Doctor Alex, who had just felt the impact, rushed outside to see what had happened, and that's when he saw a silhouette of 4 people and one seemed to be on the ground hanging from the wall.


At first, he thought it was Ajin who was on the ground because he used to see this little boy on the ground like that and so He rushed to the place, and that's where he sees that the person who was actually on the ground was not Ajin but surprisingly Billy.


Shocked, Alex rushed over to examine Billy.


“What… What happened? »


Alex asks this question while his eyes shift to Ajin who seemed to have himself a confused expression. A strange thing indicating that he had completed a quest appeared in front of him.


Not only that...


[All your stats will increase by 1 point!]


When Ajin tried to roll his eyes to check if the other people around him could also see her but the expression they had on their faces was negative to Ajin's checking.


Their expressions showed a pale, shocked face at his overwhelming victory over Billy. To be honest, it was satisfying. He hadn't felt this good for some time.


Still on the ground and Billy was still the one looking down on him, but today was different, Ajin was the one looking down on him.


But suddenly, Ajin felt a little uneasy. As he rolls his eyes, he notices the headmaster's cold face.


The principal of the school, Adam Wisley, a remarked man belonging to the Hunter Association. His level was rank S. He is a man who is enormously respected by the students and also by the teachers and also by the Hunters for his powerful abilities and his posture as terrifying as an enraged lion.


It was normal for Ajin to start seeing his eyes wide open and his body starting to tremble a bit from this large presence. With a simple yet authoritative phrase, Director Adam opens his mouth.


“Student Ajin Genku, join me in my office right now. »


At Director Adam's words, Ajin bowed his head obediently. Ajin too respects Adam with a big heart, now was the time for him to confront him, to tell him whatever was on his mind.


He also noted that even though the students respect Adam, the students rarely see the principal. He always spends his time in his office and is often absent, having his hunting duty to do. Which means that he is not aware of all the things that are happening within the school.


As Ajin started to follow the Headmaster, Doctor Alex was still on the ground examining Billy with a hardened face. He could feel a faint trace of energy on Billy's stomach so weak it would go unnoticed but the situation he was in now prevented him from doing such a thing.


"I- I think it's the traces of mana using martial arts. »


This level was only reached by a hunter of rank D to S. Which means that it was impossible for a student to use this kind of techniques.


But the person fighting Billy was Ajin right?


Alex looks up at Ajin's back who was continuously walking, following the director.


"Don't tell me, did Ajin do it? No.


Alex shook his head in denial of this conclusion.


“Ajin was a lowly student who couldn't even use his power. Was he hiding his talent?


But something pops up quickly in his mind. He heard that Ajin had had a serious accident and then his body suddenly transformed.


Alex's eyes widened.


“body transformed? »


Now that he thinks about it, He raises his eyes to Ajin once again. But yes, his body had really changed, compared to him in the past, the new Ajin looked like an adult.


While those eyes were still towards Ajin, he thought then with a curious expression.


“Ajin, what the hell happened to you? »


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