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As they walked through the dungeon leading to somewhere. After about a second, they were all inside the dungeon. Ajin looked around with slight fear in his eyes.

After entering the portal, they were taken to some kind of cave that only had two or three dead bodies on the ground.

"So it's a dungeon, huh?" It's like I'm in another world…' thought Ajin.

Although it's not the first time he's entered a dungeon, he doesn't really consider this dungeon the same as the instant dungeon, because it had a totally different atmosphere.

While Ajin surveyed the surroundings for something different, his party members began to draw the weapons they had brought.

When everyone had equipped their melee weapons, Ajin finally realized something strange: the noise!

Ajin quietly asked Pedro a question.

“Hey, do you hear that sound?

"Huh? What kind of sound? The sound of the wind?

"Yes. The wind is blowing pretty hard."

Ajin supposed only himself could hear it.

Let's get into position.

At Pedro's words, 6 team members stepped forward and four of them were all close-range fighters, so they were carrying pretty sturdy shields. Pedro and the other teammates who had arrows positioned themselves behind the four.

Pedro was an Awakened with an Ignition ability, and the other person had a bow.

Basically, the formation was a combination of 4 short-range fighters and two long-range fighters.

“Well, you two are new, so please move to the back. Let's try to be synchronized. If we take the upcoming turn, 4 normal goblins will be summoned.

It was the first time that he had attempted an E dungeon, but he acted as if he had entered it before and looked like he had studied this place thoroughly. As if He knew this place like the contents of a textbook.

“Keek? »

After waiting for about a few seconds, Pedro suddenly raised his hand in the air and closed it into a fist.

"Prepare yourselves!"

He clasps his hand tightly to the shield and says, "There are four monsters in front of us. All green goblins."

When they look straight ahead, several goblins rush towards them. Goblins were little monsters with hideous faces, and they swung short clubs.

Tahng, Tahng.

Clubs were blocked by shields, so it didn't do much damage. That's when Pedro's ignition ability shone through.


The flame suddenly lit up in front of their faces. The goblins lost their sight and they became disorganized. At this moment, the close combat fighters raised their weapons, then they took a step forward.

Ssssskuk, puk!

They ruthlessly slaughtered the fallen goblins with their weapons.

They cut off the heads of the goblins, which had become a fucking mess. Ajin and Takuya silently looked aside.

Ajin had done more horrible things when he was in his instant dungeons, so he didn't mind. Takuya was also experienced in F-rank dungeons so he frowned but it was his first time to be part of such a scene. He did not dishonor himself by being part of this raid.

But, it seemed that Ajin's temper was incompatible with mining. He was disappointed with the power level of the monsters, but he decided to experience mining for a day with these people.

Groups of 10 members were entering the dungeon, so the queue shortened quite quickly. They were all excited, but they were all lower ranks. The people gathered here were very diverse.

It didn't matter that his level didn't increase in this dungeon.

He knew he only had to hunt monsters powerful enough to give him experience like a boss for example.

The problem was if he stayed with these guys, he would never have the opportunity to hunt such monsters at his level.

As the hunters continued to advance, a forked road with 2 paths appeared in front of them.

During the bus ride, Ajin wondered what excuse he would have to use to separate from the group after entering the dungeon but even though he had thought of an acceptable excuse, now that a perfect opportunity to separate from the group was appeared, he would not pass up this chance.

On the way frank, Ajin wanted an opportunity to get away from the group without arousing suspicion and now the opportunity had fallen in his lap. As they walked inside the dungeon Ajin spoke up.

"I'll take a walk in the right one and you the left one." Ajin says quickly.

Pedro laughed when he saw Ajin's confident expression.

"Do you really want to walk in there alone?."

"Yes I want"

Even though only F and E rank monsters were summoned in this dungeon, it was still dangerous for them to split up.

The group was already too busy killing a few goblins, they couldn't separate.

But for some reason does this little one want to go into a place full of monsters all by himself?

But looking at Ajin's confident gaze, he had to accept the request.

"Don't die unnecessarily." Said the man, Pedro.

The other hunters were surprised that the hunter accepted Ajin's request.

In his conscience, something told him that this little boy who seemed to be an F rank, was not normal at all.

Casting one last look at Ajin, he and the other hunters continued the trail to the left cave. Pedro knew that this boy would not die here even if something abnormal happened.

However, no one knew that something that could really kill anyone was really going on inside that dungeon…

Seeing everyone following the sewer tunnel from the left, Ajin entered a tunnel on the left and continued quietly without making any noise.

He should first test his own abilities, see if there were any peculiarities that might harm him, and so only after he was sure it was safe and would have no repercussions for him at the time. coming.

He started looking around, this place was dark but for some reason he could see everything clearly.

Then he stopped, he waited for the time to be 29 minutes. After 29 minutes, it started moving along the dungeon path. He waited 29 minutes because he didn't want the Hunters behind him. He never liked being followed by anyone, he always walked alone, so he didn't think he needed to join a guild in the first place. He didn't like working under anyone.

the silent and deadly sewer tunnel, then out of nowhere, began to make noise. With the heightened senses he had trained and developed over time, Ajin discovered that the noise was coming from a motor-sized rat swimming through the water, likely after him. These monsters had very high senses compared to humans or normal animals on earth. Even tens or hundreds of meters away, monsters could still smell human sweat, and this rat was no different.

Mentally preparing, Ajin brought out his daggers and went into battle. Only one of the two would make it out alive after this confrontation, and with the experience he had, Ajin was more than sure that it would be himself.

At some point, a head slipped slightly out of the water and started to watch Ajin cautiously. Just as the rat was looking at Ajin, Ajin was looking at him, trying to predict what this rat would do.

'This rat is looking at me… something is wrong. Usually these monsters attack without thinking of the consequences, just following their instincts, but not this rat; he's looking at me intentionally and as if analyzing me… Hmm… What's going on here?'.

Seconds later, the Irregular Monster jumped out of the water towards Ajin as he let out a loud, high-pitched cry.


Knowing that the monster-type rat was going to let out that scream to try to intimidate him, Ajin simply ignored him and reacted faster than the beast by pointing his dagger in the direction of the beast.

In a split second, the monster who was already in the middle of a jump realized that jumping wasn't the smartest decision he could have made. Since the size of the rat was almost as big as a motorbike, it wasn't difficult for Ajin to slice it in half and then turned it to ashes.

[You have activated the Skill: Incinerate.]

A small window appeared, quickly floating past Ajin before disappearing again.

Then Ajin decides to continue through the sewage killing every monster he sees.



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