Regardless of how Ajin felt, they followed afterward anyway and safely entered the gate.

The goblins were the main enemies of this dungeon. They were the weakest of all human-type monsters. So clearing the dungeon itself wasn't difficult at all.



These odd-looking creatures were weak enough that Ajin evenly fought one-on-one before he even got his power boost. Still, Ajin did his best to carefully hunt the goblins with his bare hands.


“Kahk!! »

When Ajin showed combat prowess that easily exceeded their imagination, Mister Leon's eyes went very round in surprise.

He knew that Ajin was strong when he returned to the academy after his accident but Ajin is doing very well against monsters, it even looks like he has made progress.


But what he didn't know was that Ajin did his best to hide most of his true power. Leon approaches Ajin.

“Have you been training lately? »

"Well… II, uh….work out every day."

Said Ajin with a smile.

" Sport ??"

"Yes, sports."

Leon nodded, but hey, technically he still had done something to improve his body so….

'But apart from all that, there was something that gave Ajin a problem. Ajin looks up staring at something.

[Enemy level is too low and your experience points have not increased.]

“Damn, seems like I won’t gain any experience points here.’

Ajin showed a disappointed expression.

The message about goblins being too weak and having no experience points kept repeating itself.

'It will not work…'

Well, he wasn't earning any experience points, and he wasn't earning much gold today either. A certain thought then popped into his head.

"If it's going to be like this from now on, I think I should stop looking for rank D"

Almost all of the jobs that presented themselves to the Association involved clearing the D- and E-rated gates. However, if his level was not going to increase upon entering these types of gates, it was no longer necessary to participate in the raids.

But it should not be forgotten that people participating in raids from rank C, did not accept people of rank or F and E.

"Aargh!. »

Just thinking about it gave him headaches.

Ajin looked around.

The other rank hunters seemed to be very excited about this hunt not only that, because of their brute strength and the difference in power between them and the monsters, they swung their weapons wildly and vigorously tore the goblins to shreds.


“Khk! Kehhk!!”

And don't forget this guy...

His name was Koner.

This one will move into position, preparing for attacks from the raised groblins.


Many goblins were running towards them.

Had they been discovered late, even for a single second, these things would have jumped out at them.

When fighting monsters such as these types of goblins who fought in groups, Koner and his teammates kept a team formation, although there was a big difference in power between him and the monsters they couldn't. no way to break it because if they do, his goblins with the advantage in terms of numbers will have a chance of attacking them from behind which would mean their death.

It was then that Koner activated his talent, covering his body with a red aura and began sweeping his greatsword killing all the monsters in front of him.

"Raaaah!" he yelled.

Swish, pow!!




The monsters began to fall one after another being hit by the attacks of this one, Koner was tired, after killing so many goblins, he was now out of breath.

That's when

From there, Allen's ability will prove crucial.

Ajin clicked his tongue as he saw B-rank Hunter Allen stepping forward.

"This strong."

Leon nodded at Ajin's word.

"I've seen him fight before so I can say that with certainty. Yes, he's strong."

As he stepped forward the hunter kept his face full of confidence. Maybe it was due to his rank.

And as if they had a weird aura, the hobgoblin that was still alive and was about to attack the hunters by himself turned his head to look at Allen.

"I'm over here, damn bug!!"


A hobgoblin rushed to Allen's position.

Slam!! Noise!!


Cling!! Noise!

With his agile body he managed to dodge all of the hobgoblin's attacks without fail. The hobgoblin's giant ax couldn't reach the body of Allen's B-rank Hunter who continued to defend himself very well, while dodging the monster's dangerous attacks.

The C-rank hunters wondered why he kept dodging instead of attacking. But Ajin could see why.

Allen wanted to wait for the right moment to attack.

Even when the hobgoblin continued to savagely attack with terrifying intensity, Allen remained calm and that's when the opportunity to counterattack presented itself.

….To make sure the aggro wouldn't deviate from it even if the damage dealers dealt a crippling blow to enemies.

" It is now ! »

With that thought, he puts all his might into his fist and slams it into the hobgoblin's face, sending him crashing into a wall, dying instantly.

Ajin was very impressed.

"Yep this guy is strong!"

Having been the spectator of all this, Ajin did not know who were the monsters and who were the humans. But he could say one thing is that the guys in rank C and the one in rank B, completely dominated the monsters.

Ajin's gaze then turned to Takuya.

When a monster bit into his shield, he pushed it away and threw his sword at it quickly. The expensive sword easily separated the monster's head from its body.

For a rookie E-rank hunter, he defended himself admirably well.

"His kick-a*s gear fills the hole left by his lack of skill and experience, huh."

Indeed, it is not for nothing that almost all Hunters have struggled to obtain good equipment.

When their gazes met briefly, Takuya gave a quick thumbs up.

" Hmm. »

Ajin's eyes narrowed down to a slit.
Due to his expressions that seemed to be desperately begging for a positive response, Ajin had no choice but to return the same gesture as well.

Looking rather satisfied now, Takuya turned around.


Either way, the end of the battle was approaching. Once the coast was more or less clear, Leon gave another order to his dongsaengs.

"Don't forget the magic crystals!" We've split them exactly nine ways! »


"It's my favorite part of the raid."

"Me too."

Koner confirmed that his teammates were collecting the crystals and approached Ajin.

"Hey are you okay?"

He was then.

Although it was for the briefest of all brief moments, Ajin still felt the gazes of several members of this team on him.

Their eyes averted as soon as Ajin could sense them. With that, he was sure of it now.

'As I thought….'

His initial suspicions turned out to be correct.

Seeing that their teamwork was so good, they must have been fighting together for a long, long time already. And without anyone dying too.

However, would such a thing be possible without a healer supporting them?

No matter how good the Hunters were, they were still humans at the end of the day. Inevitably, they would fall sooner or later. Well, not long ago, didn't their formation almost separate from the attacks of insects?

A bigger picture finally formed in Ajin's head and a subtle smile formed on his lips.

'Maybe…. I can use them to my advantage.

As long as they acted on his calculations, they did.

Koner smiled and sat up.

"Good now. Why don't we go a little deeper? We might be able to clear this dungeon pretty quickly if this continues."

Leon deliberately spoke in a loud voice.

He didn't do it for the sake of his dongsaengs. Well, the original team members were already around him, to begin with.

Meanwhile, Takuya smiled brightly and approached Ajin.

“Hyung, have you seen him? You saw it, right? With that, I kicked a serious monster today, didn't I? »

Takuya swung the sword in the air. Seeing this, Ajin asked him softly.

“Hey, that sword and shield, they're really expensive, right? »

"Excuse me? Ahh, when I told my dad I was going on my first raid, he got them for me.

“Well, in that case, I think you should keep your cool too. »

Ajin lightly patted Takuya on his shoulder and followed the other Hunters who walked deeper inside the dungeon.

"What is he talking about now, out of the blue?"

Takuya nodded in confusion before running after the departing group.


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