Just as agreed, tomorrow morning, Ajin's eyes open wide.


He rose slowly from his bed, snapping his neck from side to side. He performed a light workout stretching his muscles, slamming his rights.


After executing his little moves, Ajin gets on the side of his bed and slowly starts performing his push-ups.


" One. Two. »


After performing his first two push-ups, Ajin paused halfway and looked up slightly to see if by any chance the number of push-ups performed would have appeared instead of "0" in his workout list.




A painting floating in the air appears in front of him, confirming what he wanted to have.


[Training Table]


[Push-up: 2/100]


[Squats: 0/100]


[Abs: 0/100]


[10KM run: 0/10]


Seeing her answer, Ajin starts pumping again. Each time he performed a push-up, the numbers kept rapidly climbing upwards.


“Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten. »


Ajin had no intention of staying in this hospital forever, he had an important mission to accomplish. And for him to do that, he has to get stronger quickly.


The Scorpions, a powerful evil group dominating the entire world currently, Ajin now wanted to get rid of them.


But before that, he wanted to kill the two guys who attacked the school building where he was. Ajin wanted to go looking for them right now but he couldn't. Thinking back to his confrontation against them, he realizes that it was already a miracle that he was still alive, one of them even managed to beat Mr. Leon easily. Seeking to face these monsters was suicide.


As Ajin was continuing his exercises, he started feeling pain in his forearm but Ajin did not stop the exercise. He had many more to do.


After performing his push-ups. He gets into position to execute his squats.




After about 2 hours later.


[Push up: Complete(100/100)]


[Press-up: Complete (100/100)]

[Sit-up : Complete(100/100)]

[ Squat: Complete (100/100)]

[10km run: 0/10]

Ajin comes out of his room to get out of the hospital. He starts to run 10 Km around the hospital. After he finished, he stopped, arched his back a bit, then put his hands on his knees. He begins to gasp, his heart starting to beat fast and heavy as if ready to explode.


“They always say that when you do something for the first time, it will always be hard. »


His breath smelled of something sweet and bitter. His face and back were drenched in sweat.

"Pant…. Pant…."

As Ajin tried to regulate his heavy and ragged breathing as thick drops of sweat continuously flowed.


After doing everything the system recommended.




An image appears directly in front of him.




{You have completed your entire mission}


{Push-up: 100/100}


{Sit-up: 100/100}


{Squats: 100/100}


{10K run: 10/10K}


{You can receive the following rewards. }


{Number 1:Recover to Player's current physical condition.}


{ Number 2: Five extra stat points. }


Ajin being tired, couldn't even read the rewards properly. What he wanted was to lie down. But he changed his mind when he noticed the first reward, {Player Fitness Recovery. }


This reward might be useful. This was the kind of reward he wanted right now. He needed it urgently, his body barely had the courage to stand. If he doesn't take this reward quickly, his body will probably collapse in seconds.


Ajin opens his mouth quickly.


" Confirm. "


The moment he repeats this, a gold light appears around his body. The sweat that was on his face is starting to fade slightly. His dazed breathing begins to return to normal.


“Wow! »


Ajin was obviously surprised, his body which was shaking with fatigue was becoming normal and bursting with energy.


After confirming his physical condition, Ajin pronounces the word "Stat" and this same statics appear in front of him.


[Strength: 11]


[Stamina: 11]




[Intelligence: 11]


[Points received to distribute: 5 ]


Ajin had the knowledge to know that these kinds of points could be used to distribute the received points to increase any of his stats.


Ajin could understand the meaning of "Agility, "Stamina" and "Strength". It was his kind of stats that were most important for surviving in a game.


Ajin thought that "Intelligence" was not important especially for an amateur who for the first time entered a dungeon.


What Ajin wanted was strength to beat his enemies quickly, stamina to withstand the blow received. Agility to avoid attacks.


But among these three, Ajin would choose strength then agility. He wanted to defeat his enemies quickly.


Ajin could know that changes were going to happen if he added points in his stats.


After making his guess, Ajin decides to add his points to the stats he had been aiming for.


“Add 2 points in “Strength” then 2 points in “Agility” and 1 point in “Endurance." "


Not even being waited 3 seconds.






[Strength: 13]


[Stamina: 12]




Strength value in Ajin stats changed from 11 to 13, same for agility changed from 11 to 13, endurance changed from 11 to 12.


To confirm if his strength had really increased, He looked around for something heavy to lift. After a few seconds of searching, he found a large boulder that seemed impossible for a normal human to lift.


Ajin puts his forearms around the rock and decides to lift it gently, he was easily able to.


His physical strength had really increased.


" Hmm.."


Ajin felt delighted.


By learning that he could really become stronger by doing what the system demands. Ajin couldn't but express a face full of excitement with a smile.


"What if I do this training again?" »



For a week, Ajin continued with his training every morning he woke up, his body continued to get more and more muscular, his stamina level continued to increase as well. It was really different when he first started training.




As he continued to run, an image appeared in front of Ajin, causing him to stop.




"The player had received Rewards"


“The following rewards are available. »


{Number 1:Recovering to the Player's current physical condition.}


Number 2: seven additional stat points. »


{Number 3: ? (Bonus)}


Ajin smiled happily seeing the word "Reward". He had skipped the "Full Body Recovery" reward since he was in good condition. The reward he wanted the most was "Additional Stat Points." for his stats. During this week, he had received 3 rewards, it was when he started his training for the first time then the day of tomorrow, the third was the one he had just received. Maybe it was because his body was slowly getting used to the training.


After seeing the rewards the system had to offer, Ajin decides to head to his room.


As he walked down the hall, nurses coming from the opposite direction spotted Ajin as they began whispering to each other. They tried to speak quietly so Ajin wouldn't hear them, but Ajin didn't even notice them, his mind was completely elsewhere. Ajin simply walks past them then quietly enters his room.


He closed the door and quickly opened his stats excitedly.




Name: Ajin Genku


Level: 2


Race: Human


Strength: 20


Stamina: 15


Agility: 15


Stamina: 10


{Points available: 8}


Passive Skills:

– (Unknown) Lv. Max


– Tenacity Lv. 1(new skill!)

Active Skills:

- Dash Lvl. 1(new skill!)

Now what he was paying attention to was the "Skills" column.

A passive skill called "Tenacity" and an active skill called "Dash".

For some reason, he felt rather familiar with them.

"Ah. I remember now. Yesterday…."

He remembered hearing these words while he was doing these 10km..

It probably happened after three hours of constantly running for his dear life. He was suddenly greeted with a few new messages.

[‘Skill: Dash Lv. 1’ has been learned.]

['Skill: Tenacity Lv. 1’ has been learned.]

Back then, he was far too busy running to think about what they might mean, but that was a different story now. Ajin confirmed the explanations available for the skills.

[Skill: Dash Lv. 1]

Active skill.

Mana required to activate: 5

[ Running is all about strengthening your legs. When this skill is activated, your movement speed will increase by 35%. When activated, 1 mana will be spent every minute.]

[Skill: Tenacity Lv. 1]

Passive skill.

[ Mana required to activate: None.]

[ You have tireless tenacity. When your stamina drops below 30%, this skill automatically activates and reduces all damage taken by 60%.]

"Did I learn 'Dash' and 'Tenacity' because I stubbornly ran like there was no tomorrow?"

That seemed to be about right.

In other words, if he kept repeating a certain action over and over again and fulfilled the requirements, he would be able to learn new skills.

"Holy cow!"

Wasn't that an incredible advantage?

The thing is, the skills used by individual hunters were gained when they went through the awakening process, or learned through the items called "runestones" that very rarely dropped from monsters rated A and above.

Naturally, the prices for these Runestones would start from the low of several hundred million dollars to tens of billions of dollars at the high.

At the last auction, the most expensive rune stone was sold for around 10 billion dollars

Apparently, this runestone contained a skill that could bring many injured people back to their original conditions at one time, and it was retrieved by an anonymous SS rank healer overseas who had apparently drained all of his savings.

Ajin's heart started beating faster.

A skill that increased his movement speed, as well as another that decreased the amount of damage received.

Sure, they weren't as good as those skills that sold for millions and billions of dollars, but they were still amazing to him regardless. And he was also able to learn them for free!

Its overall magic energy value was too low, so it would be difficult to use them properly, but still, it was better than not knowing them, right?

'Also, the Tenacity skill doesn't even need Mana to activate, too…..'

It seemed that this Mana thing was his magical energy. If so, then even if he didn't have a lot of magic energy, he could use the Tenacity skill freely. That alone was a huge gain.

"By the way...what could this 'unknown' thing be?"


Passive Skills:

– (Unknown) Lv. Max

The "Unknown" that took up an entire slot in the passive skill column.

Since it was located in the passive column, that meant it automatically activated, but there was no explanation or information about it.

"Not even a single clue, huh."

The amount of information he could learn was just too limited. Even if he blew his brain trying to figure it out, he knew there would be no answers. Then, Ajin turned his gaze elsewhere.

‘Stat points, do…?’

8 extra stat points he got as a reward were left there, to be given out.


It was now time for him to use the points he had just received.


“Add 4 points in strength, 2 in endurance then 2 in agility. »


Then the stats that Ajin had mentioned quickly change numbers.


Strength: 20 to 24


Stamina: 15 to 17


Agility: 15 to 17.


In the end, Ajin had used all the points received in Strength, Endurance, then Agility. He could sense a slight change. He wanted to test himself against a monster now, he wanted to see what fruit his training would bring against a monster, but he could never do that if he stayed hidden here. He now wanted out of this hospital more than anyone.


As Ajin was going to lean on his bed, a thought suddenly came into his head.


“Oh! »


He had forgotten something, if he remembers correctly, there was a third reward that he had not yet opened, this reward had a question mark.


Ajin crosses the screen to the reward board and indeed discovers what he had just been looking for. "Open" he said.


When saying this word, the question mark that was next to the word reward slowly disappears and reveals two things.


{Congratulations, you got "Sword" level 1 (Attack +5)"


A smile formed on Ajin's face. It was a basic sword, a longsword that had just appeared on the floating screen. In a video game, these kinds of weapons were always given when a person started in a game, Ajin was no exception.


Weak weapon or not it was acceptable, at least there will be a weapon to defend oneself in case there is danger.


Then he turns his eyes to the second reward which was a bit strange. The object was shaped like a key, which increased Ajin's curiosity to know what this object is.


The system will not be long in responding to him, the information of this mysterious object was floating in the air.


{Subject: Dungeon Key}


{Rank: D}


Can be used to transfer the player to a dungeon. Do you want to use it?


Ajin's eyes opened wide.


“What?! wait hold on the fuck up, isn’t this some kind of a “déjà-vu”?


Indeed, Ajin had surely read a book that was somewhat similar to this one, where the protagonist could enter dungeons or only he could enter them.


Ajin nervously swallowed his saliva. He had never entered a dungeon before, he did not have the feeling of being in a dungeon yet.


Although he had been sent a [Dungeon Test]


But in this one, he will see monsters that will really try to eat him alive. The worst part is that if he uses this key to enter, which means he will come back on his own and have to complete it on his own. Just thinking about that gave him a headache. His face had become horrifying




[ The destiny of the universe is at your hands ]


Thinking back to Raijin's last sentence, Ajin's face sharpens considerably. Confidence had come to him.


" I can do it. Yes I accept. »


Following his response, a white light begins to envelop Ajin's body. The light had enveloped his feet, then towards his legs and his belt until reaching his neck and then his head. As the light engulfed her, the entire chamber was illuminated.


After a few seconds, Ajin disappears with the light, leaving the room empty.


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