When the first star fell, they thought the world was ending.

The people of Yoshira had seen shooting stars, and that night three centuries ago, many had gathered outside for the Shooting Star Festival. Because of this, many saw the star that detached from the others. They feared for their lives when it plummeted straight toward them.

They scattered, but those who looked back as the star approached saw why the collision didn’t kill all of them. A dozen feet above the ground, the star burst with a sudden, blinding black energy, and then it stopped in midair.

It descended, slow, gentle. The people approached, hesitant, curious.

They shouldn’t have.

The star touched the ground, and the black light returned. And then they appeared.

The people from three centuries ago couldn’t have known that the star they watched fall was made purely of twisted energy, or that the monsters that appeared was that energy taking form.

Not that knowing would have stopped the massacre.

Hundreds of people died the first night.

The number ticked into the thousands by the third.

Nothing the humans did could destroy the creatures. Swords passed through them. Fire proved nothing but an annoyance. Walls kept them back, but it was always a matter of time before they found a way through.

The humans cried to their gods. One week in, at least ten thousand people dead, they thought they would be ignored.

Then, the second star fell. Nobody went near it, sure it would sprout more monsters.

Humanity had angered the gods, officials declared. They demanded sacrifices for their deities. That, they said, was the only way to stop this plague.

But the gods had other, less morbid, ideas. They whispered into the ears of the ones who wanted to fight, the ones who courage and kindness gave power to hope.

They told them to go to the second star.

Thirty-seven people answered the call. And thirty-seven people were the first to have their lux awakened.

This star, unlike the first, emitted a pure, white energy, and it gave the humans magical powers. They went back to their homes, filled in new determination, and found they could fight back the monstrous menace.

Time passed, and these monsters gained the name Void, for they were without the pure energy of the lux stars but instead filled with the tainted magic of nox.

More time, and more stars fell. More Void appeared, but more humans had their lux awakened. The magical humans took up the name of Starchildren.

One year, and the first Starchild discovered their Radiance, a unique skill that they could use that many other Starchildren could not. Others start awakening their own Radiances.

Fifty-three years, and the Astrals were formed, bringing Starchildren together to have an organized force against the Void.

A little over a century since the first star fell, the first Academy opened.

But then, sixteen years before the three-hundredth anniversary of the first star, a new star passed through the sky.

A silver star.

A star specially crafted by the gods.

A star which granted those it awakened with great power.

But a star that cursed its awakened with a destiny perhaps worse than death.

And finally, three hundred years after the first star, our story begins...


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Bio: A dragon disguised as a 25-year-old human. Fantasy fanatic. Jesus Freak. Procrastination Master. Writer primarily on Wattpad under Cross-Warrior but trying out other sites as well. Pfp is fanart by a friend.

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