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Ajin woke up at 8:00 am, took his bath, had breakfast, and now he was preparing to go to his first dungeon.

Looking at himself in the mirror, Ajin saw a young man with short dark hair, a delicate face who wore a disinterested expression that he had trained not to show his emotions to his enemies.

After leaving his apartment, Ajin took out his smartphone and opened the Dungeon Forum.

After going up to the Forum, he searched for the dungeon he had found yesterday. The dungeon which was rank E. After finding it, he then selected it to know the route to its destination.

"It's the closest."

Ajin checked for a bus route that was going to that same direction which was from NW 1st Ave, then he waited at the bus station.

"Man, this app is very good.."

Ajin couldn't help but have a smile on his face.

In the past, only a few A-rank and S-rank hunters were lucky enough to own a smart phone, but now all hunters from B-rank up have one.

But Ajin who was only an F rank managed to get one.

"He he,It's all thanks to Mister Leon."

Then the bus arrived….

Ajin boarded the bus then paid only 4$ for the trip then since after having chosen a window seat at random, went to sit down then put on his own helmet and listened to music.


The bus then proceeded to the tutorial dungeon located across the street from NW 1ST Ave.

It took him about 30 minutes to get there. The area was very lively, you could see a lot of people in many types of armors who were there to participate in the dungeons which was pretty much the dungeon where Ajin was going.

And then the bus arrived…

Once he got out of the bus, Ajin saw a large blue gate in the middle of the street and the whole area locked down with people standing guard around the block, he could also see several hunters there.

"Hey, hey. You look like you're lonely, so why don't you join our party? We've gathered exactly 7 people here, so there's still some room left"

The man, who introduced himself as Pedro Wolf, was a D-rank hunter. He was a professional miner who traveled with 7 teammates to profit from the dungeons.

"Oh nah, don't worry. I can do it alone."

Ajin said with a half-joke and half-serious face.

The man was surprised by the words Ajin had just said.

"I don't know if you're serious or not, but you can't enter a dungeon alone." Pedro said with a gentle smile.

But Ajin thought that if he had eliminated all the monsters, he could probably level up faster. However, he couldn't do that, because he would have drawn too much attention to himself, and that Ajin didn't want right now.

Then Pedro ask...

"What is your rank?" »

"It's rank F."

"Join our party as a learning experience. We will guarantee your safety."

"Hmmm. Alright."

Ajin can of course take care of his own safety, but he only joined the group for experience.

"I'm going to have to level up quickly to be able to attack a dungeon in peace. »

After this brief conversation, Pedro directs Ajin to his teammates to get acquainted.




"Johnny, tell him about the dungeon."

Looking at him calmly, the young man named Johnny who was in the same raid as Pedro nodded and started talking.

"This, as many know, The dungeon we are about to enter is a public level E dungeon with monsters between levels F and D, this dungeon is also known as the Fortress of the unknown, and has inside this portal,practically a huge sewer, with unknown monsters the size of motorcycles living inside."

It was opened only three days ago and several hunters tried to conquer it but in the end they all failed but thanks to them there shouldn't be many monsters inside right now, but be very careful ,since the sense of smell of these monsters inside are very acute inside the sewer and will attack you by surprise, which means that they will detect you since your arrival.

After this explanation, the newcomer Ajin was able to get an idea of ​​the dungeon he was about to enter.

Afterwards, they wanted to decide who was going to lead the raid. And the D-rank man who addressed himself to Ajin raises his hand.

In the end, the D-rank man, the Pedro, was determined to be the leader of the group. When almost everything was decided, he looked at Ajin with a polite look and asked, “What do you think?

Ajin didn't have much to say. But seeing that they were waiting for his answer, Ajin nodded his head. Ajin answered smugly, He had already accepted Pedro as the leader.

After seeing his brief response, Pedro smiled.

So, after getting physically ready, Ajin, along with the hunters, headed to the front of the gate where a government agent was standing with a tablet in his hand.

“Let me see your identification." The guard told them.

Pedro approached the guard and showed him their hunter ID.

Ajin and the others also took out their hunter IDs as well and showed them to the guard.

Seeing their cards, Ajin had just realized that these hunters were mostly F and E ranks. The only exception was Pedro who was D rank.

According to Ajin, these guys only visited F-rank dungeons, but they decided to try an E-rank dungeon this time.

But Ajin didn't care about the reason. His goal today was to do his best to level himself up, for him to be fight powerful bosses in the future.

Besides Ajin, there was another person present who had his own reasons for participating in this raid.

His name was Takuya Wilkins, he was 24 years old and he became a Hunter only 4 months ago, He was a new hunter like Ajin but a D rank while Ajin was a F rank.

So he had joined Pedro's team for the experiences but it seemed that he had some other reason behind his head. He had stopped going to school, and he had seriously started his awakening activity. He had been going to F-rank dungeons for three months to get used to dungeons. It was his first time attempting a D-rank dungeon.

Money didn't seem to be his ultimate goal. His goal was to train for him to awaken his abilities. His dream was to join a team of Rangers to attempt an "undefeated dungeon". He wanted to join the Attack Squad.

This portal was in the middle of the road and the place was barricaded with huge walls and there were people looking at it, probably the scouts.

The feeling Ajin got while standing in front of this portal was different from the one he got from the instant dungeons portal, he didn't feel any stress or intimidation.

When the agent was done checking their map, With a nod, the hunter named Pedro said...

"Are you guys ready?" Pedro asked the hunters, patting the large shield attached to his hand.

Pedro then took a step forward towards the portal smiling and entered the portal, followed by the other hunters, Ajin and Takuya were the last to enter the dungeon.



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