A Soldier Adrift: Captain Westeros

A Soldier Adrift: Captain Westeros

by TheWiseTomato

The Infinity Stones are not to be wielded lightly, as Steve Rogers discovers when he washes up on the shores of Westeros. In a world of swords and spears, what difference can one shield make?

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A quick favourite, Captain Westeros is a great story of idealistic and moral super soiilder in the immoral land of Westeros. 


The story is written in a third person narrative. It gives the feeling of old tv shows with the end of the chapter promising more adventures to come. There are some weird parts of the story where the story reads like an interactive story (with multiple choices) but the choices have already been made. Overall the style is pretty good.



The grammer is good. I have found no glaring gramatical errors or typos.



The story (being a fanfiction) is set in the epic world of Game of Thrones and the author does a really good job at making the world feel like the one in GoT. 

The story takes place before Robert's Rebellion and it is really fun to read about a GoT fanfic in that time period.



The characters are where the story truly shines with all sub characters being similar to their original counterparts and quiet fleshed out. The subcharacters feel like real people and the main protagonist really seems like Steve Rogers instead of a SI of the author.


Overall this is a really good story, definitely one of the best FanFics on this site.

Fearun39 moo

I am not usually interested in Fan Fiction but this story is well done melding the MCU and GOT (Plus I am a big Cpt. America fan). With all of the materiel that both sources give this story could go so many place, I am looking forward to see where this story goes!


Far better than it has any right to be

Reviewed at: ToH - The Fourth Day - Jousts

When I read that this story is a fan fiction of Captain America in Game of Thrones, I was morbidly curious. I mean there's no way this comes out well right?


I'm not gonna write a long-winded breakdown review, just know that this is pretty entertaining story and definitely worth the time to read.


One of the best stories I've read on RR. He perfecrly captures the world and characters of game of thrones and also the personality of captain America.  I binged all the chapters in 2 days.  Don't miss out on this story. 

I was hesitant because it was fan fiction but don't let that stop you. Even though you're familiar with the characters and world, this is a unique story that feels completely original. 


I binged from all week and easily caught up to Bay of America 2. 

Overall the blending of the juxtapose between Westeros and Rogers was well done. There were moments you just KNEW knuckles were gonna fly or when words did more than deeds. I liked the pacing and the subtle way the writer changed events by really tossing giant butterflies of chaos through the actions of Rogers. No spoilers. You'll have to read to see what I mean. 

This version of Westeros isn't the Shakespearean bloody gut wound that we got from GoT all because of one kid from Brooklyn who would dare to do the right thing. Well done Ser. 


The author clearly enjoys both their subjects

Reviewed at: Two Weddings and an Invitation

Listen, this is about captain America in Westeros.  Well, it feels like Cap (MCU cap at least) and it feels like Westeros so there's not much more you can ask for.  As of the first slate of chapters it's been very slice of life, but the author has done the leg work to set up a few fun long term conflicts.

The period of Westeros history is one of the coolest.  It allows for the most fan-fixing since it's only really discussed in rumors and memories from the series.  It's also the one with the most comedy of errors in my opinion, making it ripe for someone like cap to come in and spice it up.

The writing is good, the characters have been done well so far,  the fannon hasn't been too over the top. Though there has been quite a bit of serendipity (almost too much) but then again why write in a setting if you're not going to take full advanatage of its cooler peculiarieities.