Ajin woke up at 8:00 a.m. after eating the breakfast he had prepared. He was now about to leave.

Ajin started heading to the black market.

After a while, he came near the black market.

Ajin didn't have much to do to pass the time, so he decided to go to a restaurant for a snack.

Whereas Ajin had just come out of a restaurant and was about to set off for the dungeon.

"Forgive me, young man"

A rather recognizable voice came from behind him and Ajin turned quickly to see who it was.

''Who is he?'

Due to his heightened senses he could sense that there was a hunter behind him.

Seriously speaking, he didn't expect a Hunter to strike up a conversation with him.

Not only that, a hunter he also knew.

“Mister Leon? »

Ajin's expression brightened in an instant.

Mister Leon looked at Ajin with an expression half surprised and half delighted.

"I heard the news that you were fine, but I still can't believe it, even after meeting you like this."

Leon then formed a deeply moved expression.

Meanwhile, Leon continued.

"I should have gone to visit you at the hospital, but I couldn't, I'm really sorry."

Said Leon in a low voice.

Ajin felt a little embarrassed by Leon's emotional eyes and scratched shyly behind his head.

“Don't worry Mr. Leon, you'll be fine. Do not worry"

"Yeah, but I'm sure you're fine"

"Hehehe." Ajin chuckled as he continued to scratch his head.

"By the way, what are you doing here young Ajin?"


After listening to Ajin's response, it turned out that, rather coincidentally, there had been a raid organized by the Association the same day he entered Koner's team.

As Ajin tried to persuade Leon to stand up straight, the latter's phone rang.

Leon asked for Ajin's understanding and took out the smartphone hidden in his inside pocket.

"Hello…… Ah yes. I understand. I'll be there soon."

Leon ended the call and put his cell phone in his pocket.

Ajin asked the old man.

"That was from the Association, wasn't it?" »

" Yes"

This call came earlier from the Association, asking the hunters to gather for the raid.

If Leon got the call, that means Ajin's house was also called right?

"Looks like we have to go."

It was the order to mobilize, the one Ajin was waiting for.

Leon's gaze naturally went to Ajin's body.

And then his eyes widened in shock.

Leon studied Ajin's appearance here and there, still mystified by what he saw.

"By the way, was Ajin this big before?"

Since the Gates first appeared ten years ago, many illogical things have continued to happen to this day. Certain people called Hunters who had "awakened" their abilities were a prime example of this.

But, as they walked, Leon sensed that something was also quite strange here.

"Ajin's Footsteps..."

Ajin's footsteps were just too soft. The youngster was walking right next to Leon, but it was hard to detect his presence.

Why was that?

The older man even felt that if they started fighting here, he would be unable to even touch a hair on Ajin's body.

Even though he was rated B and Ajin was rated F.

“What am I even thinking…”

Leon shook his head. It wasn't important at the moment.

There was something he really wanted to tell Ajin. No, he just had to say it here and now.

Leon turned to look at Ajin and before the youth could stop him, tilted his head 90 degrees.

“Mister Ajin. Thank you for saving my life."

Ajin, of course, knew what Leon was talking about, it was the time when the two people from the Scorpion Association attacked the school.

The situation had become somewhat awkward, but it wasn't so bad. How should he go about describing it? He felt proud?

Of course, that didn't mean he had to let an elder stay in that reclining position.

"Mr. Leon, you'll be fine so don't worry, so please get up."

After that, Leon picked up his head and continued the journey with Ajin.


The two men arrived at the meeting place.

The gate had formed in the middle of the road quite close to residential areas, so the police called in to control access to the location.

However, there were almost no spectators present here to begin with.

The majority of Gates the Association faced were those dangerous ones who had been left alone too long after their initial discovery; besides, even if one stayed around a gate, one still wouldn't see how the hunters fought, anyway.

There were only a few curious and mischievous kids prowling around and being chased away from time to time by the agents present.

With a thud, the taxi door closed.

Ajin and Leon got out of the taxi and headed towards where a few other hunters had gathered, only for the cops to stop them.

“Please show me your ID. »

Leon pulled out his wallet and showed his hunter's license.

"I'm Leon, a B-rank hunter. This is my colleague, Ajin."

The cops compared the photo on the permit to Leon's face before turning it over and split up.

"Okay you can come in."

" OK, thanks.."

Leon gave the police a small, slight nod before continuing. Ajin followed right behind him.

The Association employee and also a raid participant were waiting for them in front of the gate. He was a tall young man, with white hair, in a business suit and handsome.

He approached the two men after spotting them from afar.

“Oh Mister Leon, you have arrived! Uh? And who is this guy next to you? .

Ajin responded quickly asking for a handshake.

"My name is Ajin Genku, glad to meet you."

The employee of the Association to accept the handshake by answering

“Oh, Ajin right? I am Allan, also happy to meet you.

Recalling his past, Ajin could only smile bitterly.

" Oh okay. There are also other Hunters awaiting the arrival of my party of personal shoemakers. Why don't you go over there to greet them? »

There were other Hunters who had arrived earlier where the Association employee was pointing.

Well, there were only 3 other Hunters there, though. There is one of them that Ajin could recognize.

Yes one of them happens to be… the boy Ajin had met in his first Raid.

Takuya Wilkins.

Ajin raised one of those eyebrows in surprise.

"I can't believe this guy is here."

But Takuya couldn't see Ajin since he was too busy doing something in his bag.

Then Takuya raises his head and meets Ajin's, as their eyes meet, Takuya waves goodbye to him.

Ajin raises his hand and does the same.

Leon asks Ajin.

"You know each other?"

Ajin narrowed his eyes.

No, we briefly met during my first dungeon."

But of course, Takuya was happy to face Ajin, especially after Ajin had suddenly disappeared.

Leon keeping his mouth shut, studied the surroundings a bit, before directing his eyes to Ajin.

"Is he really the Ajin I know? I mean, his eyes are as fierce as a monster, man. Like a real monster…."

Allen, who was standing next to Ajin, shifted his gaze in one direction.

"It looks like they're here."

Ajin and Leon turned their heads in the direction Allen was looking.

“How steamy, huh! It's hot, I say!!

Ajin and Leon's eyes were on that voice.

A stranger had just appeared.

More importantly, he was kinda weird

As Ajin tilted his head in confusion as Allen walked towards them.

He then issued a measured warning to the stranger.

"Shut up."

The stranger pretended not to know anything while looking away. However, he quickly gave Ajin an oily wink.

Ajin's expression wrinkled immediately.

3 other people immediately appeared after their hunting license was checked.

All three were men.

"You have finally arrived."

“Please forgive us for being late. There was traffic on the road.

The prosecution then proceeded to sign each of the documents presented to it by the Association employee.

Meanwhile, the employee called for the Hunters to assemble.

"These people are my friends, I asked them to raid with me."

"I'm so sorry about that. It's only because the number of active Hunters in our district has dropped so much that I asked the Association to do me this favor."

Yes. All the men here are C-rank, but the Oversight Division hunter is actually B-rank.

As Leon nodded, Ajin frowned a little.

"This guy is a B rank huh?"

Popular opinion said there should be one. fifteen rank C Hunters to face a single rank B Hunter.

The powerful aura that emanated from Allen was not for nothing. Ajin had felt that if there was a one-on-one fight with Allen, he would surely lose.

Ajin quietly studied Allen's face and these three men, before tilting his head slightly.

That aside, Ajin had a bad feeling. Something was wrong here, especially after the weird look one of Allen's men had given him earlier.

He could feel a tiny trace of murderous intent flowing between these men.

‘One B row and three C rows, huh…..’

Is he just being too cautious about this "Scorpions" thing?

In any case, he was suddenly invaded by this inexplicable anguish.

The agent finished signing all the paperwork, then came over to talk to the assembled hunters.

Allen then motioned for the three Hunters to come closer. They all walked towards him.

"Wow. I thought I was going to die of congestion earlier.

Allen flatly ignored their complaints and looked back at the Hunters.

“Who will take the lead today? »

Leon, who had experience leading raids before, raised his hand halfway up. Allen nodded and smiled.

"Ah, I knew it was going to be you Mr. Leon."

Leon smiles


Next to Ajin, Takuya started pulling his own gear out of his bag. The sword and shield sticking out of his bag shone nicely in the light.

Even a simple glance could tell that they were very expensive. It was certainly not something a novice hunter could organize on his own.

"Wait, he said he's never had to take hints before, so does that mean he's from a wealthy family?" »

Ajin formed a surprised expression.

Perhaps sensing Ajin's gaze on him, Takuya stood in front with confidence and courage.

"Big bro, you said you were F-rated, right? Don't worry, I'll protect you. Stay close to me."

Ajin scratched his beard.

"You will protect who?"

Mr. Leon who was looking at these two couldn't help but smile.

With Leon in the lead, the Hunters entered the Gate one by one.

"Let's go too."

Ajin and Takuya also entered the door, albeit at the same time.


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