The real hunt had finally begun.Hunting, the real reason Hunters were called Hunters in the first place!

The cries of pain from the monsters rose from here, elsewhere and everywhere.

Ajin stood in the back and watched this situation as it unfolded. It was the contractual obligation that he had to respect for this raid.

He internally simulated how he would fight alone as his eyes continued to observe the battle unfolding ahead.

“How frustrating. »

Ajin had to suppress his urges to rush several times already. He could see so many open gaps in the ranks of monsters. And he also noticed that the Hunters missed those shortcomings and continued to make simple mistakes.

So how could he not feel frustrated when he wasn't allowed to do anything and just had to stand?


“Stuart! 11:00!"

"Kim, they're coming from your right too!"

“Kim, Jonh, Mark!! Take care of the right!


“Phil, your wrist is swollen. Fold back."

"Mister Leon, there is nothing to worry about."

"You don't want to go back until you've swept the entrance?" We don't know how long this raid will take, so stop rushing from the start. Control your pace, got it? »

"Well received."

Mr. Leon was not bad as a leader, he had memorized the names of each hunter, and had a good sense of team.

As if they had worked together for a long time, they were able to communicate quite easily. Being able to communicate quickly like this would inevitably result in great teamwork.

It was a world apart from the motley group of Hunters brought together by the Association.

“What's more surprising is that this kid is also proving to be very practical. »


With that, the raid team went deeper into the dungeon.


“Mm…. »

And soon, a forked road with 2 paths appeared in front of them.

Allen made a suggestion to Leon.

"Since the difficulty of the dungeon is low, how about splitting up from now on?" »

“Yes, let's do it. »

Leon gladly accepted this idea.

Ajim closed his eyes and activated his a created himself.

[Skill:13th sense]


"Now, which way leads to the boss?" »

He was hoping that maybe the boss would give him some experience points, at the very least.

Soon enough, he could detect the auras of all living creatures inside the dungeon.

Ajin quickly spoke to Leon

"Mr. Leon, I'll go left with Koner."


That's when a small smile escapes Allen's mouth, which quickly alerted Ajin. It was the third time that he felt something abnormal in this group.

He would really have to be on his guard right now.

It was then that Ajin, Koner and Takuya chose the left path, Allen and Leon and some other men the right.

Ajin's heart started beating a little faster.

“The boss is at the end of this passage. »

Although it cannot be described as strong, a unique and different aura than a goblin emanated from the end of this cave-like passage.

He wanted to kill the boss quickly.

However, groups of goblins kept jumping on him with every step he took, hampering their progress.

"Kek, kek, kek,"



And this time, there were about ten of them.

One carried a wooden club. One held a wooden sword, the other even held a long wooden handle with a stone shard roughly tied around the tip….

They had armed themselves to the best of their abilities, but…. None of them succeeded in threatening him.

"Haven't you had enough yet?" »

Ajin frowned very deeply. It turned out to be such a bore, these worthless bastards yet moving around in big groups like this.

“There are ten this time…”

“What should we do, Koner? Should we come back after we find the others?

However, Ajin's two companions were getting rather gloomy about the current situation they were in.

"Still, there are only goblins here, so maybe we should try to fight them first."


Red energy formed on Koner's body, as the mages next to him also prepared to cast their fire magic.

Meanwhile, Ajin stayed behind and watched, then scratched his beard a bit.

"Now that I think about it, I don't feel nervous at all even though I'm inside a dungeon."

Was it because he had become incomparably stronger than before? Only now was he becoming a little more aware of the changes that had taken place within him.


Then after eliminating the monsters, Koner turns and says to Ajin.


“Mr. Ajin, we are done here, we can move on.”

“Oh, uh, yes. Let's go."


The cave now seemed to go on forever. However, oddly enough. neither had they encountered a single monster.

Since the dungeon was shaped like a long cavern, there was no way they would miss each other too.

"Could it be that the entrance crawlies were everything?"

"Eii, no way."

“Now that would be really strange. »

“Still, there should be a boss at the end, right? »

"Without one, why would a door remain open, then?" »

Hunters' opinions were divided among themselves as they roamed the vast but empty interior of this great dungeon.

"Hold it."

Koner in the lead suddenly stopped walking. He stopped so abruptly that the people behind him ran behind him.

The Hunter whose nose had bumped into the head of the guy in front of him asked with a sullen expression.

“Ouch, what the hell…. Koner, what is it?

“Stuart. I need a light there."

Stuart controlled the ball of light floating in the air and redirected it away, exactly where Koner had pointed.

"Ho-holy shit..."

"All these….?"

All the Hunters spat out low moans.

Torn hands, legs, torsos and even the heads of the goblins - the remains of the various dead goblins were strewn everywhere as far as the light shone. The more light entered the cave, the greater the amount of remains they could see. And also, a huge bedroom located at the bottom of it all.

"It's the boss's room."


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