This place was definitely like a game world. A game that will help him become stronger.


Then the only surviving Wolf, the one who stayed behind lowered his tail and had a terrified face as if he saw a monster even more terrifying than himself after seeing this scene and started staggering back.

"Oi, Oi, don't tell me you're scared of me eh?"

The completely stunned Ajin couldn't close his jaws which was wide open as the white wolf's legs shook like a leaf, before the wolf ran away at high speed towards where he had came from.


Ajin viciously smacked his lips, realizing that a small bundle of experience points had just slipped away from him.

"No worries, I'll definitely get him later."

This wolf was only at level 1, which is why he let the other two wolves who were at level 2 take the lead.

But seeing these two wolves who were level above himself, getting killed so quickly and easily, he may have thought that there is no way in hell he could kill Ajin.

Talk about being smart. It was surprising, especially coming from a monster.

Ajin kept walking and quickly scanned his surroundings, but he found no trace of the creature.

"It's not like he will be able to hide forever from me."

However, as soon as he turned around, the feelings of bitterness dissipated in an instant.

As the young hunter walked calmly.

He starts to hear noise.






"Look who it is, it's seems that you came with your friends huh?

The Wolf who had fled has returned with a band of his friends. A wonderfully bright smile bloomed on Ajin's face. Yeah, those were some hell of friends. At a glance, he could count about 40 wolves. It was possible for him to face 3-4 wolves but he could not face 40 wolves at the same time. If he is surrounded by them, he will inevitably be hurt or worse, get killed.

Not only that, they were almost all of a higher level than Ajin.

Some of them were weak, some the same level, some level 5, and some level 6 and 7.

"Hmmm, if I face them all while I'm at level 4, I'm going to get eaten alive."

Ajjin smirked. That's when Ajin's eyes widened slightly.

"Now that I think about it, I never used this, did I?"

A screen appears in front of his sight, young Ajin's eyes were directly at the word "Skill" then his eyes fell to the word "Fury".

[Fury: Will increase 10% player's strength ]

[Will increase 10% on player's stamina ]

Ajin let out an evil smile from his lips as he stared at the screen.

"Hehehe, let's use this then."

[The player has activated the Fury skill.]

[The player's strength will increase by 10 %]

[The player's stamina will increase by 10%]


Ajin's body now was overflowing with energy, his muscles began to grow and began to swell with veins, and his body for the first time was shrouded in a red aura.


As one of the wolves was about to jump himself on Ajin…..

"Hey, Hey, wait there…. I'm not finished yet."

[The player has activated the Fury skill.]

[The player's strength will increase by 10 %]

[His stamina will increase by 10 %.]


[The player has activated the Fury skill.]

[His strength will once by 10%]

[His stamina will be added by 10%]

He activated the "Fury" skill more than two times.

"Hehehe, I think that must be enough… Now..."

Ajin turns his murderous eyes towards the wolves.

"The one who wants to die first, let him take a step forward!!"

It was definitely a line to express his joy. A joy for which after seeing several higher level enemies appeared in front of him.

When the icy gaze of a man obsessed with leveling up and gaining experience landed on the Wolves, they became intimidated and slightly trembled.

Ajin gripped the sword tightly, trusting his power of Fury, and that's when Ajin lunged at them mercilessly, as he lifted his sword upwards.

Boo-oong, puk! Boo-oong, Pul!

[You have leveled up!]

[You received 5 additional stat points]

[All of your stats will add up to 2 points.]

His movements were already beyond the limits of a human. Every time he swung his sword, a white wolf died.

[You have leveled upl!]

[You received 5 additional stat points]

[All of your stats will add up to 2 points.]

As he expected, his levels rose quite quickly.

By simply searching through every nook and cranny of the and killing all the white wolves he could find, Ajin's level quickly rose to 10.


When he caught up with the very last wolf who was still desperately trying to run away from him….

"Hell no, it won't work twice."

He killed him by separating the wolf's head from his body and then a message appeared in his sight.

[You have leveled upl!]

[You received 2 extra stat points]

[All of your stats will add up to 2 points.]

The few dozen wolves filling the room were defeated in moments.

The reddish aura that had enveloped Ajin's entire body had disappeared since he had just deactivated the "Fury" mode.

"Oof." He let a sigh escape his mouth.

Although the effect was a bit limited but the fact that activating the skill "Fury" 3 times allowed his strength and stamina to increase by 30%, wasn't so bad after all. This skill was actually very useful.


He had just received another message.

Then he lifted his head.

[Congratulations! You received "Returning Stone" . Do you want to use it?"

And in his hand, a single crystal back clasp firmly.

"Do I continue or do I back off…?" »

In the past, he had already given up on a dream, the dream of becoming a hunter. When he had decided to give up everything, even his life. The"Primordial " had come to his aid and given him the chance to fulfill the dream he once had.

Abandoned here will be a big disappointment not only to the "Primordial" but to his dream of becoming a hunter.

He also felt that if he turned to leave now, he would never be able to take another step forward in his life.

Ajin put the crystal back in his inventory then he looked around the whole room which had turned into a field of white wolf corpses then he continued on his way.

As he swept away all the monsters in his path, during so, he discovered some new monsters.

Demon cats, goblins, and demon dogs.

Since he had appeared here he had only encountered white wolves but now it was different. It was as if he had entered a second stage of a dungeon like in a video game. If he happened to be in a second stage, the system would have already mentioned it, right?

Even though these monsters were new, they were only at level 1. Ajin who had already reached an even higher level, could annihilate them more easily, so easily that they were not powerful enough to provide experience to Ajin.

As he continued to advance, he began to encounter monsters superior and equal to his level.

Ajin slightly escaped the claws of the demon dog and cat type monster who leapt towards his direction and then swung his sword, ripping there heads off in the process.


The monster bird tries to attack him but he quickly suffers the same fate as the demon dogs and demon cats.

Then letters start to appear on his sight.

[You killed a 'Demon Dog'.]

[You have reached the next level!]

[You received 2 extra stat points]

[All of your stats will add up to 2 points.]

[You killed a 'Cat demon'.]

[You have reached the next Level!]

[You received 2 extra stat points]

[All of your stats will add up to 2 points.]

[You killed a 'demon bird'.]

[You have reached the next Level!]

[You received 2 extra stat points]

[All of your stats will add up to 2 points.]

Ajin kept killing monsters until his level no longer increased.


Name: Ajin Genku


Level 15


Class: None


Title: None


CV: 505


PM: 30


Fatigue: 0



Strength: 50


Stamina: 42


Agility: 42


Intellect: 27


Insight: 27


(Points available to distribute: 30)

With his level 15, his stats had increased a lot. His Agility was now almost at 50. He finally felt the difference between Agility and Strength Stat when the former reached the value of 11.

Agility not only increased his speed, but it also allowed Ajin to clearly see the attacks launched by his enemies, it was as if their movement had become much slower.

The scenes where the demon dogs and demon cats jump towards him took place in slow motion.

The goblins that ran towards him with their weapons drawn, Ajin could kill them before they even approached closer.

It has become easier to evade enemy attacks, and it has also become easier to hit them.

The higher his stats, the greater the difference between him and his enemies would become; from the monsters' perspective, it would appear to move at an incredibly fast speed.

Along the way, Ajin was getting used to this place. The fear he felt at first was gone. The doubts he had about himself were now replaced by self-confidence and excitement in defeating monsters.

[You've leveled up!]

[You received 2 extra stat points]

[All of your stats will add up to 2 points.]

[You've leveled up!]

[You received 2 extra stat points]

[All of your stats will add up to 2 points.]



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