Joyce did not, in fact, know what she was in for. But she wasn't about to admit as much in front of a templar that was growing closer and closer to a panic attack by the second. Instead of nicely explaining with a powerpoint presentation, the ministers had presented the three-hundred-page Book of Angor with reverence and insisted she read it. Joyce did not read it. Why did people always assume she could read? But once they did it got too messy to insist she couldn't. Sure, the book had cultural significance and all, but all those workers in the palace and no one could just give her a ten-minute rundown? That was the problem with worlds that didn't have internet. People didn't have the concept of condensing things down to a few seconds Tiktok style.

The corridor in the prison was needlessly long, and there were a truly unnecessary amount of chains. The fear of whatever they were keeping in there translated to a very high payout, so it wasn't like Joyce minded. Joyce activated her skill Descriptor, which was once again a skill that did exactly what it claimed to do, describing the target and whatever skills it had. A screen visible only to her showed up, with several icons on it. Joyce tapped on the green icon corresponding to Skills.

"Oh wow," she blurted out, as the screen began to list out the skillset in a mechanical voice only she could hear. The skills were basic as hell. Overlord, Dominance, Rallying Cry, Lava Burst, Hellfire, Teleportation, Evasion, Poison Immunity, and so the list went on. Nothing particularly interesting like the Lord of Dance skill she'd seen a few weeks ago, or Hero Seducer, which was funny but also didn't work on Joyce. The passive skills, however, were really annoying.

Infinite Recovery. No matter what damage was inflicted, the user would automatically recover immediately. It was a 10th-tier skill, so it could only be disabled if the user ran out of magic power. That wouldn't be so hard for Joyce to achieve, but the other skills made it more difficult.

Backup Magic Storage. Exactly what it sounded like. If the user ran out of magic power, the 16th-tier skill would replenish the magic from a backup power source stored in a pocket dimension. Joyce could forcefully disable that or keep inflicting damage until the magic ran out, but that would just activate Lama's Loop. That passive skill would automatically enable the user to regress to ten minutes before death if the user died after having Backup Magic Storage disabled. Resurrecting via Lama's Loop would then trigger the passive skill Backup Reset, which would reset the Backup Magic Storage and allow the user to activate Infinite Recovery.

In other words, it was an endless feedback loop unless Joyce killed the user without disabling Backup Magic Storage, which would still leave her stuck with an unkillable demon king with Infinite Recovery. There was a long list of other passive skills listed as Not Unlocked, and Joyce tuned them out.

The thing about a feedback loop like this was that it was too infallible, and that violated the principles of reality itself. Normally, a user could only unlock one or two skills in a feedback loop, unless they tied their skills to an Oath of Death. The name was self-explanatory, but users had to swear to do or not do something within the realm of plausible possibility and would die the second they betrayed their oath. This reduced the overly-OP nature of the feedback loop by adding external vulnerabilities. Joyce swiped back to the main menu and pressed the blue icon for Oaths and Pledges.

Oath of Glory, the mechanical voice said. In other words, strive to bring glory to those who swear loyalty to you or die. You didn't have to succeed, but you did have to keep trying. It was also inheritable, so if the demon king had a kid that poor sucker would've been born under the same oath. Currently inactive, the mechanical voice added helpfully after a long enough pause that Joyce nearly closed the screen in the meantime. Joyce blinked.

Not active? Then why was the feedback loop active? She tapped on the help button, and another screen popped up to take her question.

"Why is the feedback loop active?" Joyce demanded, ignoring Kari's questioning look.

Passive oath, Transcendental Protection currently active, the system replied. Passive oaths were those that applied to the user but were sworn by someone else.

"Whose passive oath?" Joyce asked.

Imperial Guards of the Demonic Army, the system said. It proceeded to list several names that Joyce ignored.

"Just tell me about the passive oath," Joyce said.

"What passive oath?" Kari asked from behind her.

"Be quiet, you're not relevant to this conversation," Joyce said to her, ignoring Spade's admonishing swat to her shoulder.

If the Demon King or the King's descendants are unable to defend themselves, the oath will enable the feedback loop to take effect regardless of time or place. Cannot be applied retroactively.

Joyce waited patiently, hoping that the system would elaborate. It didn't.

"Elaborate. When would the Demon King be unable to defend himself?" Joyce demanded.

If the Demon King were reincarnated in a world without the Demon race, the system said. Joyce mulled the words over a bit and clicked back to the main menu. After a moment of contemplation, she clicked on the red icon for Overall Summary, listening as the system listed out the basic characteristics and attributes.

"Oh ok." Joyce said grimly.

"What's the matter?" Spade asked, moving forward to check her expression.

Joyce looked at him and shook her head. "That guy in there, he's human."


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