As Ajin was leaving the bank and then returning home, he met three men in a small alley. One of them seemed that he couldn't even control his body properly because he drunk to much.

Inevitably, his shoulder hit Ajin's shoulder.

His hand, which suddenly extended, immediately grabbed Ajin's collar.

"You bastard, didn't you see you just punched me there?

Powerful man that feels like a plug.

He was a Hunter, not a normal person.

'…What is that?'

Ajin blinked and looked at his opponent.

However, Ajin was seen holding wallets and the guild card taken by one of them.

‘Oh, was he just a tyrant…oh he also has a card…..oh a guild card?.’

Band that wakes up and lives on the backs of ordinary people.

They want to avoid the danger of dealing with monsters, but they do the opposite because they want to make money comfortably.

Other hunters at least made some contributions, dealing with dungeons, but these guys didn't deserve to be called hunters.

"Hey, what's wrong with you again? He ain't got no money just a fucking guild card. We can't do anything with that."

"Oh, leave it alone. I know, I know."

When his colleagues stopped him, the man shook his tight arm.

It was an act of bravado, aware of the eyes of others.


Ajin's eyes turned cold.

"Drop that."

"Oh, look at that."

An unexpected response caught up with him disapprovingly.

However, Ajin didn't care.

He was grabbed by a man like that by the collar, but he didn't have enough pride to bend over.


Ajin swept away the man's hand who grabbed the necklace in one fell swoop.

The hand of the man who was kicked out turned red.

His expression was briefly embarrassed and soon filled with anger.

"You son of...!"

You might have known that Ajin is also a hunter with power in his hand.

However, he was a man who didn't back down because he was confident in his skills.

"You want to do it now, don't you?"

"And if you want?"

"Okay, you're out. I'll take care of that bastard.

The bullies recoiled from the man's words.

However, he was still surrounded by Ajin so he couldn't run away, and glared at him with a fierce gaze.

“In a way, is he a late hunter? Stupid guy.'

One of the two who was behind the man opened his mouth. The person whose name was Simon, twisted his mouth wickedly.

“I understand that you are a hunter and show your pride, but you chose the wrong person. I'm a rank D hunter."

"You were a D-rank Hunter?" Ajin asked.

"Why, do you regret it now?"


Simon, who pulled out a sword, smiled.

His confident appearance made Ajin's mind a little complicated.

"What's a D-rank Hunter doing here?" it's not at the level of stealing a normal person's wallet.

A D-class fighter would have had enough experience and no one would have refused right away.

Unlike rank F and E, which only need to go beyond the probationary stage, this was also a stage where many veterans were caught within the limits of their talents.

It was too high for a neighborhood bully to have a story.

"Anyway, I have a little problem."

No matter how well Ajin was able to beat C-rank monsters, experience was a very important factor for Hunter.

Ajin, who has only awakened his power for a few days, may feel uneasy.

Also, the hunters watching did not know when they would draw the sword.

"Actually, if I summon my daggers and fight at 100% of my strength. I might overwhelm them but I can't get that much attention."

Ajin's eyes quickly looked around.

Even if there were no immediate eyes around it might have been an undue disturbance as it was not far from the edge of the road.

From then on, things will spiral out of control.

"Hmmm, let's do it……."


Ajin pulled out a dagger.

Then Simon's mouth, twisted as if something unreal had just happened.

"Wh- when did you?"

"Just now."

Simon was a bit embarrassed by his opponent's sniffling response.

And they quickly started getting angrier and angrier.

"I'll make you regret fighting me?'

"Ha, that's funny."

"It's not funny, you punk!"

Simon rushed towards him, hitting the ground with all his might.

It was an inspection that had the power to kill Ajin without hesitation.


However, his sword rose high into the sky with a flash of light.

Swords that fell to the ground in two pieces.

"Uh... What the...?"

Before the sword that broke in two, Simon's body hardened.

The hunter's weapons for cutting monsters have extraordinary durability.

Since the thick scales and the body had to be divided, it was normal not to even touch the level of the clash between hunters.



Simon fell to the floor with a thud.

his pale white face.

The corners of Ajin's mouth rose, which stepped on the face.

"You're having fun now, aren't you?"

He then ran at full speed towards the other two people.

They saw Ajin approaching slowly, then after he saw that Ajin had totally disappeared from their visions.

“Have I had a little too much to drink today? Am I seeing things? one of the men wondered.

Just when he was thinking about where Ajin disappeared, Ajin suddenly appeared in front of them. They looked at Ajin's eyes, at that moment all they felt was fear, extreme fear. It was as if they were standing in front of a monster. They fell to the ground due to the pressure Ajin was releasing.

Ajin didn't say anything. He just grabbed one of the men by the neck while the other ran away. He didn't want to continue dealing with such a man here. He ran towards a deserted alley.

Ajin him with a cold voice said

"My guild card."

Here… here it is..:"

After taking his card, he throws the guy to the ground. Then went home.

When he arrived, he took a bath, then took out the dirty clothes and threw them in the washing machine.

After this day of fatigue, he decided to sleep on the sofa.


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