The next day, Ajin slowly opened his eyes, his body seemed to be extremely weak for some reason.


“But where am I? »


It looked like he was lying on a bed, Ajin gently raised his head looking carefully around him. He was in an unknown building.


“It seems that we have met again Mr. Ajin. »


“Huh? Ajin turns his head quickly to the position the voice was coming from, that one voice he had heard somewhere before.


A man dressed in a big white shirt and had the same color hair enters the room. But of course, it was the doctor who had treated Ajin when the latter was a victim of a explosion while working.


And yes, they met again but this time it was no longer because of an accident. No, it was due to an attack by an unknown force.


"How are you Mr. Ajin?" »


"My body is extremely weak right now but all that matters is that I'm still in one piece. »


He said with a smile. While he was thinking about it, it was the first time he gave a friendly smile to someone, since he received his power.


Maybe it was because he wasn't in his right mind and wanted to get rid of these motherf*ckers at school.


His heart was happy. He had done the thing he had wanted to do for a long time.


The doctor answered with a smile too.


“Ah, there are a few people who wanted to talk to you Mr. Ajin. You can come in. »


The door opened, and three men each wearing black suits entered the room. Ajim had never seen those faces before.


"Hello Mr. Ajin, how are you?" The Middle one asked him nicely.


Ajin was frozen, silent and surprised at their appearance.


The reason was because of the powerful pressure these guys emanated. The energy of Mister Leon and William was nothing compared to this guy there. That of the one who had just addressed him had a tone that even seemed to exceed that of the director. It was amazing.


The man approached Ajin, passing his ID card along to him.


“My name is Jack and I am one of the members of the hunter association. »


Jack pulled a chair closer and sat down, the two men with him now standing behind him.


“The hunter association? »


Why would the Hunter Association approach him? Is it because of his fight against Kim? Did the manager tell them about him or something like that?


Ajin hoped that was the case because if he could become a hunter, he could become stronger by completing dungeons.


While Ajin was deep in thought. Jack continues with his sentence.


“We came here to ask you about an incident that happened in your class. »


" An incident ? Ah!" Ajin quickly knew what he wanted to talk about.


“What do you want to know about it? "


Jack pulls out 2 photos from his suit pockets then gives them to Ajin.


“Do you know these 2 guys? »


Looking at the photos, Ajin frowned as quickly he remembered them.


“Yes, they are the ones who attacked the school. Wait who are they?"


Hearing this answer and the question. Jack and one of his men exchanged looks before Jack could respond.


"They are from a secret organization called 'Scorpio'"


" What ? "Scorpio"? What is "Scorpio"?"


Ajin really wanted to know, since it was those bastards who suddenly attacked him and tried to kill him.


"It's an organization that seeks to rule the world, the members of this organization have the ability of monsters after undergoing experimentation at the hands of a person called 'the doctor' it seems that most of their leaders proclaims themself, "king" of this world. They can also interfere in a raid, killing more hunters in their process and stealing their artifacts. We have tried to track down more information on them but have not been able to find any. »


The information Ajin had just heard was startling.

“In other words, they're just bastards who want blood, death and control. »


" Yes that's it. And then humm..I have a present for you…..Professor Leon asked me to give you this. »


Jack reached into his pockets and pulled out some sort of identification card. This card was a hunter ID card that had Ajin's name written on it.


His eyes were shining.


“Wow. »


“Well, Congratulations Mr. Ajin, you have become a hunter. »


Ajin couldn't express how happy he was, his dream of becoming a hunter had just come true.


" So.. "


Jack gets up in his chair and decides to leave the room with his two men but first he gives Ajin a warning.


“Mister Ajin, be very careful when entering a dungeon. Especially against the "Scorpio" and dont trust no one. »


" Yes of course." Ajin replied.


Jack decided to leave the room, leaving Ajin alone.


Once he was alone, Ajin raised his head and seemed to stare silently into the air but no he was looking at something. This thing had appeared since Jack introduced himself to him.


It seems that Jack hadn't seen it, maybe only Ajin himself could see it.


This thing was images floating in the air.


[You have a message]


As he read the words.


A hologram of a person slowly began to appear in front of him. After the hologram fully appears, he speaks directly to Ajin.


“Hello young Ajin, it’s been a while. »


Ajin could easily recognize him. He responds with a smile.


"Yes Hello, Lord Raijin."


[I see that you are still in good shape even if you are still only at level 2]


"Yes, The students I wanted to beat were very weak, that's why I didn't Level up and it's today thet I officially became a hunter. Well, more important, do you know about these "Scorpio" dudes?"


[Yes, actually they are our targets to protect the universe from. Some of them are actually people that I once knew but they….]


Raijin hesitated before finishing his line.


[....they betrayed me because of the desire to destroy the world and then create a new one to rule over it.]


Ajin was a bit surprised..


"Well danm, pretty much like when Lucifer betrayed God."


[We can put it that way.]


"So, how are we gonna beat these guys?"


[Obviously, I'm stronger than them. The real question is how you're gonna beat them? To tell you, most of my powers are sealed in you which means you cannot use them. But there is a way to unlock them, of course, by completing dungeons around the world and becoming stronger. But first, you will this….]


[The player had received a message from the King!]


….Your body will obviously need growth, this is the preparation that I wanted to make for you.]


Ajin nodded




Before Raijin disappears….


[Young Ajin Genku, you have to know that from now on you're like the power of Hope that is up against the destruction that will come to this world. And With that power you now have, the fate of this world is on your shoulders, you have to know that you're no longer the normal individual that you once was. In your path, you will be alone and it will be difficult. You will probably have some "friends" that will try to help you in your journeys, some of them will try to use you, some of them will be loyal to you and some of them will die. Become stronger, the [systeme] gonna help you with that of course the [systeme] gonna lend you his strength and just like that hunter Jack said earlier "don't trust anyone". Ajin Genku help me save this world and I'm gonna you feel like what it's like to trample on the enemy from above.Now my child, Farewell, we will meet again someday…..when the times come. You're on your own now.]


Raijin let out a friendly smile before disappearing after this long speech.


Ajin had understood everything Raijin had just said, but as a matter of fact Ajin was always alone and he didn't have any problems with that, well being alone will help him concentrate on his goals anyway.


Ajin couldn't help but smile.


"Seems like I'll have a lot of work to do huh?"


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