Evie woke up in a dark room. She didnt Quite know where she was. The Room was dark and she found herself unable to move. She looks around. Not a single thing other than the chair she was tied to was present. She was alone. Afraid of everything that would happen. She felt afraid of everything that could and would happen to her. She tried planning a way out. She screamed as loud as she could trying to attract someones attention from outside the building. She hoped it would work. 

Suddenly. From somewhete in the building she starts to hear footsteps. They grow closer and closer to her. Evie was scared. Very Scared. The footsteps came to a halt just outside the door. The door opened and in front of her stood a girl. The girl, dressed in all black carried something that looked like a brander on her. "Its about time we bring a new creature into this world. Its time to assure Chaos among this dimension. Lucky for you. You wont be affected by it. Youll be the INFECTOR" a bright light came from the side of the room. A fireplace. She put the brander to the fire until it was red hot.

Evie struggled to break free and screamed for help. She felt the heat. And suddenly a very hot sting on her shoulder. It hurt. Alot. She felt her conciousness slip away as the sirens approached. The last thing she remembered was hearing the door burst down and the gunshots that pursued. 


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Bio: Im a Fox Demon who is a major bookworm and aims to write her ultimate life story. She always carries her magic notebook on her and aims to become a God one day

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