After this impending defeat, Maxuelle and his men couldn't help but run away with their tails between their legs.


Seeing this act, Ajin couldn't help but think that finally having a superpower made him different, especially because he had no superpowers when he was born. It was like he was in a new world now.


Ajin wanted to get used to the difference between the past and the present him. He also wanted to learn how to properly control this power that was in him.


To successfully do that he thought he could train with someone, the first person that came to mind was Kim and then Billy.


But the system reacted immediately.


[Enemy is too weak, the player won't be able to gain experience.]


But too bad, he hadn't learned anything today especially against a weak man who was only beaten by a single punch.


Ajin lets out a sigh.


“Ah.. this sucks. »


But he still had hope, of all the people on his list, only Kim remained. Ajin is sure that Kim will be useful in tomorrow's duel. Speaking for real, Ajin couldn't wait.


With a smile, he continued on his way home.


Upon arriving, Ajin had only taken a bath and spent the rest of the day in meditation. It was the thing to do in his spare time.



The big day had now arrived, all the students were gathered in the courtyard. Kim was there as soon as possible. Jean, one of Billy's friends, had just arrived too.


The moment he saw Kim, he approached him.


“Looks like Billy is still in the infirmary. And I heard that Maxuelle was beaten by Ajin yesterday. »


Kim's eyes widened. Maxuelle was one of the talented people in school, it was impossible for Kim to believe. But after a few seconds, he didn't care about that anymore.


The person who will beat that insolent Ajin will be him. He was completely convinced of it.


It was now time to start and Professor William who was in charge of today's class appeared. Alongside Professor Leon, he was considered one of the United States's most talented hunters. Compared to Leon, he had an awful personality and was extremely tough which made it hard for the students to like him.


He had never liked the class Ajin was in probably because of the rate of fights that there were. And strangely, he had never also liked Ajin. Kim wanted to use this to his advantage.


“But where is this bastard? Don't tell me he ran away." said Kim. No, it was impossible. Remembering Ajin's proud face, he was convinced that he would come.


As he thought that, the man he had been waiting for had just arrived. All the students look up at him. Since he had defeated Billy and Maxuelle, they all had expectant faces.


The moment Kim saw Ajin, his face hardened a bit. The reason was the way he walked. Ajin had his hands in his pockets and had an "I don't care" type of face. How does a person who was going to fight against a fearful fighter like Kim come across that way?


This time Kim really wanted to kill him.


William looked around and raised his voice to start speaking.


“Hello everyone, thank you for coming. Today will be a practice class. This course will be a one on one match. This match will be suspended at any time according to my agreement. No weapons will be allowed during the game. Are there any questions ? »


Ajin raised his hand.


“Yes, young Ajin? »


“If one of the opponents is seriously injured during a match, will the other opponent be punished? »


Kim burst out laughing.


"Do you already think you're the one who's going to get hurt?" »


William shook his head.


" Nope. »


Sometimes duels occur inside and outside the dungeons between hunters. This fight was to help the students to prepare to face death in the future.


These kinds of matches were sacred, no one was allowed to interfere. Not even the hunters association.


William had just answered his question. He could not punish an opponent for injuries caused. It was a fact.


“But don't worry, if you're badly injured, healers will be there to heal you. Other questions ?"


" No, that will be good. »


“As the first match begins, Ajin and Kim, please step onto the court. »


Following the call, Ajin and Kim headed to the field, they were now surrounded by the students and Professor William.


Kim had a happy and imposing expression on her face.


“First of all, I will crush your chambers, your hands and your spine. I'll make you pay for what you did to my buddies Billy and Maxuelle. »


Ajin remained expressionless to him. He didn't care about whatever bullshit Kim was saying.


"Oh yeah? Then try to do so, if you can that is.”


Kim was irritated. He thought that Ajin was going to be scared but no, on the contrary he remained calm.


A green aura appears on Kim. While a golden aura appeared on Ajin.


Professor Leon and the director were present. They all had serious looks on their faces and were eager to see which of them would be the winner.


Kim started to levitate in the air and Ajin had taken a position where he had bent his arms at the level of his belt, he had also bent his legs a little.


While Kim was in the air, he summoned a giant spear. It looks like Kim decided to go all out from the start.


This technique had impressed William, a technique that would be powerful enough to defeat an E rank hunter, it was powerful enough for a simple Student.


An attack like this won't just crush Ajin's hands and legs, no he will crush him completely. Kim snickered inwardly. The earth began to shake due to the enormous magic power. Kim was convinced that with this attack, it would be the end for Ajin.


Kim then fires the spear towards Ajin, as the giant spear begins to approach Ajin.


pow! Craaaack!


The spear suddenly broke into several small pieces.




As Kim's eyes barely widened in surprise.




Kim had just been hit 3 times by an unknown force.


“Wow, what? »


While the students couldn't understand what just happened because it was too much for their eyes, Professors Leon and William and the director were able to see the scene.


“Wha-what the hell? reacts William.


“I can’t believe he was able to hit Kim just by standing from there.”


It was something that was impossible for a 17-year-old student


While the teachers made various comments about Ajin.

Kim was writhing on the floor, not realizing what had happened.

'Yuk. . . '

He could only feel terrible pain in all parts of his body and tried to scream, but couldn't even do it because his vocal cords were completely destroyed?

"Oh mister Kim, what happened to you? Are ya feeling good?."

Said Ajin jokingly.

If Kim was in his right frame of mind, he would have expressed his anger. But right now, Kim was only in tears of pain. It was the first time he had felt such excruciating pain.

And that's when Kim realized what had happened. The impact wind from Ajin's punch not only destroyed his magic spear but also crushed almost every part of his body!

“Oh now that I think about it What did you say earlier? That you were going to make me suffer?

A sort of golden energy formed in Ajin's right hand.

Kim stared at the scene with his limp body.

"Now, take a guess. Who's gonna make suffer who now?"

'S-Stop it! I'm giving up! I surrender!'

Kim was crying frantically and desperately but there was no sound. Only a helpless hiss came out, and even that was too weak to reach Ajin.


'Kouarrgh!. . . '

Kim's eyes rolled to the back of his head. He almost fainted. In fact, he wished he had. But the breathtaking pain kept his mind reeling on a thin thread.

'I understand now....please stop! '

He remembered what Ajin had asked William before the match. It wasn't that he was worried about himself. Clearly, Ajin wanted to know what would happen if he made Kim a semi-paralytic.

“Is it really that painful? For your information, it's just the beginning so...»

Ajin was terribly different from the past. Kim was afraid of the expression on his face, but his voice terrified him even more, sending shivers down his spine.

"….you better keep your eyes open because i'm about to end your whole career right now dumbass."

'That's enough. . . !'

Kim said as he stared at the ball of golden energy, his eyes filled with horror.

"Just why are you doing this to me!!!?

At that moment, Ajin remembers everything Kim had done to him in the past, and among all his memories, there was a time when Ajin was almost in the same situation and he asked that same question.

What a coincidence right?

Of course, Ajin could also remember Kim's answer, and now he was going to say the same to him.

With a diabolical face that brings fear not only into Kim but also to the people who were watching him… Ajin said….



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