Goblin's Glory [A House of Worldly Delight Series]

Goblin's Glory [A House of Worldly Delight Series]

by Jack0fheart

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Book 1 is complete!

The Sword Saint, a man unparalleled in combat, embarks upon a quest that derails the entire world. He forges a bargain with a trio of ancient and evil hags to slay a dragon. In exchange, they promise him immortality.

Unexpectedly, the hags upheld their end of the bargain. But it came at a cost…

His true name is now hated and cursed by all. Spoken only with contempt. That’s without considering his own, more personal blight. Transformed into a goblin. Ill-fated to become the thing he most loathes. He has all of eternity to come to terms with his new form. 

It’s been centuries, yet he still hasn't found a way to escape the vermin he’s become...

What to expect:

⚔️| Overpowered monster MC

❤️| Goblin miscreant behaviour!

😈| MC will remain a Goblin

✨️| This is the 'clean' version.

The story is set within my House of Worldly Delight universe. As such, there will be exclusive explicit content available on my Patreon

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Table of Contents
74 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Sword Saint ago
Chapter 1 Cursed ago
Chapter 2 Arena ago
Chapter 3 Champion ago
Chapter 4 Bloodsport ago
Chapter 5 Insults ago
Chapter 6 Goblin’s Glory ago
Chapter 7 Surrender ago
Chapter 8 Dink Leathertongue ago
Chapter 9 Contract ago
Chapter 10 Fruit Ripe For The Picking ago
Chapter 11 The Legendary Courtesans ago
Chapter 12 Dressed For Success ago
Chapter 13 Freedom ago
Chapter 14 The House Of Worldly Delight ago
Chapter 15 Stirring Trouble ago
Chapter 16 Challenge ago
Chapter 17 Madame Celeste ago
Chapter 18 Dragon In The Room ago
Chapter 19 Catgirl ago
Chapter 20 Goblin's Gambit ago
Chapter 21 Bestial Instinct ago
Chapter 22 Prince Hydra ago
Chapter 23 Woman’s Council ago
Chapter 24 Rite Of Welcome ago
Chapter 25 The Hunt ago
Chapter 26 Newly Wed ago
Chapter 27 Show On The Road ago
Chapter 28 Departure ago
Chapter 29 Road Block ago
Chapter 30 Search Party ago
Chapter 31 Insipid ago
Chapter 32 Meat Cleaver ago
Chapter 33 Lantern Wagon ago
Chapter 34 Clean Up Duty ago
Chapter 35 Special Delivery ago
Chapter 36 Mixed Emotions ago
Chapter 37 Dragon’s Den ago
Chapter 38 Rusty Blade Inn ago
Chapter 39 Tremors ago
Chapter 40 Common Room Blitz ago
Chapter 41 Chain Reaction ago
Chapter 42 Estra’s Pet ago
Chapter 43 Roll The Dice ago
Chapter 44 Smoke Screen ago
Chapter 45 Wurm Chowder ago
Chapter 46 Edge Of Darkness ago
Chapter 47 Strike A Bargain ago
Chapter 48 Bone And Glory ago
Chapter 49 Dragon Blade ago
Chapter 50 The Nine Disciplines ago
Chapter 51 Bittersweet Separation ago
Chapter 52 The Slumbering One ago
Chapter 53 A Goblin's Tale ago
Chapter 54 A Pact Made ago
Chapter 55 Heart Of The Woods ago
Chapter 56 Mount Grace ago
Chapter 57 Sisterhood Of Mercy ago
Chapter 58 A Welcome Sight ago
Chapter 59 Looks Can Be Deceiving ago
Chapter 60 Blunt Dismissal ago
Chapter 61 Prying Eyes ago
Chapter 62 Divine Intervention ago
Chapter 63 To Challenge A God ago
Chapter 64 Corrupted Avatar ago
Chapter 65 Battle Of Fates ago
Chapter 66 Kiss Of Death ago
Chapter 67 Hell Hath No Fury ago
Chapter 68 Anchors Of The Past ago
Chapter 69 Vigorous Battle ago
Chapter 70 No Deal ago
Chapter 71 High Steaks ago
Chapter 72 Cut Off One’s Nose To Spite One’s Face (End of Book 1) ago
Chapter 73 Rebirth (Start of Book 2) ago

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Some may like this but damn was it not my cup of tea. I don't mind dark; I like it in fact. I don't mind stories which give a brutal portrayal of darkness. So far, however, it mostly feels in poor taste. Short chapters with block paragraphs from a style perspective also aren't pleasant to read. But, it would not be fair of me to rate lower based on taste. There are things here for other readers and it is good enough as entertainment. 


Well constructed story with a good hook

Reviewed at: Chapter 8 Dink Leathertongue

For transparency this is part of a review swap.

This story begins with an interesting prologue that had me intrigued at what was going on. To further this the position we find our protagonist in after an unknown amount of time confounds the mystery making for an enticing trail to follow. The writing here is well done, although i do fell the dialogue is abit clunky at times honestly its difficult to write in the first place so I won't be too nit picky here.

Although I haven't had time to delve deeper into the story after a return I'm eager to find out whats going on and enjoyed the journey of the first few chapters as well as the excellently executed fights so far. Honestly there is abit about the carnal nature hinted at that is abit off putting for me but i imagine that's a personal concern that not everyone will share.

If your looking for an interesting fantasy tale from a different perspective I'd recommend giving it a try!

Grown Kidd

Never seen a racist goblin

Reviewed at: Chapter 9 Contract

A pretty unique MC, who's basically an hero-turned-immortal goblin. The sexual tags ARE there for a reason, but without the patreon chapters its has the occasionally smut scene. The story progresses at a decent pace, while the characters and plot drive each other. The action is also arranged nicely so its easily understood. 

Smut isn't my cup of tea, but if you like that or can get past the minor scenes then I think you'll enjoy this series


An enjoyable power fantasy romp which leans slightly towards the more adult themes (as seen in the blurb). 
Our MC gets tricked into becoming a lowly goblin but retains his vast array of skills and experience. Let the power leveling begin (without the blue boxes)
Please note this is not a litrpg, it's a true blue fantasy tale. Which is an enjoyable change of pace to see here on RR.

Overall,an epic tale, with just enough spice to make it feel naughty!

Ellen Taylor

Let's start with the easy one, grammar. It was great. Nothing stood out to me or pulled me from the story. 

The style was wonderful. The author really has a way with wording and it was quite easy to image this world and what was going on in it. The time jump from the prologue to the first chapter was the only time I was really confused, hence the half star knock off, but the short chapters were an easy read (easy meaning it was super easy to click next chapter, not exactly that the content in some of it was easy. But hey, the tags are there for a reason)

The story was facinating. One of the most interesting ones on this site. I really liked the idea of a man being cursed to live the life of a goblin, a race of creature that he absolutely detests, on top of all that, having lived as one for two hundred years. I thought it was very well done.

The main character is, yes, a jerk. A very believable jerk, in my opinion, and I will give him a pass for that, even if I did glare at him every once in a while. I didn't see quite as many fleshed out characters from the side. 

Overall, as many others have stated, yes, the tags are there for a reason. Nothing gets too graphic from what I've seen. A facinating story about a monster MC. Well done!


Fun For The Whole Famil- Oh, Wait Wrong Review

Reviewed at: Chapter 10 Fruit Ripe For The Picking

So off the bat this story will not be everyone's cup of tea. It's definitely got a darker tone than most of what you'll find on rr and the protagonist is a bit of a dick. But, if that sounds like your style, you'll love this story!

Style - the prose is pragmatic and flowy with extra detail in the right areas to bring certain scenes into stark relief. Be it someone being impaled on a sword or someone being 'impaled on a sword' (at least through inference). It's a very professional quality of writing.

Story - the story starts with the climactic scene of a more traditional hero's journey, which segues fantastically into the not so traditional hero's journey that we see through the rest of the story. There's massive stakes alongside the personal, and the pacing feels like it's moving along at a cracking pace.

Grammar - no issues I could see.

Character - this is probably one of the polarising areas of the story, so in the interest of keeping things impartial I'll talk from a technical viewpoint. The character work is absolutely great. The personalities of the characters are established efficiently very early on and are maintained consistently throughout their actions and dialogue. The cast, while not huge in terms of main and secondary characters, does feature a lot of 'extras' who feel unusually fleshed out and realistic due to the author's ability to write. While not exactly likeable of sympathetic for most readers, you'll still enjoy watching the protagonist's antics, and if anti-heroes are your thing then you'll absolutely love him.

All in all, a really well written and entertaining piece!


Disclaimer: I sometimes chat with the author on discord and he asked for this review. Of course, there will be no bias, just my thoughts.

This is a smut story minus the smut, so I wasn't expecting that much. Sure, it's written by Jack, so it's probably gonna be at least decent, but I was honestly a bit surprised. Sex scenes don't really add to the plot, so skipping them doesn't detract from the story at all. Also, the grammar is pretty much impeccable, haven't been able to find many errors if any. Or maybe I'm just blind, who knows.

It's well written and the story flows well, although the chapters are a bit short. Other than that, there's no game-like system or even a xianxia-like progression system, it's just normal fantasy, which isn't a pro or a con, but a bit interesting considering we're on Royal Road, the Mother of All Progression Fantasy.

The worldbuilding is pretty good and the world itself feels pretty interesting, so extra points for that.

So yeah, give it a read if you're bored, interested by the synopsis, or maybe slightly horny..? Regardless, it's a nice read. Check it out!


This is something special as far as goblin tales go
It makes good use of all the lore that we’ve all come to know
It goes into a goblin’s cursed mentality a lot
Of course, their sexuality’s a big part of the plot

The action scenes are mostly what make this novel so good
The sex scenes don’t drag on a second longer than they should
It’s all pretty balanced, and I think you will agree
The style of writing used is of the highest quality

Overall, this book is quite easy to recommend
But adult content isn’t for everyone in the end
If you want an intense fantasy with adult themes
This goblin’s misadventure is more tasteful than it seems


Not for the Faint of Heart

Reviewed at: Chapter 7 Surrender

Goblin's Glory is a novel not for the faint of heart. It has wholly impressed me with its dark and gritty content and the overall atmosphere the author has created. 

The style is very well executed and suitable to the story. Goblin's Glory reads like a fantasy novel and I found the prose to be enjoyable. The author does a great job capturing imagery and executing dialogue. Everything is smooth.

It is very difficult for me to judge grammar. As a writer myself, I'm aware that some mistakes cannot be helped. The only way for me to grade this category harshly would be if there were glaring and recurring issues, which there are none in this novel. Not once did I find my reading experience halted by a grammatical error.

The story, like I said, is not for the faint of heart. The world the author is building is dark, and that is the highlight of it for me. Goblin's Glory follows a human who has become a goblin. Most stories that follow this premise would be too afraid to fully explore the extent of such a premise. This story does not. Our main character, peviously the Sword Saint, is very affected by his goblin urges. Despite knowing better, he cannot help it. It makes everything feel real and--I'm sure for some--difficult to read. But I thoroughly enjoy it.

The characters are well-written. Even the goblins are embellished in a way that makes them interesting. They are simple creatures and yet the author does a superb job at bringing the most out of them. I look forward to reading on and meeting new characters.


Lots of fun. This is definitely not a kids story. It will be very explicit.  So be warned if thats not your thing.

The plot is original.  An very arrogant swordsman offends some witches. They curse him. He becomes a goblin. With the goblins canon problems. He has a particular weakness for females.