While taking a hot shower, Ajin took some time to reflect on his life.

To really live, he would need a lot more money and would depend only on himself to find a way to make more money.

And to get stronger, he needed to enter powerful dungeons.

Money and getting stronger, he could benefit these two by only entering dungeons.

As he left the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist, he goes straight in his room.

Now that he was in the comfort of his home, Ajin wondered what this system could bring him in the future.

"Who knows? There may be a possibility for me to make money with this system." Ajin thought hopefully.

Still wrapped in the towel, Ajin sat down on the still slightly damp bed, but none of that mattered to him.

I have to make money first." He said again.

Ajin decided to take care of the urgent matters first.

He wasn't the same guy from a few days ago who couldn't even beat Billy and his assholes and made him shiver with fear.

He was now different.

How did hunters make money?

The best way was to kill monsters in dungeons.

Hunters rated S or A could get sponsorships, shoot commercials, make appearances on TV shows and the like to raise a lot of money, as much as some chaebol, but their numbers were extremely low.

Indeed, there were too few of them.

With the exception of those too few at the top, the majority of Hunters had to go to a dungeon to earn money.

The higher the rank...

The greater the experience….

Earnings would be determined by each individual's abilities.

For someone like Ajin, who was F rank Hunter, had never worked as a Hunter before with the Association, and had no dungeon experience, such a condition was incredibly difficult to overcome.

Ajin's expression changed into something ungainly.

“Regardless of the conditions, for now, if I could just get into a strike team, that would be awesome…”

Ajin opened the Hunter web app on his cell phone and he was looking for some dungeon to invade.

He reviewed the job postings on the Hunter website bulletin boards and called a few numbers, but all of them turned out to be a waste of time. No one wanted to work with an F rank Hunter.


Hunters seeking outside help through job postings were self-employed almost all the time, which meant they were responsible for preserving their own necks.

These people did not possess enough abilities to enter large guilds, but their ranks were too high to work for the Association.

They were all stuck between a rock and a hard place, but unable to go one way or the other.

"Even then, these hunters are still earning over $9,000 a month, as far as I can tell."

This was the case with “High Risk, High Reward”.

Since they risked their lives, the profit they made was just as important in the end. It is not for nothing that hunters have been the target of the envy of the general population.

From Ajin's perspective, he could only get impatient.

"Should I just take the rank change test and increase my rank right away?" »

Finally, Ajin shook his head.

He knew it was a stupid thing to do, no matter how much he thought about it.

[An E-ranked Hunter suddenly became a high-ranked Hunter!]

Whether it was A or B, or maybe even C, it didn't matter.

The "Re-Awakening" would always become a hot topic of conversation.

The masses loved nothing more than a good gossip, and hunters were just the right thing to chew on.

The old adage said that if there were five mouths, then there would be ten eyes. In other words, the more people talked about you, the more eyes would focus on you. His stats would continue to increase in the future, so it would only be a matter of time before his "special" constitution was discovered by others.

"A hunter who can raise his abilities higher?"

"He gets stronger over time?"

“Who is this hunter? »

"How can he do something like that?"

“What must we do to become like him?

Undoubtedly, many people would express their interest in him. After all, there had never been a Hunter like him before. And among those who would express interest would be those who would try to use it, or also reveal their hostile intentions towards it.

“If only one of them has incredible power, then…”

And let's not forget the "Scorpions". He will become their target if they find out that someone like him exists.

Just imagining it gave him chills.

He was far too weak as he was now. Until he possessed enough power to protect himself, he didn't want the world to know of his existence. In other words, taking the test to reassign ranks was out of the question.

‘But, I still need to make money here…’

However, that also didn't mean he could go out and find a part-time job. He didn't know when the Association would call him for a raid.

Raiding a dungeon would earn him both money and experience, so how could he miss this important opportunity just to grab a few bucks working in a street cleaner?

As he thought seriously about what to do, he noticed something about the web hunter that caught his attention.

- Emergency! Looking for a single Hunter, regardless of rank! Must come right away!

Ajin's eyes snapped open. This post appeared literally a second ago.

When he hastily checked the contents of the ad, it wasn't too far from home either.

Ajin quickly picked up the phone. The other party must also have been in a hurry as he grab the phone and made the call just after the first ring, they answered.

- "Hello?"

Ajin explained the reason for his call as precisely as possible and calmly waited for the response.

“Oh, are you F-rank? »

The response from the other side was better than expected.

- "It's okay. We just need someone to show up and fill the roster, that's all. However, it's an E rank gate, so it would be difficult for you to hunt there. So, we'll just split the profits between us and we'll just give you $1000 in cash. How about? Can you come tomorrow?”

1000$ for a day's work!

It was a lot of money just to be there to catch up on the numbers.

It was a rather tempting offer.

"For now, let's put out the urgent fires first."

An opportunity like this wouldn't come along every day, after all.

1000 $ was enough for him.

Ajin said yes to the offer.

"Thank you very much, I will be there by tomorrow morning."



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