weight of the Crown ago
Chapter 251: Order in Chaos ago
Chapter 252: Kingfish Lured ago
Chapter 253: Poisoned Bait ago
Chapter 254: Rats in Grain ago
Chapter 255: Loss ago
Chapter 256: Profligacy and Corruption ago
Chapter 257: I Decide ago
Chapter 258: Siblings in the City ago
Chapter 259: Establishing Contact ago
Chapter 260: Family Patriarch ago
Chapter 261: Vying for Primacy ago
Chapter 262: Logistics of a Battle ago
Chapter 263: Skirmishes ago
Chapter 264: Reform ago
Chapter 265: Return to Form ago
Chapter 266: Eat the Rich ago
Chapter 267: Big City Life ago
Chapter 268: Acquisitions ago
Chapter 269: Lesser ago
Chapter 270: Uncrowned's Council ago
Chapter 271: Realities of War ago
Chapter 272: King of Vasquer ago
Chapter 273: Introspection ago
Chapter 274: The Past Answers ago
Chapter 275: Coddled Children ago
Chapter 276: Sign of Things to Come ago
Chapter 277: Price of Pledges ago
Chapter 278: Start of an Era ago
Chapter 279: Wonders of Time ago
Chapter 280: To Work ago
Chapter 281: First March ago
Chapter 282: Blossoming Spring ago
Chapter 283: Untamed Valley ago
Chapter 284: Entropy in Order ago
Chapter 285: Trust in Him ago
Chapter 286: Ancient Wisdom ago
Chapter 287: Unknown Factor ago
Chapter 288: Reignition ago
Chapter 289: Embers in the North ago
Chapter 290: Time On Our Misery ago
Chapter 291: Enemies of a Different Measure ago
Chapter 292: Lord of the March ago
Chapter 293: Avenues of Approach ago
Chapter 294: Debt of Blood ago
Chapter 295: The Spurned ago
Chapter 296: Calling All Cars ago
Chapter 297: Borrowing to Invest ago
Chapter 298: Underhanded Handyman ago
Chapter 299: Poison Upon Poison ago
Chapter 300: Intruded Sanctuary ago
Chapter 301: Revealing Conversation ago
Chapter 302: Weeding ago
Chapter 303: Elaborate Self Advocacy ago
Chapter 304: Stroke of State ago
Chapter 305: The Gang Floors It ago
Chapter 306: Geriatric Pal ago
Chapter 307: Run Back Home, Boy ago
Chapter 308: Four Horsemen of the Protagonists ago
Chapter 309: Tree Hugger Armistice ago
Chapter 310: Piercing Thoughts ago
Chapter 311: Blood Bender Hangover ago
Chapter 312: No Pain, Only Gain ago
Chapter 313: Used Kingdom Salesman ago
Chapter 314: Knocking Heads ago
Chapter 315: Abyss Attraction ago
Chapter 316: Atrophy of Neglect ago
Chapter 317: Going Where the Dead Have Gone Before ago
Chapter 318: Drinking Deep of the World ago
Chapter 319: Magic Migration ago
Chapter 320: Surprise Drop-in ago
Chapter 321: Reserved Parking ago
Chapter 322: Ashen ago
Chapter 323: Alone Against the Storm ago
Chapter 324: A Dance for a Song ago
Chapter 325: Vice ago
Chapter 326: Reparations ago
Chapter 327: Feed the Earth ago
Chapter 328: Hot Blooded ago
Chapter 329: Blood Makes the Body Whole ago
Chapter 330: First Steps of Progress ago
Chapter 331: Race to the Finish ago
Chapter 332: An End to Things ago
Chapter 333: Keys to the Kingdom ago
Chapter 334: Haste to Judge ago
Chapter 335: These Shadows Grow So Tall ago
Chapter 336: Return of the King ago
Chapter 337: Ground Control ago
Chapter 338: After All This ago
Chapter 339: Incomprehensible Mind ago
Chapter 340: Settling Dust ago
Chapter 341: Rightful Heir and Usurper ago
Chapter 342: Everyone is Here ago
Chapter 343: Blood's No Bond ago
Chapter 344: The Summit ago
Chapter 345: Terms for Survival ago
Chapter 346: Puppet Chain ago
Chapter 347: Guests from the Motherland ago
Chapter 348: The Little Things ago
Chapter 349: A Malleable People ago
Chapter 350: Dynastic Troubles ago
Chapter 351: First Session ago
Chapter 352: Familial Mending ago
Chapter 353: The Reunion Union ago
Chapter 354: New and Old ago
Chapter 355: Sea of Land ago

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Best "isekai into a game" story I've ever read

Reviewed at: Chapter 132: Intrigue of the Desert

I've been following this story ever since it hit Rising Stars several months ago, and it continues to delight. This isn't the first story I've read where the central premise is "I've been inserted into the world of my favorite story/game as a minor antagonist", but I'd say it's the best. It's hard to write a story where the main character is essentially precognitive and maintain a sense of tension, but Nemorosus does an excellent job with it.

First, the basics. Nemorosus has a solid grasp of grammar. Typos are nearly nonexistent and he fixes anything caught by commenters within a day or two.

Second, style. Characters' dialogue makes them sound like people rather than cardboard cutouts. There's a good balance between describing the setting and action. While the world is based on a video game, it's not a video game world: there aren't any irrational elements of the setting which are explained away by saying "this is how it happened in the game".

Third, characterization. There were a few stumbles early on, mostly in a sense that the protagonist could do no wrong thanks to his superior knowledge, even when he was acting outside the bounds of his knowledge. As the story progresses, we have secondary characters (both allies and antagonists) fleshed out and the protagonist has to scramble to react to the changes which he himself had caused.

Fourth, story. In my opinion, this is the strongest part of the novel. A lot of web serials end up with filler arcs or multiple POVs which rehash the action but don't advance the story. From the very beginning, the protagonist has had three major goals: develop a powerful magic, assemble the components of a ritual which fixes his broken body, and prevent the end of the world. One could argue that the first two are in service of the third. The story remains focused on these goals while still weaving in characterization, world-building, and smaller obstacles and challenges to be overcome along the way.


I had been steadily reading this story, only when I had some free time and to add another story to follow while my favorites aren't updating, but not really anything else beyond that. I didn't felt like it was so outstanding that I needed to binge it immediately, nor did it hooked me in at the beginning. And yet... Damn, this is good.


Gradually, what started as an okay story with an interesting premise, developed its own weight and identity. It let us peek at how alive this world really is, how much impact everything has and with every new thing we learn (places, people, history, even cultures!), more alive the story becomes, and also more mysterious. For we're only now starting to see what it feels like a tiny bubble in an expanding universe. It happened so naturally I didn't even realize how much was enjoying it since a few days ago, that I thought about making a review, because how could I not? It deserved at least that from me.


I just finished a chapter and felt so... Satisfied. No unnecessary cliffhangers, questions asked are answered, and they generate more interesting questions, and these are not ignored! Plot points seem to actually matter! It shouldn't be a surprise, but it was. I simply wasn't expecting such good writing here and finding something so genuinely entertaining from what I thought was a simple isekai story with a few twists... It just amazes me.


I prefer to avoid going into details when it come to plot points or characters when reviewing something, so I won't go into spoiler territory and leave it here for now, but I just wanted to add a last comment. Author, thank you, sincerely, for taking the effort to create something with real depth. It shows how much care you have for these characters and world and I simply love it. You've gained a new avid reader not only for Jackal Among Snakes, but also for whatever else you write in the future. 


Once more, thank you.

Mark Arrows

Sometimes when there's so many variations on the same base trope, it's hard to tell which stories are the best compared to others. For example, there's a lot of stories out there about someone showing up into a game world they know everything on.

Well, this particular niche genre doesn't have that problem anymore. This story is the best of them all. 

I could go down the itemized list of what works, but it's hard to point out any one thing as the reason people should read this. The only conclusion I can come up with is that it does everything well in equal amount. 

Characters are all unique, each of them interesting in their own way. 

Story flows with a constant pace. World feels well fleshed out and lived in. There's politics, but nothing overwhelming as to alienate readers just looking for a fun read. Just the right amount.

Basically everything has been polished up to a mirror shine. It all adds up to a compelling binge read that's simply the most balanced story I've read so far.

So if the premises of being stuck in the mostly-real version of a video game with encyclopedic knowledge appeals to the reader, this should be required reading.

A lot of time and skill was put into writing this story and it shows. To the author:  A+ work my man


Main Character is rational without being a psycho

Reviewed at: Chapter 17: Theory to Reality

✅ Likable Main Character

✅ Pacing

✅ Good Side Characters

🆗 World Building

🆗 Somewhat unrealistic character interactions 

The main character is witty (actually) and intelligent. Unlike other stories where the MC is dumb as all hell, in which  other characters only exist to validate and constantly remind us that the MC is intelligent, this is a breath of fresh air. He is snarky and witty in the best way possible. Argrave carries the story. My one issue is that the reincarnation aspect is sometimes used in overly contrived ways, but overall it's definitely a net positive to the story.

Crawling Madness

It's surprising to see a work with this quality have the consistency of upload it has. It takes passion and drive to have this much discipline. 

The story is pretty solid, you will find yourself entertained and curious to see what the author will do with the book tropes and how he will develop the characters personalities. You can also perceive the evolution of the author skills as a writter by how he progresses the plot, introduces new characters and flesh out the old ones. The way he does that is more seamless and organic. The worldbuilding is also rich and detailed. Go ahead and try some chapters, you will like it.


I was a bit hesitant before starting this based on the summary since I tought it would be the standard reincarnated into a game world story, but I feel like it is far from that. It reminds me of Omescient Reader but in my opinion I think Jackal Among Snakes is better executed. The writing is good and I havent noticed any significant msitakes or anything that breaks immersion. 

I hope you give it a read, I am loving the ride! I can't wait for more chapters to see where the story goes :)

Nick Ramsey

Superb. A+ style, development, and concept.

Reviewed at: Chapter 142: Left Wanting

Incredibly rich and original story. Character development, nuanced morality, a fantasy/isekai plot line treated with such realism that it breathes.

This is an optimistic story populated by characters afflicted by self-accusation, fear and pessimism and yet who still, satisfyingly, do the right thing. Mostly.

The side characters are fun as well. While there are quite a few, each is developed with distinct personality and intelligence. I never get bored of them or lost. Also, the POV stays almost entirely with the main character, which avoids any 'too many side stories' fatigue.

While the story has never yet drawn my tears, every chapter has garnered my attention. The intriguingness starts high and stays high.

I have read many isekai/system novels. This one stands out in the compelling nuance of the world-building and the reality of the characters. The world feels real.

It's adventure-heavy, character development medium, and system-light.

There are, perhaps, zero places throughout the story where I felt the style or descriptions were lacking.

I have given 4.5 instead of 5 because the character development is not as rich as in a story like Trailer Trash -- the whole of which is focused on personality rather than adventure. Only a few adventure-heavy stories I have read online (perhaps The Perfect Run and Wandering Inn) develop character as well as this one per chapter.


We're only at chapter two, but this story has a fantastic start.  The MC has already been brought to life and had a great interaction with a promising side character.  The plot has promise.  Also, this is a very well written story with excellent editing and grammar so far. 

Looking forward to more, and will update this review as it arrives.

Update: so now we're at chapter 14, and this story continues to roll on with style and I am impressed. I really like this main character.  We have also met at least one true villain, and another antagonist that is likeable. The plot is pulling me in and I eagerly look forward to each chapter as they come.  


Most solid version of this type of story I've read

Reviewed at: Chapter 16: Firebrand and the Cat

Charactet-imported-into-game-he-likes is almost its own sub genre at this point. But I really like this one, as it genuinely feels like there are challenges and enemies that will be hard for the MC to just overcome with game knowledge. Also he fully utilizes game knowledge as part of the plot, which helps a lot with internal logic compared to a lot of these stories. Finally the characters are somewhat 3D, and fun.


MC seems to be doing a lot of running around without any explanations of his actual motives/goals. Is he a hero? Does he want power? Money? Idk, it's a fun journey, but the MC is acting with strong, confident purpose, without a clear motive.

With that, my other standard gripe with most stories in this genre, MC almost immediately accimitizes/excels to being yhrown into a different life, which to any real person would be an earth shattering revelation with the grief of having lost everything they ever cared about, and having to live in a mideval setting. Buuut if your considering this story you've probably made your peace with that troupe, and this story is no worse than most at 

Final thought: 

Maybe unfairly, I'm assuming the author was somewhat inspired to post this based on the success of Tori Transmigrated ( another story of being isekai'f into an in game villain). I get bored by the slice of life theme there, so the similar premise with a comparatively fast plot and action while staying light hearted really hit the spot for me.


Anyway, that's my ramble, try it out!!



This is fantastic.

Little to no problems with grammar. Wasn't looking for them but I can't recall any. The characters that have been introduced so far, even if shortly, have their own quirks to make them feel real and not two-dimensional.

The world is interesting and already bits and pieces are shown to help our view of it grow without info-dropping. The way that the story is written really brings me into it and makes me want to discover more.