And that's when Ajin finds himself in a strange place and then the key that was in his hand was gone as soon as he appeared here.


Then suddenly, a bright light appeared in front of his nimble eyes.

It was a screen made of pure bright light. There was only one sentence.

[Your goal right now is to survive and get stronger. Eliminate all monsters and the boss to level up!]


Once Ajin read the sentence, the light screen disappeared in an instant,

Defeat the monsters and the boss.

Ajin had caught that in his head.


Meanwhile, Ajin had just discovered that there were 2 differences between this dungeon he was standing inside right now and the usual dungeons.


The first was that the usual dungeons always had portals that allow hunters to enter, but for Ajin it was different, it seems that he didn't need a portal to enter a dungeon like yours, he could instantly be inside thanks to a key, maybe it was because it was a dungeon where only he had access, the second is that he couldn't get out until the quest was completed. completed but for regular dungeons, hunters could exit if they quit since the portal would still be open.


Ajin lets a small sigh come out of his mouth. He therefore decided to explore his immediate surroundings to get an idea of ​​what was in the area.


He points his eyes forward, carefully scanning the area. All he could see was some sort of subway that looked completely destroyed.


Broken windows and fire everywhere on the ground and on the subways. Worn out stores and in disarray. Ruined houses with no humans to report, lights keep flashing as if their lives are coming to an end. Ajin had a perfect description for this place, it was spooky.It was as if there was a war here.

Ajin took out of his inventory the longsword he had won during his tutorial.




{Player is in possession of the steel sword}


{Attack +15}


Seriously speaking, Ajin was scared, even though it was the second time he would face monsters, real monsters who will try to kill him. Just thinking about that made cold sweats appear on his face. He wasn't sure how prepared he was, so he felt a sense of uncertainty. But too bad he couldn't get out of that dungeon anymore, he couldn't backtrack. Ajin had no choice but to move on.


Ajin swallowed his saliva as he took a step forward, he held his breath and once again inspected his surroundings, but he couldn't feel anything yet. As he continued to walk, his body kept shaking because of the absolute silence there was in this place. The more he advances, the more he begins to be more and more afraid.


Professor Leon had always told him that if by chance he finds himself in a dungeon which is extremely quiet, he must always be on his guard especially if the place is dark because the monsters will probably be hidden and attack him by surprise. These types of monsters are known to be weak but beware. When they attack, they will attack you by surprise especially in groups.


Ajin continued to advance cautiously until, oddly, he stopped. His body could feel a strange sensation, a dangerous aura, a general aura of unease coming in the dark. He could feel the gaze of someone or something.


He could also smell an odor. A seriously rotten smell of animal carcass with flies buzzing around was coming from somewhere. Ajin couldn't smell where that awful smell was coming from but there was only one thing he could say was that that smell didn't belong to a human. It had to be a monster, a hidden monster waiting for the right moment to attack its prey.


"Why don't you get out and face me? I must tell you that I am really impatient”


Following these words, a thing suddenly comes out of the black and this thing as soon as it landed on the ground, jumped quickly towards Ajin's exposed neck but...


Ajin had planned that this thing would surely attack him from behind, and the instinct he had had warned him of the exact moment. Then immediately, Ajin swung his sword amateurishly towards the direction of the thing.




Needless to say, for an amateur, the shot had been executed perfectly.


Not even having time to let out a cry of pain, the monster's head was separated from its neck, flying up into the air and then falling to the ground along with its body, rolling in a heap.


The monster had a strange appearance. It looked like a dog, not a wolf, but it had big ears like a rabbit.

Sure enough, when Ajin continued to observe the monster's lifeless body, he could see the monster's name written above his head.


[White Wolf (Level 1)]


Then he heard the familiar mechanical beep again.




[You killed a White Wolf.]


[You level up!!]


[You received 3 extra points]


[All of your stats will add 2 points!]


“My level has increased? »


To make sure he hadn't misread what the system had just written, Ajin hastily accessed his status window.

Name: Ajin Genku


Level 2


Class: None


Title: None


CV: 205


PM: 22


Fatigue: 0




Strength: 26

Stamina: 19




Intellect: 13




(Points available to distribute: 3) [Skills]


Passive Skills:

– (Unknown) Lv. Max


– Tenacity Lv. 1

Active Skills:

- Dash Lvl. 1

His level has really increased.


And when a level went up, two points were added to all its statistics.

Not only that, he could earn extra points.


It turned out that it wasn't just quest rewards that could impact bonus points. It was also possible to receive points by leveling up by really killing the monsters.


"To think, I can really level up!" »


He only carried a vague expectation, but it actually came true. His heart began to beat faster and faster.


"Besides that, I get more extra points for leveling up."

And more importantly, Ajin was only a level 3. It was no exaggeration to say that he was right at the bottom of the pile. However, he was also not what one would call a normal low level player. Since his Strength stat was already over 25.

If the strength stat increased by one point each time a level increased, Ajin's strength stat value might be equivalent to 15 or even 20 but Ajin's stat had already surpassed 20 when he was at level 2.

And we must not forget that the real strength value of a level 1 in a video game was 10.

At that moment, something pops up in Ajin's head.

"What if a Lvl 1 person with strength exceeding Lv 25 hunts in a Lv.1 Area?"

Ajin smiled viciously.

The answer was clear, not only will the clashes against monsters of the same level be easy, and he will level up very quickly.


After concluding this, Ajin threw his body forward but before he left.


A threatening noise was heard.

Coming back surprised, Ajin turned around.

"Huh? there was another one?"

Next to the dead wolf that Ajin had just shot was another grotesquely large white wolf that opened its eyes and stared at Ajin with a menacing gaze.

It seemed that he was upset because of his comrade's death.

An image quickly appears in front of the young man.

[Level 2 White dog]

"Level 2?" Ajin exclaimed

"I only managed to kill a single level 1 monster. How come I can already face a level 2 monster? Is it because I exceeded level 2?"

As Ajin was already deep in thought, the dog growled and charged forward, opening its mouth wide and then biting Ajin's arm before the latter could even do anything.


It hurt like hell.

He swung his arm to retaliate, he successively struck the head of the monster who took two steps back and hunched.


As Ajin struggled a bit to get up, he turned his gaze to where he was bitten but surprisingly the injuries he sustained weren't that bad.

Maybe it was because of the "stamina" in the stats that helped him. Ajin had just confirmed that the stats were even more important than he thought.

The dog again rushed towards an excited Ajin.


Maybe he realized it wasn't fun, and this time he started pounding the ground with his two front paws.

Slap! Slap! Smash!

Ajin also roared and fought back.

“Ahhhhh! »

A fight to the death ensues between them.

A wolf with teeth and claws, and Ajin, who knew nothing about martial arts, wielded his long sword like an amateur.


After being beaten, chopped and stabbed, the White Wolf died.

Then a guideline floated in the air.

[You killed a Lv 2 White Wolf]

"I-I won…" he muttered as he struggled to catch his breath.

Body swollen and torn, Ajin exhaled a hoarse breath.

Then got up and continued on his way. He found determination.

On his way, lvl 1 and 2 white wolves pounced on Ajin, but the little young man had become powerful enough to easily defeat them all. They weren't strong enough to make Ajin level up.

About ten minutes later, Ajin suddenly stopped moving and stood there as still as a statue.

Squinting, he could see a single, small green figure sitting a few dozen yards from his location.

'Another white wolf?…' Ajin swallowed nervously.

But this one was different, it looked even bigger.

Then an image suddenly appears in front of him.

[White Wolf (Lv. 4)]

Ajin could tell that this white wolf was even stronger than the other white wolves he had just met. Besides, this wolf was at level 4. If he kills this wolf, he could go to level 4 or even level 5.

Ajin closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

Once he opened them again, a murderous and vicious glint appeared in his eyes.

Ajin gripped the sword that was in his hand tightly.

With that in mind, Ajin started approaching the white Wolf while trying to stay unnoticed.

However, Ajin was too focused on the white wolf and didn't notice the empty bottles that were on the ground, accidentally stepping on them when he was only a few feet away from the wolf.


A sharp noise sounded, alerting the white wolf.

Shit!!' Ajin cried internally.

When he heard the noise, the white wolf quickly turned his head to look at Ajin menacingly revealing his twin fangs.

However, instead of turning around and running away, Ajin stepped forward and continued to approach the White Wolf, even going so far as to run at him.

Seeing this, the white wolf will run towards its prey, It used its large hind legs, which made up half of its body, to charge while jumping. It was the wolf's speciality and it's only method of attack.

Ajin didn't care about that kind of information and kept running over it in a seemingly reckless manner.


As soon as he dodged the wolf's claw attack, he suddenly moved his arm, and with a precise movement, swung his long sword.

“Ggoo-rook. "

The blow of the sword had precisely torn off the head of the white dog. He had timed it perfectly as he used exquisite thrust to execute a counter.

[You've leveled up!"]

[You are now at Lv.4]

[You received 5 additional stat points]

[All of your stats will add up to 2 points.]

[You have leveled up!]

[You are now at Lv 5.]

[You received 5 additional stat points]

[All of your stats will add up to 2 points.]

A wide smile appeared on Ajin's face.


As Ajin went to distribute his points in his stats, he felt three presence coming quickly towards his direction, maybe it was other white wolves who had smelled the blood of their dead comrade.

He quickly went to hide behind a pillar. He thought it would be great if a nearby monster came here after smelling blood. They will diminish the task that he will seek out for them, instead they will come to him.

Then obviously….

“Krrrr? »

Three white wolves showed up and two of them started circling around the corpse of their dead comrade


They were wolves, although their sense of smell was obviously developing. They used their sense of smell to locate the scent of blood.

When one of the familiar monsters showed up, Ajin didn't feel much threat from it, maybe it was because of his experience and higher level but he couldn't let his guard down. He should go for the hit when he gets the chance to kill them.

It was the basic and essential rule that had to be taken into account in order to survive against monsters.

So after analyzing the levels of these wolves. Ajin didn't hesitate, He ran forward to eliminate them.

“Krrrr! »

Spotting whoever was responsible for their comrade's death, two white wolves simultaneously ran towards him, and they jumped towards their target.

Ajin clutching his sword tightly then he made a swing as if he was holding a baseball.

Slash ! Youh!

The two white wolves that jumped towards him were cut in half simultaneously.

Then messages appeared before his eyes.

[You have eliminated a Lv 2 White Wolf!]

[You have eliminated a Lv 2 White Wolf]



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