The Hero Without a Past

The Hero Without a Past

by Dangerguard

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

When you wake up on the roof of a burning building, in a city under attack by aliens, you know it's going to be a bad day.

When you can't remember your name or your past, you know it's going to be a bad week.

When you start seeing messages that tell you to level up?

Time to settle down for the long haul.

A LitRPG about alien invaders, superhuman defenders, and one poor guy stuck in the middle with a serious case of memory loss.

Updates every 4-5 days.

Note for readers: while most chapters are in first person, a number of chapters with different third person POVs are titled 'Interlude'. These chapters also have an impact on the story, and the terminology is a personal choice.

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Table of Contents
169 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter One: City on Fire ago
Chapter Two: Through Troubled Streets ago
Chapter Three: At the Shelter ago
Chapter Four: The First Day ago
Chapter Five: Breakfast and Answers ago
Interlude One: Anne Drake ago
Chapter Six: Observe and Report ago
Chapter Seven: The Power of Persuasion ago
Chapter Eight: Homecoming ago
Chapter Nine: Reflections on the Nature of One's Ablities ago
Chapter Ten: Finding Paul ago
Chapter Eleven: Night-Time Terrors ago
Interlude Two: Dannie Bears ago
Chapter Twelve: Gainful Employment ago
Chapter Thirteen: The Shakedown ago
Chapter Fourteen: Meeting People ago
Interlude Three: Edward Johnston ago
Chapter Fifteen: Andrew Drake's School Days ago
Chapter Sixteen: I Don't Know Kung Fu ago
Chapter Seventeen: Andrew Drake's School Days, Part Two ago
Chapter Eighteen: History Class ago
Chapter Nineteen: School Projects ago
Chapter Twenty: My School Friends are Awesome ago
Interlude Four: Anne Drake ago
Chapter Twenty-One: A Quest for Grades ago
Chapter Twenty-Two: The Real Stakes ago
Chapter Twenty-Three: FSAT Scholar ago
Chapter Twenty-Four: Friends with Secrets ago
Chapter Twenty-Five: The Great Raid ago
Chapter Twenty-Six: The Rescue ago
Interlude Five: Lewis Manetti ago
Interlude Six: Jimmy Reagan ago
Chapter Twenty-Seven: On the News ago
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Experimental Chemistry ago
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Flame in the Night ago
Chapter Thirty: A Young Lady's First Battle Armour ago
Chapter Thirty-One: Training Missions ago
Chapter Thirty-Two: Detective Work ago
Interlude Seven: The Flying Storm ago
Chapter Thirty-Three: The Ranch ago
Chapter Thirty-Four: Dark is the Night ago
Chapter Thirty-Five: Into the Mansion ago
Chapter Thirty-Six: The Cavalry Arrives ago
Chapter Thirty-Seven: Conversations with a Hero ago
Chapter Thirty-Eight: Digesting the Gains ago
Interlude Eight: Lady Lumina ago
Interlude Nine: Lewis Manetti ago
Chapter Thirty-Nine: Shades of the Evening ago
Interlude Ten: Lady Lumina ago
Chapter Forty: Law of the Land ago
Chapter Forty-One: Dinner Discussion ago
Chapter Forty-Two: Sources of Information ago
Interlude Eleven: Maria Sins ago
Chapter Forty-Three: Sources of Information, Part 2 ago
Chapter Forty-Four: Night-time Strolls and Morning News ago
Chapter Forty-Five: The Battle for New York, Part 1 ago
Chapter Forty-Six: The Battle for New York, Part 2 ago
Chapter Forty-Seven: The Battle for New York, Part 3 ago
Chapter Forty-Eight: After Action Activities ago
Chapter Forty-Nine: Wages of War ago
Chapter Fifty: Operation Shallowfield ago
Interlude Twelve: Lieutenant Omar Doyle ago
Chapter Fifty-One: The Start of a Social Calendar ago
Chapter Fifty-Two: Drinks with Friends ago
Chapter Fifty-Three: Building Bridges ago
Interlude Thirteen: Lewis Manetti ago
Chapter Fifty-Four: The Grunters Strike Back ago
Interlude Fourteen: Commissioner Paul Mattis ago
Chapter Fifty-Five: Reverse Engineering ago
Chapter Fifty-Six: Secret Government Bases ago
Chapter Fifty-Seven: Alien Autopsies ago
Chapter Fifty-Eight: Those Funky Alien Weapons ago
Interlude Fifteen: Major Douglas Fraser ago
Chapter Fifty-Nine: What We Learn From Allies ago
Interlude Sixteen: Omar Doyle / Douglas Fraser ago
Chapter Sixty: No Good Deed Goes Unrewarded ago
Chapter Sixty-One: Wake Me Up, Before You Go-Go ago
Chapter Sixty-Two: Perceptions of a Parent ago
Chapter Sixty-Three: Family Dinners ago
Chapter Sixty-Four: Marks of Distinction ago
Chapter Sixty-Five: Chicken Stew ago
Interlude Seventeen: Paul Drake ago
Chapter Sixty-Six: The Last of the Kittens ago
Chapter Sixty-Seven: Ignition ago
Interlude: Lewis Manetti ago
Chapter Sixty-Eight: Global Terrorist ago
Chapter Sixty-Nine: Planning Defence ago
Chapter Seventy: Armour, Vehicles, Bases ago
Technology Update: Combat Armour ago
Chapter Seventy-One: The Questionable Value of Meetings ago
Chapter Seventy-Two: Assemble the Troops ago
Chapter Seventy-Three: Rainy Days in Liverpool ago
Chapter Seventy-Four: Contact at Liverpool, Part One ago
Chapter Seventy-Five: Contact at Liverpool, Part Two ago
Chapter Seventy-Six: Battle Plans with Britons ago
Chapter Seventy-Seven: If Planning is Madness, Then Madness is Planning ago
Chapter Seventy-Eight: The Battle of the Stadium ago
Chapter Seventy-Nine: Inventor Shop Talk ago
Chapter Eighty: The Thanks of a Grateful Nation ago
Chapter Eighty-One: Life Lessons from a Parent ago
Interlude Nineteen: Colonel Avi Goldman ago
Chapter Eighty-Two: A Young Lady's First Legal Consultation - and Shish Tawouk ago
Chapter Eighty-Three: The Wrath of Nanocloud ago
Interlude Twenty: Lady Lumina ago
Chapter Eighty-Four: Fire Control Plans ago
Chapter Eighty-Five: Speaking with the Enemy, Part One ago
Chapter Eighty-Six: Speaking with the Enemy, Part Two ago
Interlude Twenty-One: General Edward Windsor ago
Interlude Twenty-Two: Clanlord Daemoras of the Guthnar ago
Chapter Eighty-Seven: Conversations with a Captain, Part One ago
Chapter Eighty-Eight: Alien Technologies of Interest ago
Chapter Eighty-Nine: The Liraean Enigma ago
Chapter Ninety: Gym Workouts ago
Interlude Twenty: General Edward Windsor ago
Chapter Ninety-One: The British are Helping ago
Chapter Ninety-Two: The Americans are Helping Too ago
Chapter Ninety-Three: From Boar to Hound ago
Interlude Twenty-Four: Jeffrey O'Rourke ago
Interlude Twenty-Five: Commissioner Paul Matthis ago
Chapter Ninety-Four: Fire and Rage ago
Interlude Twenty-Six: Paul Drake ago
Interlude Twenty-Seven: Maria Sins ago
Chapter Ninety-Five: Thunder and Silence ago
Interlude Twenty-Eight: Maria Sins/Esperanza ago
Chapter Ninety-Six: Fire Faced ago
Interlude Twenty-Nine: Edward Windsor ago
Interlude Thirty: Paul Drake ago
Chapter Ninety-Seven: Like a House on Fire ago
Interlude Thirty-One: Edward Windsor ago
Chapter Ninety-Eight: The All-Consuming Flame ago
Interlude Thirty-Two: Maria Sins ago
Chapter Ninety-Nine: Making Plans ago
Interlude Thirty-Three: Anne Drake ago
Chapter One Hundred: Phoenix Company ago
Chapter One Hundred and One: Boot Camp ago
Interlude Thirty-Four: Anne Drake ago
Chapter One Hundred and Two: Mekong Dim Sum Buckets ago
Supplemental: Timeline of Events ago
Chapter One Hundred Three: Agni Goes Clubbing ago
Chapter One Hundred and Four: Agni Goes Clubbing, Part Two ago
Chapter One Hundred and Five: Military Shopping ago
Interlude Thirty-Five: Paul Drake ago
Chapter One Hundred and Six: First Date ago
Chapter One Hundred and Seven: After the Date ago
Interlude Thirty-Six: Lewis Manetti ago
Chapter One Hundred and Eight: Minored in Modern Dance ago
Chapter One Hundred and Nine: Dinnertime Discussions ago
Interlude Thirty-Seven: Edward Windsor ago
Chapter One Hundred and Ten: And So It Begins ago
Chapter One Hundred and Eleven: And Now, a Word from our General ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twelve: Contact with the Enemy ago
Chapter One Hundred and Thirteen: Lines of Communication ago
Chapter One Hundred and Fourteen: Soda Cans and Major Generals ago
Chapter One Hundred and Fifteen: Marching Through London ago
Chapter One Hundred and Sixteen: Attribute Boost Decisions ago
Chapter One Hundred and Seventeen: Going to School in Chiswick ago
Chapter One Hundred and Eighteen: Bulldog on a Hot Tin Roof ago
Chapter One Hundred and Nineteen: A New Species Appears ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty: Close Combat Specialists ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-One: Cleaning Apartments ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Two: Ultra Reinforced ago
Interlude Thirty-Eight: Anne Drake ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Three: Moving Targets ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Four: The First Carnotaur ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Five: Embracing Command ago
Interlude Thirty-Nine: Chequers ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Six: Saving Empires ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Seven: Greater Things ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Eight: Terms of Engagement ago

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I'm not going to critique this story there already are reviews going into plot writing style what have you. ill just say its enjoyable to read, iv been on this site for years and this story is one of my favorites.  it's worth the time and risk of trying it out.


Simple but good world building.

Main hero starts low but have potential to be stronger.

Main hero is simple go happy go lucky guy, but i dont mind. The story itself is well presented. There is urgency, there is plot, no romance so far but they have high-school mentatlity so that explain things.

One of my top 10 for watching update right now. Keep good work.


Came back after taking a long break from the story, and i IMMEDIATELY got reminded of why i quit this sht... 

Agni, that's all I'm going to say. If you like tormenting yourself go ahead and read the story...


And there's the military the us military depicted in the story is utterly ridiculous and asinine. Not because they are week/  are over bariatring but because they act like idiots who lack 2 brain cells to rub together to spark of intelligent thought. 


And as always the author comes in clutch putting his trauma for all to bear by making appoloys and excuses for the most irredeemable characters in the story.. 




I just binged up to chapter 86, and have found the story to be quite enjoyable. There are some grammar issues and incorrect phrases, but nothing that was immersion breaking for me. 

However, the main characters have very little emotional depth. Also, while the MC's abilities somewhat explain him being more capable than other ultras, for him to have such a huge impact on the battles he takes part in only shortly after becoming an ultra would require everyone else in the world to be incompetent. 

I do appreciate how his concealment of his background and abilities makes everyone around him reach different conclusions about him based on their own preconceptions. 

Significant spoilers below, more for the author than a new reader. 

Anne is way too stable for a 14 year old girl whose classmate tried to murder her, not to mention that teacher and best friends were just killed in front of her. 

Classmate trying to murder her doesn't really make sense, nor is it necessary. Explosion pushing her off roof and classmate ignoring her or running would make far more sense. 

Furthermore, a middle class girl should be quite traumatized by her encounter with sex slavery and death, no matter how much exposure she's had to porn, which is also not something most young girls are likely to have spent much time with. 

Regarding the MC and the battles. If it takes 400 to 1000 damage to kill an alien, and regular guns do 30 damage, a trained soldier with an automatic weapon could easily kill the aliens. If the aliens armor ignores 30 damage, then the military would be using armor piercing, explosive, and/or incendiary rounds. 

Overall, I think that the author made the MC too unique in ways that don't make sense. Not in his abilities, but that he's the only reasonable ultra motivated by helping people and how his kill count completely overshadows other ultras. 



It's definetly a great read!

The action scenes are nice, although it sometimes seems a little off, since the MC isn't actually trying to kill anyone, he is just to powerful to really control himself or has to cast his idealism of non-lethal take downs away in the face of possible death.

In the spectrum of Super Hero Novels the anti-Hero has become more and more prominent, so it's actually quite refreshing when you have an upstanding MC who doesn't enjoy killing, has moral doubt about it and actively tries to better himself for it. He is also described as a protector of humanity in the novel, which I really like.

He uses brute force as kind of a brute Juggernaut, his brain when it comes to preparing for battle or problem solving. He also has Healing powers which makes me hope that they are going to be used a lot more. Especially on civilians who suffer the most in such a brutal world. Or himself, which gives me some ideas.

Looking at you Deadpool!

Dont have anything negative to say about Style or Grammar.

The story US still quite open, since it's still to early. But it's quite enjoyable to put up your own theories. I think that we are going to see a lot more regarding the MC's memory loss and how he appeared on this strange earth.


It had some oddities to it, like the setting being in the US, yet British spellings used for words, and metric being the system used.  Story was progressing well through the first volume, but then the author completely lost his way.


Just when the MC escaped the small town setting, and was introduced to the world stage, instead of it being big fish in a small pond being tossed into an ocean, the MC miraculously grows (literally) to be the big fish in the ocean almost immediately.  Any sort of challenge to the story is removed, and the storyline just becomes wish fullfillment.


One of the earlier red flags that should have turned me away was the weird skill that the character received early on that was effectively a dice roll every night to accomplish the impossible with no effort.  There was a temporary pain as the "consequence" of a failure, but that was rare, and it was effectively a way for the author to give the main character outside knowledge, new schematics, etc without having to come up with a logical storyline on how it happened.  "Oh man, there's a lock that I can't pick.  Use my Deus Ex Machina skill!  Yay, now I've got the schematic for a skeleton key that opens all locks, even electronic locks, magical locks, combination locks!"


There was some good stuff early on that had me bingeing this, but as time passed it became something that dropped further and further in my read priority, until eventually I decided to stop backing it on Patreon.  After a while I decided to follow up on it, to see how it was going along, only to discover that the author has stopped updating RR without providing a reason or update, while padding out his patreon chapters to 40+ in order to try to lure people in.  The lack of courtesy to his readers is pretty crappy.


Oh, and I'm sure you've already read about the Agni debacle.  If not, just check some of the other reviews.


I must say i love the story so far.

The main character is potentially overpowered but his growth is in most, if not all cases justified. 

I also cant wait for his memories to return(kinda wondering from which hell this guy spawned)

In most stories i dislike interludes since they distract fom the main story, but here i love them.

Different point of view in such a story allows us readers to understand the given world better and to show us how certain characters are thinking.


In short If i were you i would give this a try.





+MC is someone I can root for because his motivation is good and he isn't a fool. He wants to protect his family, friends, and innocent people. He initially vomits and struggles morally with killing people, but doesn't let that stop him from killing bad guys. And he makes sensible decisions.
+Clear writing. I know what is happening because the prose is clear, the cast of characters is small, the plot and world are straightforward, and things are explained as needed.
+Updates are frequent enough that I haven't forgotten what was happening.
+LitRPG with growth that is earned through quests, crafting, and fighting.
+Small enough cast that I can remember who is who.
+Believable non-MCs (1 exception, see below). In particular, I appreciate that most people want to do the right thing and aren't total idiots, while still disagreeing with the MC. For example, the school principal wants to help students learn, and doubts Wanda's story, but thinks he knows what is best for the MC for schooling. We get believable side-stories of other's views of the MC, many of which are sensibly negative.
+Fun, believable interactions with people. His relationship with his younger sister is playfully snarky, but mutually supportive, and she wants to have visual confirmation that he is ok after a battle.
+There are some major mysteries which provide suspense. But except for those unanswered big questions, day-to-day life is understandable.
+Clean grammar and spelling.

-Wanda is an unbelievable caricature of a villain. Everyone else in the world has personalities that fit what I have experienced about human beings. But it doesn't fit what I know about people for a middle-class 14 year old girl with good grades to attempt to murder another 14 year old girl simply because a boy she liked had talked to her once. I'm not sure what the author could do about this, though, because Wanda's failed murder attempt is required for the way the story begins (which is great).
-One inconsistency of English dialect. The author uses an American setting and spelling conventions, but describes the shape of Carbon 60 as a 'football.' For Americans, 'football' means a 3D oval with 2 pointed ends. But the shape of Carbon 60 is what Americans call a 'soccer ball' (which is 'football' in every non-American dialect of English). Because I interpreted the description as American English, it broke my immersion, because I thought 'That's wrong. The author doesn't know what C60 looks like.' It was only when I re-read the story (it is good enough for that!) that I thought, "Oh, I bet the author is using British English, and means 'soccer ball' when he says 'football.'"


Overall, it's pretty good. the characers are interesting and reasonably intelligent, the plot is somewhat coherent, and the writing is beautiful. however, it's very clear that the author has certain... geopolitical biases.

Writing a story in our own future can often be very challenging, as doing it successfully requires a detailed understanding of the current state of the world, and how that might develop through supernatural events.

I won't get into any specifics here, but the author has westernized the entire world, and instead of actually changing anything, just covered it with some chrome paint and called it the future.

Also, the author doesn't show much understnding of basic human psychology.

truly nothing that can't be fixed with heavy editing, which is why i'm rating this 4 stars. overall, a good concept, great writing, and definitely fixable with a lot of time and effort. 

Update: current chapter(45): story has improved in quality generally, though a lot more of the authors... misguided beliefs are leaking through into the story. not an issue than will be noticed by many readers, so bumping the score up to a 4.5*. author needs to get a grip on humanity or set their stories somewhere other than earth.


A Nice Teen super hero story with litrpg elements.

While not new the mix is well executed, and the story seems to actually lead somewhere 

Main point to improve in my opinion is how 2 dimensional the characters feel, Anne in particular.

Also be careful of your ressource systems, in particular stamina and mana in fights, as mentioning it will make us wonder if the math's right