Ajin was now in the office and the director was sitting on a chair in front of him. Headmaster Adam had a cold expression, his long blond hair slicked back while a monocle adorned his face, giving him a stark expression.


Ajin worried for a moment but trusted and frowned.


Meanwhile, Adam was truly surprised in his own way. He realized that Ajin had undergone drastic changes. His drooping eyebrows were strong and his shoulders, which had been shrunk, were now straight.


That alone gave him a completely different expression as if the person himself had become another person.


With a fierce voice, the director opens his mouth.


“Why did you do it? »




“I don't know what your objective was, but you must know that your action was really dangerous. What if, unfortunately, a student was seriously injured or even died? What would you do? We must not forget that you even destroyed a wall of a class, because of your attack."


Due to this, Ajin bends down in 90 degrees, bowing his head.


“I became fully aware of this act. "


Ajin now resumes his stance continuing…


“I was a bit blinded by my anger, the anger I had towards Billy, I wanted to put him in the state he is right now, but in the end I was able to control that anger . That's why no one gets hurt, Headmaster."


"But you have…"


“I think my decision was the correct one Mr. Director. »


Adam's eyes opened wide, yes he was amazed. There were three things that put him in this state. The first was that the shy and weak Ajin would never cut him off, even the teachers and hunters he knew would never do such a thing.


But a person like Ajin had just done it.

The second was his voice, Ajin's voice timbre was much more powerful than he could remember. Ajin's voice was firm, a quality not found in the Ajin Adam once knew. Adam was surprised, but he quickly made a big guess.


Ajin may have obviously gone through a multitude of changes both inner and outer. But as rare as they are, some humans have benefited from the "Re-Awakening" after passing through the Veil of Death. Which allowed them to raise their level of rank, thus strengthening their power, sometimes it was the same for their mind. Maybe Ajin had just gone through this. The more Adam thought about it, the more he believed it might be true.


Adam sighed.


"Well, whatever you say but you have to know that you can't come here, having a fight and destroying things at school like that, I wouldn't allow such behavior a second time, okay? »


Ajin bowed his head once more.


“It is clear, Mr. Director.”


“Hmph Alright, you can leave now. »


As Ajin turns his back, making his way to leave. But before this, Adam adds something important.


“Looks like Billy was supposed to fight Kim in a final in a small tournament that Mister Leon had organized. It looks like you should participate since you just put Billy in serious condition. "


Normally speaking, it was correct. Ajin should participate in this tournament since he has just defeated Billy, that would mean that he was stronger than the latter.


Adam adds something more to Ajin.


"You must know that Kim is different from Billy, he is the one who holds the title of the strongest in this school, you must be very careful Ajin. If you don't protect yourself, he will definitely break one of your bone. "

Ajin chuckled without making a sound. In fact, He was forcibly trying to keep a straight face after he heard the director's words.


Deciding to get out, Ajin opens the door and walks out of the manager's office.


Of course the one who should protect himself is Kim, because Ajin now is nothing but a predator.


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