After some time, the lessons were over. It was now lunch time.


Standing up, Ajin starts remembering his favorite meal, he was so deep in his thoughts about his favorite meal that his mouth was now salivating. Hospital food was nothing compared to this.


On leaving Ajin started to notice the students who were around him, still continued to observe him but Ajin remained silent and decided to leave. It seems that most of them wanted to address him but hesitated in the end.


Frankly speaking, Ajin really wanted them not to. He had no time to scuttle with traitors.


Speaking of traitors.


“Hey Ajin, are you going to the cafeteria? »


Just like he hated Billy and Kim, there was another person he hated just as much as them but this time it was a girl.


The owner of the voice now stood before him.


When Ajin first came to the establishment, two important girls introduced themselves to him. Two people he once considered friends.


One of them was Jasmine, a high-ranking girl in the establishment, maybe even at the same rank as Kim. She was attracted to Ajin for his pretty face and thought he had great potential and for that she wanted to be with him.


But when she learned that Ajin was not as strong as she thought, her expectations were quickly shattered, even giving a contemptuous face to Ajin all the time and in the end it turned out that she was at the same time in a relationship with Billy.


Jasmine was a girl who wanted a strong man, a man who could always protect her and her family, a man with great talent. Not a useless, insignificant weak man.


Ajin now lived in a world without color, neither blue, nor red, nor green. In the end, he was alone. With no super powers, he was living in a world where he couldn't fight back.


No, maybe he wasn't as alone as he thought. In the darkness where he was, a light appeared that came to save him.


Sarah, the other girl other than Jasmine who addressed him, Sarah was the complete opposite of Jasmine, always smiling, friendly. The thing Ajin liked the most about Sarah was her smile. Her smile alone lit up Ajin's face with happiness.


It seems that Sarah had known Ajin for quite a while, even before he enrolled in this establishment. And it turned out that Sarah even had real feelings for Ajin.


So she had taken advantage of this friendship to get closer to him, in the end. They have become a couple and live happily. But this happiness was not going to last long, Jasmine and Billy couldn't bear the smile that Ajin and Sarah had on their face all the time.


From then on, Sarah began to encounter various problems because of Billy's tape. Because of her problems, Sarah's parents had to transfer her to another school.


From that moment, Ajin had lost all contact.


In this world, Sarah was Ajin's ray of light, she was his only light. And He lost that light there, and fell back into darkness again.


When Ajin remembers in this moment the good times spent with Sarah, he could not help but smile but this smile invades.


After all this time, Jasmine had now appeared in front of him and she dares to have that friendly expression?


Meanwhile, Jasmine couldn't help but have a look of irresistible curiosity towards Ajin.


The weak Ajin she had known no longer existed. The cowardice that always surrounded him was now gone. He was no longer submissive or even intimidated by Billy, even pushing him to brutally beat him up.


As Jasmine continued to stare at Ajin, something happened that surprised her.


“Huh? »


Ajin calmly passed her and continued walking.


"Did he just ignore me there?" »


It was really surprising, for a pretty girl like her, it was the first time that she was ignored by someone especially by a person she had known before. But she passed that and hurriedly ran towards Ajin. She was now next to him.


“So how have you been? »




Ajin didn't answer, he was just disgusted that she had the nerve to approach him like that.


Along the way, he completely ignored her.




Arriving, Ajin has breakfast and goes to sit with his tray, Jasmine does the same and sits in front of Ajin.


The surrounding students immediately waved.


Jasmine was of course one of the most popular girls in school, that's why people like Billy and Kim were interested in her.


This same girl was now opposite sitting across from weak Ajin, the worst student, eating.


The majority of them glared and glared at Ajin but when they remembered the news about Ajin and Billy, their glares returned to normal.


As Ajin continued to eat, a student approached him with a dark look.


“Hey are you Ajin? »


Ajin continues to enjoy his meal and ignores the person as if he didn't even hear him.


"Hey, I'm talking to you motherfucker. »


That's when Ajin raises his eyes to the person.


"Are you.. talking to me?" »




“Who are you and what do you want?”


"I'm Maxuelle, Billy's cousin."


“So? »


“From what I heard, you beat him up. »


“Yes, I did, so what? »


Maxuelle grinned his teeths, he couldn't take it anymore. His face begins to roar with anger.


"I came here to duel you."


" A duel ? »


Maxelle proudly smiled.


“There will be a lot of spectators to see how I will humiliate you. »


“Spectators huh? you know i was already scared about if there weren't any. But you're lucky there will be because if really there weren't. »


Ajin finished his sentence with a pair of beast-like eyes to Maxuelle.


“I don't know what I would have done to you.”


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