As Ajin leaves the office, so he makes his way to class. It was then that he met someone.


Ajin's eyes darkened like darkness as he quickly recognized the individual, it was Kim. The most powerful student in the school now. Ajin is supposed to face him in the final the next day.


Kim approaches Ajin sternly, asking him a question.


“Was it you? "Asked Kim.




But as for Ajin, the latter had remained silent like a mute. He had no intention of saying a word to someone he hated as much as he hated Billy.


Due to this silence, Kim sighed.


"No, it can't be you. Since you are a piece of shit, am I wrong? »


Kim concluded that it was not possible for a person like Ajin to do such a thing. That's why he sighed and posed with his mocking face, a question to Ajin for reassurance.


But contrary to all expectations, the latter said nothing. He had remained planted there, standing without moving like a statue to say nothing.


“Huh? »


This silence annoyed Kim a bit, not only did this little prick dare to ignore him, but he's also giving him a cold look since earlier.


Although he couldn't tell what was going on behind Ajin's head to react that way, not to mention Ajin's transformation which impressed him a bit at first, repeatedly punched Ajin's face, it's worth nothing like in the past will do him a lot of good and it wouldn't be so bad after all.


But there are two reasons why he couldn't react that way.


The first was because he and Ajin were still in front of the headmaster's office. Attacking Ajin now will get his attention, he will face a immediate expulsion and if that happens he will be a disgrace to his parents in the end, better not act now.


The second was that the Ajin now seemed to be imposing. There was strength behind his glare, which made Kim uneasy. If it wasn't for his face, Kim wouldn't know him.


Kim's face hardened bitterly.


" Yeah, that's it. Keep that face. I can't wait to see the face you'll give the moment I crush you." He said before turning his back to leave.


But yes, maybe in the end he will lose a bone in the fight but again this idea will fade from Ajin's head and the "self-confidence." comes back to him. It was better to test its power when the day of the duel arrives. He might even get a little stronger.


“Oh! Reacted Ajin as something important just popped into his head.


Now that he was thinking about getting stronger, when he was done beating Billy, something strange appeared in front of him. Something saying "you level up" Ajin couldn't figure out what it was, he was a bit confused.


On his way to his classroom, Ajin kept thinking about it.


When Ajin finally arrived in front of his classroom and opened the door, most of the students who were inside looked up at Ajin without delay.


Again, the students still couldn't believe that the Ajin they knew before had changed so much.


Even the teacher was confused by the look Ajin gave off. The thin and weak child had become muscular and strong. As a hunter, he was used to seeing this kind of phenomenon. In the end, it seemed that Ajin had managed to benefit from this phenomenon.


They all continued to look at the latter with looks full of surprise especially after what he had just done against Billy.


But Ajin didn't care, ignoring their gaze, he just went to sit down.


While they were surprised, they all knew a few important things. Now that he's gotten rid of Billy, his next opponent is sure to be Kim, the school's strongest student.


And there is one thing that was sure and certain, that with Kim things will not go the same way as Billy did.


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