* * *

Another monster had attacked him.

It was a hideous giant monster with a sturdy build and a height of over 2 meters.

[Race: Ogre Lvl. C]

"There are orcs in this dungeon too? Doesn't matter."

He was immediately cut in half by a dagger.

A scream fills the dungeon again.

“Khuaaak! »

Another monster appeared.

He looked like the ogre before, but this time he had two heads.

[Race: Ogre. Lvl. C]

The monster was also easily cut in half.



This time, two screams filled the dungeon.

As he swung his sword to shake off the blood, Ajin made a grim expression.

"It's just absurd..."

About 50 minutes had already passed since he entered the dungeon.

During this period, he encountered many monsters.

The power level of most of them were between F and C.

They also differ from each other.

None of that mattered, though. They were all killed in one shot.

No one was quick enough to avoid Ajin's blow.

No one was strong enough to stop his dagger.

His swings hit unconditionally, and they also cut unconditionally.

"I shouldn't let my guard down. »

It was more tiring to keep an eye on his guard than to fight the monsters.

“There is one more thing that bothers me."

He had slowly eliminated all the monsters in his area.

He sighed as he looked at the many piles of corpses scattered on the ground.

It was then, he continued to move. He had only encountered two more battles since then. And then, he reached a place where monsters didn't spawn.

When attacking a dungeon there would usually be an area where monsters could not spawn and that was the boss area.

Hunters were advised to be very careful when reaching such a place.

"It serves as proof that I am close."

About ten more minutes passed before the passage ended in front of a huge building. It was an ancient temple-like building with the lower half buried in the ground. Thick stone pillars supported the 20 meter high ceiling.

In the middle floated a big beast. Its big shaped body was about 5 meters in diameter.

[Demon lord Dog]

Level: C

CV: 15000

That was all. There was no other information. The monster in front of him was already clear enough to be called Demon Dog.

He didn't rush because he wanted to catch him off guard so he waited a bit. After a while, the dog started approaching where Ajin was, he didn't miss this kind of great opportunity. Ajin's physical abilities also greatly increased and he managed to master them.

Holding such precious daggers, Ajin moved. He has to make his attack; the demon dog was unprepared and therefore could not react in time. Step by step, he rushes a few meters and charges at a terrifying speed. It was already a model of movement that transcends human limits.





Ajin ruthlessly attacked the Demon Hound with a number of blows, each attack targeting the Demon Hound's vitals. Ajin wanted to finish the job but the lord had not said his last word.




He attempted to attack Ajin with his claws but Ajin managed to block the killing blow with his dagger. It tripped the lord, but the beast quickly got up and kicked its forelegs one after another, aiming for the approaching Ajin.

Ajin stomped and jumped to avoid the offensive. Jumping in place, he flew more than 10 meters, reaching the level of the monster's eyes.

Then he extended his dagger and made a large diagonal gash.


It wasn't a possessed skill, but it had enough control and landed a sharp blow.

Up close, the monster turned its head and dodged the crushing blow. And his mouth was going to open and bite!

As if waiting for him to do so, Ajin turned around and kicked.


The beast, which only paid attention to the great sword, was kicked on its nose and screamed violently. The beast could not protect them this time.


It was his strategy from the start.

While deliberately pretending to be grandiose, he actually launched a light attack so that he could easily straighten his posture on the battlefield.

Ajin started to launch his real attacks after the opponent was shaken. A continuous flurry of diagonal slashes hit the monster's body and head at the same time.

Although not opened, the scales were split and more than half of the blade was embedded in the horns.

A series of blows threw the monster into confusion.

“Gargh! Gaaaaaarggh!"

This technique of deliberately showing an escape, then hitting a miss, then performing a fatal attack was one of Ajin's winning strategies.

Only the final blow remained.


As he burst into a murderous spirit, he collapsed. He kicked the ground at a huge angle, became a flashing meteor, and aimed for the monster's heart.

"It's finish!"

He cut the heavy torso with a horizontal cut and split the big head with a vertical cut. A huge cross of blood and sinew etched with an arched, island-shaped blow pierced its center. Everything happened at the same time, without a moment's delay in between.

"Cross impact!"

This giant beast, shedding blood like a fountain, slowly crumbled as its body died.



It was the strongest blow Ajin had given since he came into the dungeon.

After finishing with the monster Ajin landed on the ground, leaving the fallen monster behind.

Then he smiled with satisfaction.

"Phew, looks like I won."

As always, messages appeared.


He improved 5 times in a row.

Ajin was exhausted but without wasting time he started collecting the magic crystals. He was able to collect 37 of them. Just when he was done collecting he noticed a yellow crystal on the dog's lifeless body, seeing that this crystal was a bit different from ordinary crystals, Ajin looked at it with a confused expression but didn't waited longer. He picked it up and headed for the exit. He wanted to get out before the other hunter groups caught up with him.



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