It's official now, Ajin was now the head of this high school.


Since almost all of the students were present during the game. The news spread for the remains that were not at the duel.


It wasn't a game, it was a massacre. Ajin had completely dominated and abused the big Kim.


It was incredible to see.


"I wouldn't have thought he would beat Kim in a fight. »


“It was not a match but a massacre, this guy completely abused him like shit. »


"Yeah, frankly I can't get these images out of my memory. »


“This guy is a real monster for his level of potential, was he hiding his power? »


"Now that he's beaten Billy, Maxuelle and Kim. He is now the strongest here. No one will dare oppose him. »


While they were commenting on him, Ajin had a calm environment and sat there reading a book.


Like a new person with a talent just noticed by everyone. Ajin had become something of a celebrity. This situation was a bit new for him. It’s environment, it was completely different from him.


Among the students, there were two groups. Those who wanted to become friends with him and those who wanted to stay away from him, because they saw him as the same type of person as Kim.


Ajin had an answer for them all.


Ignore them.


Ain had become alone, as he had always been. A lone wolf.


When some students noticed Ajin's ignorance towards them, they thought he was an arrogant little boy just because he awakened new powers and beat Kim.


But Ajin didn't care. He wasn't interested in them or their comments about him, all he wanted was to get rid of Billy and Kim.


Now that his mission is accomplished, he had nothing more to do.




The "Primordial" had asked him to look for a way to evolve, at this time Ajin did not know how he could do that.


He thought Billy, Maxuelle and Kim would help him get stronger, but against weak people who were beaten easily, it would be impossible. In the end, Ajin came out completely disappointed.


As various thoughts began to run through his head, the ground suddenly began to shake.




The students began to rise from their chairs and looked at each other.


" What is happening ? An earthquake ? »


Well-being, that was the only possible reasoning. Ajin was left sitting with a confused face. He didn't know what was going on at the moment.


The shaking started to get stronger for a few seconds until it stopped abruptly.


“Huh? It's stop-"




A big explosion occurs in Ajin's position. Because of the powerful shock, all the students were sent flying.


Ajin and Professor Leon only fell and rolled on the ground because of the power difference between them and the other students.


“Gah! »


As the smoke from the explosion began to clear, Ajin looking up noticed 2 individuals. A man with red hair and the other with blue hair appeared, they looked human.


Ajin widened his eyes, he could feel energies coming from them but there was something strange. These individuals seemed to give off two types of energy. That of a hunter and that of a monster.


How come a human has the energy of a monster? It was impossible.


Leon quickly get back on his feets by asking.


“Who are you?”


The individuals didn't respond, instead one of them raises his palm of his hand towards Leon and fires some kind of energy towards Leon which hit him in the chest.






Ajin, surprised, attacked them without thinking. As he got closer, Ajin threw a punch but the person he was making easily dodged the punch and sent a powerful uppercut to Ajin, his body rising into the air and falling to the ground without shaking.


“Ajin! shouted Professor Leon worrying about the little one.


As the two men tried to approach Leon to kill him, something then happened.


The llimp body that was on the floor gently sagged. Immediately, heat invaded the damaged classroom. When the men looked for the cause of this heat, their gaze turned to Ajin who seemed to be watching them, but something was strange in him, it was as if he had suddenly changed.


The first change Leon noticed was Ajin's eyes.


Indeed, Ajin's eyes were no longer the same as normal eyes. The part that was supposed to be white was now black, and the part that was supposed to be black had become white.






[The Player had entered [Unconscious Mode]]


[Time before the [Unconscious Mode] ran off: 00:40]

The [system] tried to talk To Ajin but the young one couldn't even react as if he didn't see anything.

"What the hell? I thought I've already knocked you out, seems like I'll have to kill you this time"


The Red Haired Man points his knife toward Ajin while approaching the young man but Ajin easily deflects his attack and disarms The Red Haired Man. Now, Ajin kept staring at the man with an expressionless face.


He tries to stab him multiple times but Ajin easily avoids all the attacks. Ajin starts attacking with multiple punches which surprises The Red Haired Man since The Red Haired Man barely avoids the attacks and slowly starting getting hits. Ajin continues his attacks again and lands a powerful punch at The Red Haired Man on the chest, twice. It suddenly dawns on The Red Haired Man that the kid was far more powerful than him. Ajin who had been motionless for only three seconds, steps forward as he strikes to kill the red haired man.

Before his attack touches, however, Blue Haired Man trying kicks Ajin away, but Ajin simply dodged it. Red Haired Man chides Blue Haired Man in anger for interfering


"Hey what the hell are you doing?"


but The Blue Haired Man simply states that


“This guy is too much powerful no, he is simply to dangerous. If I didn't interfere you would have died."

Ajin then starts to attack again but The Blue Haired Man throws little explosives towards him. Ajin escapes the explosion and approaches Blue Haired Man from the back. The blue-haired man notices the kid but before he can make a move, Ajin's body suddenly falls to the floor.








Both were confused. The body that was like a complete beast earlier suddenly fell?


The two couldn't figure out what was going on but they couldn't have the chance to eliminate this guy before he woke up.


As they were going to try to finish off Ajin, a man suddenly appears and takes Ajin's body to Leon's side.


"Just who? This is getting to much dangerous now" the red haired man thought to himself.


The Red Haired Man finds it incredulous to fight against Leon and this guy at the same time and The Blue Haired Man tells The Red Haired Man that they should retreat.


The two agree and suddenly disappear from the class thanks to a certain "device".


"But where are they going?" Leon wondered.


"I don't know but I think they recognized that they were at a huge disadvantage so they preferred to retire."

"Yeah, I think you're right. Ah, let's take this little one to the hospital."




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