After speaking with The King of Humans and the hologram disappearing. A screen appeared in front of Ajin's eyes.


It was a page that displayed information about himself.


[Player:Ajin Genku]


[Race: Human]


[Level 2]


[Strength: 11]














[Additional stat points to distribute: 0]


A smile appears on Ajin's mouth.


"I really can't believe it. »


It was like a video game he played when he was younger. These kinds of games were the only ones that could remove the boredom he had, that could help him forget the sufferings he was experiencing since he had no friends at the beginning and those around him, treated him like a dog.


On the screen he could see that he was level 2, and all of his stats were extremely low, well that was acceptable since he was a beginner.

If he thought about the current reality of what he looked like, where he was ranked as the weakest even among the students, then there was nothing surprising about that.


On the other hand, when he saw the word [Skills], he decided to skip it since he had nothing new to see in the statistics.


The screen switches to the skill page.


" Hmm "


[Skill: Locked]


[Skill: Locked]


[Skill: Locked]


Ajin didn't find anything. All of his skills were locked, but of course a beginner couldn't have skill. Ajin knew it very well, but when he wanted to test it. He could unlock skills by beating bosses and by leveling up. It was the only way. Ajin knew that too.


Anyway, it was good news for now but the system still didn't tell him how to get stronger, this system only showed him his l stats and locked skills.


And that's when Ajin remembered the system telling him he had unread messages when he was with Hunter Jack.


Ajin therefore pronounces.


“Open the message box. »


Speaking its words, the skill page quickly changes to the messages page.


[You have unread messages]


Ajin smiled.


Ajin opens the first message and these words appeared.


[Congratulations on becoming the host of the King of Humans. ]


[The system will help the "host" become stronger. ]


[Quest for the beginner: preparations to become more powerful.]


Ajin's eyes widened brightly.


“Hehehe, this is what I wanted to see.”


Ajin with his finger starts scrolling down the screen to see more messages. And that's when he saw these preparations.


[100 push-ups: 0/100]


[100 sit-ups: 0/100]


[100 squats: 0/100]


[10km run: 0/10km]


Ajin lets a stunned smirk come out of his lips seeing these messages.


“Oi, oi, you want me to become Saitama or what?, how could I do 100 push-ups, 100 sit-up squats and 10 km runs? I couldn't even do 5 push-ups in the past. »


After saying that, Ajin lowered his eyes to his muscular body.


"No, if it was the past me, I couldn't, but what about the present me?"


His current body could probably do it, Ajin wanted to test that but his body was so weak from the school incident that he didn't even have enough strength to get off the bed.


Anyway, if his exercises help him get stronger, he starts doing them tomorrow morning. He had found what he wanted.


“There was a second message, right? »


Ajin opens the second message. Opening it, he was greeted with new messages.

"Huh? I thought I didn't receive any skill but I did?"


[Congratulations, you have acquired the skills [Bloodlust: Lvl 2] and [Fury: Lv.1]


Again he became happy.


“Seems like today is a good day for me."


Indeed, he received the two things he coincidentally wanted today. His quests to become stronger and new skills.


But how did he acquire skills when he hadn't fought a dungeon boss yet and he was still only a level 2.


Ajin couldn't find an explanation for that. So Ajin started reading the explanations given for his skills there.


[Skill: Bloodlust Lv.2]


[Mana required to activate: 4]


[While this skill is active, your opponents will be thrown into horrific fear. The effects of his attacks and their physical resistances will be reduced by 30%.]


[ Skill: Fury Lv.1]


[Mana required to activate: 10]


[When this skill is activated, the user's attack power and stamina will increase by 10%. When activated, 1 mana will be spent every minute.]


“Oh now, I understand. »


Ajin now understood how he got them. First he saw that Bloodlust was in Level 2, which means he acquired this skill before, probably in the dungeon test but Ajin couldn't fully remember as he didn't pay attention to his stats before. When he was fighting guys like Billy, and Kim. He always intended to kill and fought them with rage. Maybe it was how he acquired the skills [Bloodlust: Lv2] and [Fury: Lv1].


It was right.


Ajin lets out a small breath. Ajin became happy, so much that his heart started racing like crazy.


Now his chest ached.


Ajin really couldn't believe it, the weak he was now could become stronger? He might even upgrade to A or S rank in the future. It was too good to be true.


But if he can really get stronger, his life will change completely.


For him, this system was an opportunity.


After checking everything the system had to tell him, he therefore decided to close it without regret, and leaned his back on the bed.


Ajin had come to the conclusion that the system was going to help him by giving him quests to complete, and by completing his quests there, he would eventually become more powerful and gain more superpowers. And by becoming more powerful, he will be able to protect the world against the "Scorpions".


Ajin yawned for a long time. He was now sleepy, his body was too tired, and learning even more news today, his body was even more so.


His eyelids began to close slowly and for a few seconds he fell into a deep sleep.


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