Jackal Among Snakes: GameLit Fantasy Progression

Jackal Among Snakes: GameLit Fantasy Progression

by Nemorosus

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Traumatising content

The royal bastard of House Vasquer, Argrave, has changed after his stay studying magic at the Tower of the Gray Owl. The sickly man's awkward posture and cruel behavior have been replaced with a neat dignity and acerbic wit. His listless life has found a path of undeniable purpose. Most come away thinking he seems to know too many details about too much. Few can claim to know his motives or his goals. 

Behind the scenes, though, the primary contributor for an open-world RPG's wiki battles existential dread and things far beyond his ken as he struggles to adapt to a grim, gothic fantasy world that he had the misfortune to claim as his favorite game. This is his tale.

#####What to expect from this story#####

This piece is a high-fantasy style story, featuring many of the species and surroundings one might expect to find in such a world. The cultures are original and well-developed, with the primary setting being a European-style feudal society. Warfare, fell beasts, and natural disasters are commonplace in Berendar, and take the center of many plots. The protagonist is a smooth-talker, but the world does not exist for him; he must struggle to gain power. 

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Word Count (12)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Valhalla-Bound at the Speed of Sound ago
Chapter 2: Unsocial Visit ago
Chapter 3: Choosing Between Boredom and Suffering ago
Chapter 4: Hot Nights, Cool Looks ago
Chapter 5: Bloody Hard Work ago
Chapter 6: Hitchhiking is Dangerous ago
Chapter 7: Argrave, Meet Margrave ago
Chapter 8: Sun Tzu Teaches Horseplay ago
Chapter 9: Non-Illegal Robbery ago
Chapter 10: Early Onset Eldritch-Induced Baldness ago
Chapter 11: Lion Cub's First Hunt ago
Chapter 12: Strike Up the Band ago
Chapter 13: A Prince's Penalty ago
Chapter 14: A Prince's Prize ago
Chapter 15: Supersession ago
Chapter 16: Firebrand and the Cat ago
Chapter 17: Theory to Reality ago
Chapter 18: Raging Tempest, Roaring Flames ago
Chapter 19: The Sad Clown ago
Chapter 20: Royal Road to Misery (2) ago
Chapter 21: Sick in Heart and Mind ago
Chapter 22: Sick Tension ago
Chapter 23: Insomnia ago
Chapter 24: Changing Wind and Reign ago
Chapter 25: The Swordfish Sharpens ago
Chapter 26: The Holy Fool ago
Chapter 27: Dread Breath of War ago
Chapter 28: Confronting the Long Sleep ago
Chapter 29: Walkthrough: Galamon% ago
Chapter 30: First Contact ago
Chapter 31: Machine Learning ago
Chapter 32: Blood Drive ago
Chapter 33: Stowaway Jackal ago
Chapter 34: Damned, Their Fate ago
Chapter 35: Promising Prospects ago
Chapter 36: Leave it to Fate ago
Chapter 37: Songs of War ago
Chapter 38: Scorched Earth ago
Chapter 39: Darker Skies ago
Chapter 40: The Marketplace of Ideas ago

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We're only at chapter two, but this story has a fantastic start.  The MC has already been brought to life and had a great interaction with a promising side character.  The plot has promise.  Also, this is a very well written story with excellent editing and grammar so far. 

Looking forward to more, and will update this review as it arrives.

Update: so now we're at chapter 14, and this story continues to roll on with style and I am impressed. I really like this main character.  We have also met at least one true villain, and another antagonist that is likeable. The plot is pulling me in and I eagerly look forward to each chapter as they come.  


Main Character is rational without being a psycho

Reviewed at: Chapter 17: Theory to Reality

✅ Likable Main Character

✅ Pacing

✅ Good Side Characters

🆗 World Building

🆗 Somewhat unrealistic character interactions 

The main character is witty (actually) and intelligent. Unlike other stories where the MC is dumb as all hell, in which  other characters only exist to validate and constantly remind us that the MC is intelligent, this is a breath of fresh air. He is snarky and witty in the best way possible. Argrave carries the story. My one issue is that the reincarnation aspect is sometimes used in overly contrived ways, but overall it's definitely a net positive to the story.


This is fantastic.

Little to no problems with grammar. Wasn't looking for them but I can't recall any. The characters that have been introduced so far, even if shortly, have their own quirks to make them feel real and not two-dimensional.

The world is interesting and already bits and pieces are shown to help our view of it grow without info-dropping. The way that the story is written really brings me into it and makes me want to discover more.


Paid for advance chapters. Dialogue from the protagonist degrades as the story progresses. There's a point where like a fourth of everything out of the protagonist's mouth is a pop culture reference no one else in-story understands. 

This could be because the author is trying to rush patreon chapter output, but the quality of the work decreases notably as the chapters come out.


Among the smoothest reading on RR. The plot is intruiging and the protagonist competent.



My only niggle is that the setup: "protagonist enters computer game as a real world" is brushed off as if it happens all the time. I know it's not interesting to belabour a common RR trope, but this is the other extreme.


I don't usually go for reincarnation stories where Chara ters have knowledge of events, but our main character being a normal person, and forgetting things is helping immensely. He feels like an actual person, rather than a walking computer recalling even the smallest details, somehow. Even with the beginning chapters of this story he is seen to work hard to achieve things and to learn about a new world. 


I wish I found this story a lot later, this was an ez binge

Mc is witty and is 3d as a charecter. When other characters are introduced u fully can expect well developed envisonabke characters instead of cookie cut outs. He has his quirks and flaws all intentional I assume

in any case the plot was well summarized by the summary

the only negative is the ugly story cover


The story draws you in immediately from the first sentence to the end of the first chapter. A natural flow and just the right amount of exposition. I am nothing but excited to discover more that this world has to offer. There isn't text upon text of exposition or info dump either. Rather each new development is presented in a albeit convenient yet believable manor. Bottom line is, it's fantastic writting with a logical progression. Couldn't ask for more!

Mark Arrows

Sometimes when there's so many variations on the same base trope, it's hard to tell which stories are the best compared to others. For example, there's a lot of stories out there about someone showing up into a game world they know everything on.

Well, this particular niche genre doesn't have that problem anymore. This story is the best of them all. 

I could go down the itemized list of what works, but it's hard to point out any one thing as the reason people should read this. The only conclusion I can come up with is that it does everything well in equal amount. 

Characters are all unique, each of them interesting in their own way. 

Story flows with a constant pace. World feels well fleshed out and lived in. There's politics, but nothing overwhelming as to alienate readers just looking for a fun read. Just the right amount.

Basically everything has been polished up to a mirror shine. It all adds up to a compelling binge read that's simply the most balanced story I've read so far.

So if the premises of being stuck in the mostly-real version of a video game with encyclopedic knowledge appeals to the reader, this should be required reading.

A lot of time and skill was put into writing this story and it shows. To the author:  A+ work my man


It's a bit overblown. It's top 500 material, but not top 50 or 5. 

The story is very fast paced. The style is rather compelling and it's a good page turner. 

The characters are pretty wacky. The protagonist is a hot mess of a bundle. The outward facade he projects is strange and never explained, despite clearly being an act. As to the side characteras, there are far too many for us to be dealing with on this pace. Some are nicely fleshed out, but a lot are too shallow for how much time we spend with them. 

The story is pretty typical. That said, while the start was pretty good (spending a few months at a academy), after that, it basically becomes a Speedrun on insane mode but knowing where all the best loot is. It's too easy. Contra Tori Transmigrated where even if she's familiar with the world, she was to work really hard and no magical artifact just lands in her lap. 

Also, not relevant to the review, but the title confuses me and the cover is creepy.