Ajin was therefore discharged from the hospital. It was really not good to be the center of attention.

Not only he would feel uncomfortable being placed in the spotlight, but he also didn't want to tell others about this strange phenomenon, about him being able to level up.

Staying in this hospital and disappearing from time to time will attract too much attention.

Didn't a old quote saying something like, "scratching unnecessarily results in more flakes to clean, or something like that?"

He wanted to increase his stat points as quietly and silently as possible.

Fortunately, tests had shown him to be normal and healthy. This means he could leave at any time. No, wait a minute, it kinda felt like the hospital wanted him gone in the first place.

Since he had nothing more to do here.

So he figured it wouldn't be such a bad idea to leave this hospital now.



The first place he visited was the supermarket, located in the same neighborhood of his house.

Since the first priority was to have a good breakfast when he gets home.

When he arrives, he takes a sac of meat, rice, and several other things he needed.

Then, Ajin came out of the supermarket building and decided to go home.


Arriving home, Ajin looked at the house he had grown up in.

An old, decrepit apartment on the outskirts of town - Ajin's house was on the seventh floor of this building.

He found the key of his appartment and entered. It was dark inside. He immediately turned on the light then closed the door, then locked it.

Ajin looked at the large lawn that the once luxurious house had. According to his late mother, this house had been given to them as a wedding gift by his father's family, whom he never knew.

Upon entering the house, the feeling of loneliness hit him, as he looked at this place that was once beautiful and often joyful and now saw nothing alive around it, nothing but a absolute silence.

Ajin smiled softly and went to prepare his own food to then settle down to eat. However, there was something very important he wanted to do first.

“Status window”.


Name: Ajin Genku

Level: 18

Class: None

Title: The Wolf Slayer

HP: 2220

MP: 350


Strength: 74

Stamina: 56

Agility: 55

Intellect: 34

Perception: 41

Points available to distribute: 12 )


Passive Skills:

Bleeding Lv.1

Paralysis Lv.1

– (Unknown) Lv. Max

– Tenacity Lv. 1

Active Skills:

– Bloodlust Lv. 1

He thought yesterday was extremely long.

And thanks to this long day, he was now at the level 18.

His strength was approaching 80, and other stats had also increased significantly. He even figured out what the Agility and Perception stats were doing.

"On top of that, add to the fact that I've found some very useful daggers with good options and all that gold I don't know how to use yet, so..."

Even though he didn't take into account the "special" medicine he received, his conquest of the instant dungeon was a resounding success.

Ajin had kept hope that if he beat the dungeon boss he would receive another dungeon key, but unfortunately he hadn't gotten anything so far. It must have been quite a rare item if it was so difficult to obtain.

"Well, that’s it, but now…’

Not even knowing where to put his body, Ajin entered his room and sat down on the edge of his bed. There was a problem that he solved right away.



Strength: 74

Stamina: 56

Agility: 55

Intellect: 34

Perception: 41

(Points available to distribute: 12)

He had saved up the stat points earned when he killed the boss. However, he hadn't distributed these points so far.

The problem was….

“…Hmmm That's hard. »

Indeed, he found it quite difficult to make a decision.

He begins to think carefully about which attribute he should increase to increase his chances of surviving in dungeons.

The "strength" statistic.

It was a wonderful statistic, that's for sure. He hadn't regretted it once, investing all his points in it when he started this thing.


It was also a damn good stat. Against weak enemies, this did little to help, but as his opponents leveled up in the future, there was no doubt that he would rely more and more on this stat.

Well, "speed" was a relative thing, after all.

And then, Stamina and Perception.

It would be nice if his stamina was high, obviously. And this Perception also turned out to be very useful.

Finally, “Intelligence”.

… was the problem.

He hadn't been able to figure out the uses of that stat yet.

His level had increased a lot, but he didn't feel any smarter than before. His memories didn't seem to have improved, nor did his ability to calculate quickly.

“I think it must be related to magic…”

But that stat might be something he didn't really need right now. Which left strength, stamina, agility and perception.

"...Even then, it's really difficult."

Even though he now had one less stat to choose from, he was still in a dilemma here.

He didn't feel confident at all.

At least he understood that the synergy between "Strength" and "Agility" was very good. Even if he could deal great damage, it wouldn't make sense if he couldn't hit his target. On the other hand, even if he could hit accurately all the time, as long as he couldn't deal enough damage, it would also be a waste of time.

In this regard, one could say that strength and agility formed a “together”.

"Since my strength stat is so high, I would have to increase agility to match it."

If he decided to increase his agility stat, he had to delay the stamina increase instead. Well, the synergy between agility and stamina wasn't so great after all.

The fact was that when agility was increased, the chances of being hit by the enemy decreased. But on the other hand, Stamina was a stat that only showed its true value when the opponent actually managed to damage Ajin, he could withstand their attack.

“Of course, I need at least the bare minimum of stamina…”

But increasing both agility and stamina was a pretty inefficient method, at least from his perspective.

He ultimately focused on increasing the 3 main physical attributes, namely Strength, Agility and Endurance.

Then he decides on the order of priority.

The first was Agility, the second, Perception and finally, Stamina

His strength was high enough for him to put it off for the time being. And since he planned to increase his Agility, Perception took priority over Stamina.

After deciding so, Ajin spent 2 points in Strength. And he instantly felt his muscles squirm with some increase in muscle strength.



Strength: 76

Stamina: 56

Agility: 55

Intellect: 34

Perception: 41

(Points available to distribute: 10)

Well, he wanted to increase the strength per lap and even to 76 at the moment. That was how normal human beings behaved, right?

Then he spent 8 points in Agility.


Strength: 76

Stamina: 56

Agility: 63

Intellect: 34

Perception: 41

(Points available to distribute: 2)

The reason for this was also not so special.

He just wanted the last digit to be a "3".

Strength 76 and Agility 63.

Seeing them end the way he wanted, he suddenly felt quite pleased with himself for no reason.

‘And as for the last 2 points….’

Ajin then invested them in Perception.

With that, the distribution of points had ended.


Strength: 76

Stamina: 56

Agility: 63

Intellect: 34

Perception: 43

(Points available to distribute: 0)

His reflexes, reaction speed, and control over his body increased noticeably with an 8 stats increase in the agility attribute.

He tried punching in the air and he found he could punch much faster than his average punching speed and he also felt his body become lighter than usual.

He felt that his body had become more robust due to the increase in the Stamina attribute, and even his skin was tougher than before.

Due to the change in "Stamina", his "Stamina" has increased.

The only sticking point would be the fact that he couldn't quite get Perception to 50.

"Well, I'm out of points, so it can't be helped I guess."

Other than that, everything was fine. He thought it would be nice to increase stamina and agility by leveling up.

"So, I guess that's it."

No matter who you were, you would have a hard time feeling 100% satisfied with everything. As he had thought long and hard about his choices, he was more or less happy with it like that.

Then he took out his daggers.

[[Scorpion Dagger] (Grade B)]

- A heavily chipped but somehow sharp sword that was discarded due to time weariness.

[ Effect] :


[Bleeding status effect: target's stamina will be reduced by 2% per second.]


["Paralysis" status effect: The target will no longer be able to move. The success rate is fixed.]

[Weapon Mastery]

After going through these informations, he turned his attention to the "Weapon Mastery" section.

"Weapons Mastery?" He said with a confused look.

But the system responds quickly.

[You can use the weapon to train your moves with it.]

[Note: Training with a weapon that has been unlocked during a dungeon will allow you to unlock its skills!]

"Hmm…interesting indeed."

Now that he has a good understanding of the details, it's time for him to check out how weapon mastery works."

He held both daggers. He tried to practice the stances and movements of the daggers from the dagger training methods he received straight into his mind.By practicing the dagger training methods he felt like he already knew how to use the basic movements and stances. Yet his body lacked the muscle memory required to perform these exact movements.

It was much easier to practice knowing how to practice accurately, and he entered a state of concentration.

After 5 minutes of intense training, a clear plasma light appeared around the two daggers in his hand.

[Congratulations! You have unlocked level 1 [Incineration].]

[Lv.1 [Incinerate]: Damage dealt increases by 10% when used on enemies. Cost: 1 energy mama will be spent.]

He had unlocked a new skill.

Ajin was amazed. It gives him even more motivation to continue!

After another 5 minutes of practicing with Sword, a notification popped up congratulating me.

[Congratulations! The Scorpion's danger has been upgraded to level 2!]

[Lv.2 [Scorpion's daggers]: Attacks will be added by 12! .]

[Lv.1[Incinerate] will be upgraded to Lv.2!]

[Lv.2[Incinerate]: Damage dealt increases by 10% when used on enemies.]

His familiarity with Scorpion's daggers increased further and he felt like he had been training with his daggers for a month. Information about some advanced sword training methods popped into his mind.

Typically, acquiring a skill would take years of training and dedication. Yet, by assimilating into the System, he was able to learn at an extreme rate, and it was magical to learn so much in 10 minutes.

He absolutely became excited about the new perspective and he made it a priority to practice and increase his dagger mastery level to increase his survivability.

He even forgot the food he was going to eat; he didn't care about food for a while and he started practicing dagger training methods.

After a few minutes, he received another notification.

[Congratulations! [Incinerate] upgraded to Lv.3!]

[Lv.3[Incinerate]: Damage dealt increases by 20% when used on enemies.]

But Ajin didn't stop there and the intense practice continued for 13 hours with many brief breaks in between to recover his stamina. The result of his hard work appeared in the notification.

[Congratulations! Obtained level 7 [Scorpion's daggers] including level Max [Bleeding].]

After acquiring the Max level of [Bleeding], even though he was mentally tired, he persisted in training to get to the Max level of [Incineration].

He had become impatient to know what might happen when he reached Lv.Max [Incineration].

After another 30 minutes of training, he lay exhausted on the floor while staring with disappointment and then excitement at the notifications that had just appeared.

[Level 7 [Scorpion's daggers] will change to level 8 [Scorpion's daggers] ]

[Due to your hard work, you have earned 2 extra points.]

He gladly accepted it, and the moment he lay on the ground in complete exhaustion, what he needed most was Stamina.

[Stamina: 56 ➝ 58]

He felt his body become more robust and along with this his stamina also increased by 2 points.

With the Stamina recovered, he got up to finish his food and go take a bath.


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