The next day..


Because of the excitement that filled him, he gets up quickly and decides to take a good bath, cleaning his body was the first priority. It was a first, he who was always afraid to go to school, for fear of meeting Billy, but the him of today was different.


When he's finished, he begins to quickly put on his student uniform and school bag, as he was about to run out, he decides to stop to look at his face in his mirror, and that's it. he was a little surprised, he muttered.


“Look at that, this handsome face. »


Frankly speaking, Ajin said it casually, but really his physical appearance had really changed. His body which was always pale, now had a normal color, his eyes which were always lifeless, now shone with pride a golden color. Despite this, Ajin was not ugly before, on the contrary, he was extraordinarily beautiful. That's why he caught everyone's attention in the first place.


However, the usual Ajin had always curled up, still having a hunched back, narrowed shoulders, and bowed head.


But now he was completely different from him before. His waist and shoulders were straight, even the uniform that was too large for him was now tight, it was as if the uniform had merged with him, showing his muscles. All in all, the impression he gave before had completely changed.


Ajin's transformation was such that students who once knew him would not easily recognize him if they saw him now.


So he quickly regained his senses and headed for the door to go out, the reason he wanted to go to school was simple. With great pride, he opened the door of his house to go out.


It was then that the door to the classroom opened wide, which had caught the attention of all the students who were present in the room. A bulky, muscular man with a good physique entered the classroom with his trim figure and calm expression.

"Isn't that Ajin?" »

Although he had made a big physical transformation, with his face which had remained a little bit the same, the students had managed to recognize him.

“It is Ajin right? »

“Yeah, I think it is him. »

The students started talking to each other. But Ajin didn't pay attention to that.

He turns his head and looks around the room and quietly makes eye contact with Billy's sidekicks who were Sam and Jean, it looks like Billy hadn't come yet. For a brief moment, they exchanged a look and a smirk. In the past, only this gesture could turn Ajin's expression into that of someone who was terrified but this time it was not the case.

Sam didn't know what happened with Ajin, but human nature can't change so easily.

Today's Ajin was completely different from the past. Continuing to walk, Ajin completely ignores Sam and Jean. Ajin was walking completely relaxed, Sam and Jean have never seen Ajin walk so straight and well before.

Ajin went to sit completely well, opened his bag took his book and placed it properly on his table. He opened it and began to read inside, he was already lost in his own world. He wanted to catch up where he had left the professor.

For a while, Sam and Jean's faces were twisted, Sam was impatient and wanted to talk to him but Jean had beaten him to it.

“Oi, Ajin! »

Jean exclaimed. His reaction was rather dry. Ajin turns his head and stares at Jean with such indifference. His unnecessarily shiny face today was unpleasant. He opened his mouth saying boldly.

“Fuck off, I only want your boss. »

Ajin's message was clear, Sam and Jean were just Billy's little soldiers. The real person Ajin wanted was Billy himself.

Sam and Jean got pissed off but the one who felt the most pissed off was Jean since he was the one Ajin answered directly. This attitude could not be accepted, but Jean calmed down a bit and approached more Ajin. And sneered.

“OI OI, what is the matter with you?

" Did you drink anything nasty last night?"

Jean sounded soft and friendly with his voice but his expression was something else entirely, his expression was murderous.

Ajin remained silent to him and averted his eyes to continue reading his book, Jean's gaze hardened. Seeing that Ajin's concern was his book, Jean came closer and took away Ajin's book and that's when Ajin's bruised eyes looked up at Jean.

The moment Jean received Ajin's attention, his body stopped without realizing.

“What is this pressure? »

Jean was obviously confused, it was as if a monster had landed in the classroom. It looked like someone was looking directly at him with a killing intent. But a normal student shouldn't have that kind of pressure could he?

“Wait a minute. »

That's when something came to Jean's mind, he turned his eyes back to Ajin's direction and that's when his eyes opened wide.

“His.. his.. his eyes.. don’t tell me, this pressure… is coming from him? this bastard?”

Ajin's gaze was such that it seemed like Ajin's bottomless gaze was peering inside Jean. Jean forced himself to keep a smirk but at the same time he was terrified.

“Go fuck yourself. Ajin said calmly."


Hearing this, a silence fell in the classroom.

The students gaped at this, and their eyes were wide open. But it was Jean's expression that stood out the most.

"What dare you answer?"

His hesitation towards Ajin was completely gone in an instant, no, that hesitation turned into anger. Jean gritted his teeth menacingly, some of the students who had weak hearts turned pale but unlike Ajin, this one remained calm, so calm that he was comparable to remaining on pause. On the contrary, Ajin was annoyed by Jean's presence.

Jean was not one to babble about such provocations. Jean with his good and imposing physique, he immediately put his anger into action. His giant fist was pointing towards Ajin's direction.

That's when…



Jean got thrown into the air.

Sam, who was behind Jean, saw his partner's body floating in the air before falling on an empty table.

At this act, the students suddenly stood up in shock.

“Wait! What the hell? »

"What's happened? »

Alex, who had his feet on the ground, was suddenly thrown into the air. Or so it seemed to the students in the class. No one had seen what just really happened.

No, there was one who was lucky to see what happened, even if it wasn't clear.

His name was Ben ji-hoon, according to him, The cause was Ajin.

“This Ajin… did.. did he just did that a freaking finger? »

Frankly speaking, even Ajin was impressed, even if he didn't show it outwardly.

"I can't believe, I, Ajin just did that. »

All Ajin wanted to do was try to stop the attack Jean was about to send. But the first part of the body that Ajin moved first was his finger, no Ajin did not attack Jean with his “finger” but with the “wave of his finger movement”.

Sam who was still looking at Jean who was on the ground, had turned pale so pale that even if someone had hurt him, a single drop of blood would not flow.


As he was about to return his gaze to Ajin, this one was already in front of him.

“What-the, when did he? »

When did the person who was sitting in his chair get up? He felt like Ajin had used teleportation. While Ajin stared at a completely stunned Sam.

But at the same time, Ajin really wasn't interested in neither Sam nor Jean. The only person he cared about was Billy.

While Sam was a bit afraid of the sudden change in Ajin's attitude and how he disappeared and reappeared like this in front of him, like a ghost. But the most terrifying were his eyes.

His eyes were as bright as a wild beast. Just looking at them, he felt like he was being sucked into a black hole.

And then.


Ajin didn't want to waste his time with Sam. He fired a shot that was impossible for a normal human to see.


Sam was unthinkable to let a sound out of his mouth. He felt excruciating pain in his abdomen and was now having trouble breathing properly. He felt as if he had been impaled by a spear. His eyes rolled back to the ground and that was how he passed out, his body gently falling to the ground with an audible noise.

A few seconds later...

“What the hell is happening here? »

A voice suddenly broke out in the classroom.

Ajin gently lifted his eyes towards the direction of that voice, of course it was a voice he could never forget.

It was Billy, who seemed to have just arrived on the spot. From his expression, he was furious, furious that his men were down. His eyes were on the students in search of an answer, but every student who met his gaze flinched.

So he turned his eyes to Ajin who seemed to be staring at him nonstop for quite a while. Billy said, keeping his face hard to intimidate Ajin.

“Oi, are you the one who did this? »

Although he knew it was impossible for Ajin to do such a thing, he only asked him this so that the latter would reveal the culprit to him for fear of being mistreated, but the reaction Billy received was the opposite. what he had imagined.

“Oi, I’m talking to y…”

Billy didn't finish his sentence because he just felt something weird, he didn't know why but his body kept shaking. It was then that he very quickly noticed the cause of this phenomenon.

For quite a while, Ajin had a cold gaze towards him, a gaze that was like a wild beast that took a little while to look at its prey before devouring it.

Billy felt a cold sweat run down his back.

“Wait, am I scared of this wimp? »

The silent golden-eyed man finally opens his mouth to speak.

“What if I am the one?”

Ajin finished his sentence by frowning even deeper.

“What are you gonna do about it? »

Billy gritted his teeth and frowned as if he couldn't take this crap anymore. He heard that Ajin was in an accident correct?

"I don't know what's going on behind your head but I'll put you in your place!"

Completely angry, Billy's body became surrounded by a yellow aura and attempted to attack Ajin.


Not so far from the class, The professor who had just arrived within the establishment and the director of the school were running with great speed.

The reason was that they had sensed "the will to kill" among the students, not only that, the energy that this student gave off was comparable to that of a hunter of a class D+, which must have been impossible for a normal student.

The first person they referred to was Billy, he was the first person who looked a bit like "a person who wanted to kill" although that was a bit too far but Billy could configure himself with those kinds of people.

And there was a second person named Kim, he was the strongest student in the school, he could configure to a student who could reach the level of a D+ rank hunter.

As they got closer and closer to Ajin's class.


An explosion from a wall occurs, causing a large wave of smoke.

As the smoke began to clear, the cause of the explosion began to be revealed.

Their eyes widen when they find these two people fighting and it looks like the fight has already come to an end.

They were shocked to see that the person on the floor was Billy, when the headmaster and the teacher turned their eyes to see the person who had just done such a thing. Their eyes widen even bigger than before.

"A-Ajin?" »

Ajin stood upright while his eyes shone with a golden color. But the face Ajin wore did not look like a winner. Ajin should put on a proud face but strangely, his expression was filled with confusion.

The reason ? The reason was because a strange thing appeared in front of him.

“Just, what the hell is this? »

It was something that seemed to be floating in the air. And He seemed to be addressing Ajin.

It was saying.

[Congratulations, You completed the quest “Beat up your enemies”]

[You level up]


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