Maxuelle remained speechless and motionless for a moment, it wouldn't be a lie to say he was actually scared of course he would never have demonstrated it outwardly since everyone had their eyes on him and Ajin.


He had to pretend now, to show them that he was not intimidated.


“Oh yeah?....we’ll see about that.”


Of course, Ajin had already managed to see through that confident face which made him in the end have a smile on his lips.


Ajin replied.


“Okay then, when and where will we fight?”


“After school, in the Forest of Aghym. »


"Okay, that's a note. »


Maxuelle looked at Ajin, frowning a little. At the moment, he was not happy with the expression of this nobody who was in front of him. As if, he didn't even take himself and this challenge seriously.


This guy… he couldn't take it anymore. He had enough. If he could hit him hard he would but he couldn't, the reason was the principal who banned all fights between the students in the school because of the scene that happened between Ajin and Billy .


"I see you got proud of yourself after you beat Billy but don't worry, I'll crush that pride when we go to fight. »


Said Maxuelle with a grunt before turning his back to leave.


Ajin seriously didn't care much, after Maxuelle left he went back to the thing he was doing, eating his delicious food.


Ajin ripped off a large piece of meat before putting it entirely in his mouth. It was really delicious.


He was very hungry and he ate the food as if he missed the taste of this food, of course he had spent more than 2 weeks in the hospital. He didn't even have time to taste the hospital foods, even though he didn't really want to taste them since he had heard that the hospital foods weren't really good.


Ajin finished his plate in a flash, then stood up, preparing to leave. Louise had her eyes on Ajin who was completely elsewhere.


After seeing Ajin's reaction to Maxuelle. She was sure now that the Ajin she knew no longer existed. It was as if he had become another person.


Ajin decided to leave the cafeteria leaving Louise sitting on the table, but before he left, he turned his head to glance at Louise, he sighed and then decided to continue on his way.


The afternoon class had started, when Ajin appeared in class, the eyes of the students once again turned to him, Ajin had not even noticed them.


He went to sit down, grabbed a book from his bag and started reading it until the end of class.



After school, as promised, Ajin goes to the forest of Aghym. »


Upon arriving, he turned his eyes to look around.


“Hmm. "


At least 5 people were already there with Maxuelle.


“When you mentioned 'spectators', were you referring to those guys? »


“Yes, I want my men to see how I'm going to crush you. »


“Uh, I don't think that's the case. »


" Eh ? What did you just say? »


"You brought these men there so that when you're down, they can be there for you and attack me as a group. »


Maxuelle's face already expressed great anger.


“You dare… how dare you laugh at me?!"


"It's not just a mockery, it's a fact. From what I know, guys like you always do this. Which means you're going to do it too, it wouldn't be surprising coming from someone like you."


Maxuelle's head turns red.


He raised his right hand to the heavens as he spoke.


“Ice rain! »


At the same time 5 spikes appear towards Maxuelle's head and attack Ajin. The latter, seeing the attack, moves his body entirely towards the position of the right avoiding the attack which lands towards the ground.


“….what..the hell..? »


Ajin looked at the ground behind him where the attack had landed with a stunned face. He turns his head towards Maxuelle.


“You said “Ice rain” but you just created 5 ice spikes. Isn't the name a bit extreme for a level like that if? »


People like him had the audacity to have the pride to say that they will be able to enter a dungeon and defeat the monsters. With a level like that, a person like Maxuelle will die quickly since upon entering a dungeon, his attack won't even affect an E-rank monster.


Maxuelle considered Ajin's sentences as an insult.


Maxulle ran towards Ajin, swinging her fist as her body glowed with a blue aura.


Before the first reached him, Ajin bowed and took a step to the right side.




“Huh? »


Maxuelle was surprised, but it wasn't over yet.




Something hard hit Maxuelle's stomach.






Maxuelle falls to the ground clutching her stomach after taking a head-on punch from Ajin.


When Maxuelle fell, the 5 guys who were Maxuelle's men rushed towards Ajin.


" You bastard ! »


“Looks like I was right in the end, anything you try will be useless. »


Bam! Bam! Bam! Boom! Boom!








Some kind of shockwave had just sent each of them into the air. Maxuelle had become terrified, the person he considered weak had just beaten his men in an instant.


Then with a pale face, he asked Ajin.


“Just who the hell are you?”


Ajin crouched down with a big smile on his face.


"I'm Batman."



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