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While Ajin was killing various monsters and setting up his experiments, Pedro and the other hunters were walking through the other side of the sewer.

The teenagers, each holding their own weapon, walked in a clear formation as everyone kept a calm face as they walked.

The group scoured the sewer for a few minutes and no monsters appeared. And because they were young, impatience soon hit them, causing them to let their guard down and talk to each other.

“Where are the monsters? Johnny asked a little nervously as he held a sword in his hand.

" I do not know. Just because I wanted to kill some of them, did they decide to hide?" said a boy holding a large shield.

"They were probably scared when they felt our strength, especially Pedro's," a man flattering Pedro has said. He was carrying a bow in one hand.

Meanwhile Ajin had caught a good number of monsters, but he had leveled up only once since he entered this dungeon.The new monsters, goblins that were between rank E and F gave less experience than the rat monster before.

But because he only saw a group of goblins, Ajin had become frustrated that he could hardly find any group of goblins that can help him level up.

Ajin had decided that for now he had to keep moving.

He regains his focus once more as he continued to move slowly, paying more attention to where he was walking.

As he went deeper into the dungeon, a large stone clearing appeared, and a large group of monsters had gathered there.

There were 5 rank D goblins and a rank C hobgoblin standing at the entrance. One was much bigger than the others, and he was hanging on to a very big cane.

Hobgoblins had very high intelligence. It was high enough for them to cast magic. Besides, magic wasn't the only reason hobgoblins were dangerous.

But they weren't the only types of monsters Ajin had caught.

"Geee, geek."

The directive informed him of the identity of these monsters.


[Race: Zombies Rank C]

[Race: Zombies Rank C]

[Race: Zombies Rank C]
[Race: Zombies Rank C]

Additional information was also available.


Note : [Due to the scales of crustaceans on the surface of their bodies, which are also very resistant to physical attack, the blades can barely cut their skin. They are vulnerable to magical attacks.]

The group of zombies turned their heads one by one noticing Ajin's presence.



* * *

The zombies showed their strange teeth. The nauseating stench of their physique had filled the entire opening.

Their red eyes began to glow in the dark.


[No! a little swordsman!]

Unlike the zombies in the movies, these zombies were able to speak basic verbal communication.

Even so, it was difficult for Ajin to understand them.

Anyway, Ajin remained calm.

The excited group of zombies slowly started surrounding him.

"Ah! Human Flesh!"

“Kkyakkyakya! »

They treated Ajin like he was a toy.

They only felt fear in the face of magic.

Feeling their bloodlust sinking, he calmly grasped the situation.

"C-level? I don't know how strong they really are."

At least he thought their powers could roughly rival the rat he had faced.

Because the rat was also level C.

That's when a vein spurted out of his right hand which was holding a dagger.

"Well, it's time to see if they can give me a good fight."

The heat of the battle excited his whole body.

“Careful, now…”

He took a step forward and raised his dagger over his shoulder.

" This time, it's sure ! »

A blow landed on the zombie standing closest to him.

In a flash, the zombie was split in two.

“Holy shit!"

The blow was too powerful. The dagger even hit the ground after cleaving the monster due to its strength.

The ground cracked and the earth began to shake.

The two halves of the zombie's body went to opposite sides, spraying blood all over the clearing.


“…Kreuk? »

The remaining zombies stiffened in place.

There was a flash, followed by the explosion of one of their fellow monsters.

Ajin was also troubled.

Daggers weren't meant to work on them because of their thick scales.

It was the only reason he had intentionally hit the rocks.

"It worked too well, didn't it?"

The zombie group screamed, staring at Ajin's dagger.

There was nothing particularly unique about it other than its durability.

He could probably even get the same result if he hit them with his bare fists.

The heat of the battle that should have reached its climax cooled instantly.

Ajin charged again.

He charged forward like an arrow and hit the monsters!

The hobgoblin let out a weird sound, and the nearby goblins gathered. The goblins had crude shields attached to the hand holding their clubs.

And then, the goblins and Ajin collided.

His sword slashed through the air, causing a series of lights to burst.

The zombies and goblins tried to defend themselves as much as they could, but they were no match for Ajin.

He was too fast, too strong.

A rain of flesh began to spread on the ground.

Desperate cries soon filled the cave.

“Keek! »

“Ahhhhh! »

It didn't take long for the zombies and goblins to be wiped out, their corpses scattered around the crypt.

And the hobgoblin was the latest victim.

Looking at the pile of corpses, Ajin slaps his forehead regretfully.


Even after killing so many monsters, he still couldn't gain experience.


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