As Ajin continued to look at his stats, a strange dazzling light starts appearing out of nowhere.

[The mission is over.]

After the last message, Ajin's surroundings faded into a dreamlike quality.

“Uh! »

His vision was clouded and then he was sitting in a completely different place.

“Huh? »

On a single bed.

Ajin was surprised.

"What? A dream?"

It really was like a dream. Engaging in fierce fights against monsters and fighting alone against a boss and having stats like in video games was like a dream for Ajin.

Of course, it was just the feeling. And now he was back to reality.

Then He noticed a snow-white energy floating in the air that was beginning to gather in front of his bed. These energies were starting to form a body but Ajin was still confused.


After a few seconds, all energies were reunited and now formed a seemingly human body.




Ajin jumped in surprise as he fell out of bed. Pretty much everyone would react the same way if something mysterious suddenly appeared in front of them.


Ajin nervously swallowed his dry saliva as he climbed back onto the bed.


“What is going on here? »


But of course he couldn't respond to that.


The body forms entirely out of energy that was looking straight at Ajin finally let out a strong voice.


{Hello, young Ajin.}


Ajin's eyes opened in surprise.


“This thing can talk? »


Indeed it can, meanwhile, His heart was starting to beat very fast and he was starting to get more and more nervous. But he couldn't just sit there staring at this thing without saying anything could he?


With a bit of difficulty, he ask..


“Are you… the god of death?”


The thing made of energy displays a cold and inquisitive look at what he answers.


{That again? }


Ajin stared straight at the thing.


At first glance, he couldn't believe that the thing in front of him was real. To confirm his doubts, he extends his hand towards the image and his hand simply goes past it.


However, for Ajin, it just confirmed that it was real. Once his big confusion subsided a bit and he felt a bit calmer than before, he became a bit more curious about this. Something that was a bit familiar to him, as if he had seen this thing somewhere before.


“Who are you? Are you the god of death »


{No, I'm Raijin Hans, your race nicknamed me the "King of Humans" in the past}


The response from this mysterious entity was clear and brief but it kind of felt a bit out of place in Ajin's eyes.


“If you're not the god of death then then why are you here? What do you want from me?”


{We've made a contract last time, remember?"


Ajin's eyes shot wide open.


“Wait, what? What are you talking about?”


The boy's face turned grim.


The entity quickly understood that Ajin was a bit lost, so he decided to make a short sentence.


“We made a contract during your accident. »


“Huh? Accident ? »


Saying the word "Accident", Ajin quickly recalled memories of the times before he passed out. He said that he was called 'The King of Humans' Right?, Ajin also remembered seeing those letters somewhere.


Ajin quickly got out of bed and knelt down in front of the floating entity.


"Are you really the one who saved me during the explosion?"


{yes, we can put it that way.}


Ajin felt a bit relaxed after hearing this response. He quickly raises his eyes to the entity, and asked


"You said that you've made a contract with me, Why me?"


“It's because I chose you to be my host.”


“Your what?”


Ajin was carrying a disbelieving expression, he couldn't even understand what he was hearing right now. His face proved it, became pale as if everything he just heard was beyond his compression. To better understand what is happening, he asks even further.


“Why me? Why did you choose a low being like me”


At this instant, the face of the entity became more serious.


{Well, I know very well that you have a lot of questions for me but I cannot reveal you any of them for now. I just came here to congratulate you from completing the test dungeon that you were sent to.}


With that answer, Ajin sighed.


“So it was real huh, okay so now what? Now that I'm your host, What are we gonna do?" he asked harshly with a face that was full of expectation.


The entity was vastly intelligent to understand the meaning behind the young human's question.


“Now it will be just the time for you to get stronger…..”


"Stronger for what?..."


Suddenly, the entity raises its head towards the ceiling as if it had just noticed that something strange was happening. Ajin too had just noticed something.


It seemed that the entity's imaginary bodies were slowly beginning to dissipate,

“W-wait…. »


Said Ajin extending his hand a bit, having something more to ask him but the dissipation continued. And The entity leaves a quick note for Ajin before he disappears.


“…Just leave it to me, I'll see you soon. But by that time you will have to get stronger even for a little, on your own.»


“But wait...?! »


Ajin wanted an answer quickly but the entity hadn't had time to give it to him, the entity had completely disappeared, the light he had projected towards all the room when he appeared had also disappeared, the room was back to normal.


Ajin was still on the ground with a face that still wanted the answers he wanted.


Resting his hand on the corner of the bed, Ajin stood up as he lay on it, his thoughts still elsewhere on the entity's last words.


"Getting stronger on my own?" That was too much to ask for Ajin. He had just learned about himself, how could he get stronger? In what way ? Could it be, entering the dungeons? No, he didn't have the necessary level to do that.


Only by thinking about these things, makes Ajin starts tossing back and forth in anguish on the bed.


Only then to stop suddenly, and then a sense of awe rushed fast in Ajin's heart. As a person who used to get only stomping, working as a street cleaner, Ajin's heart swelled with pride right now. For the first time in a long time, Ajin felt a bit important.


And indeed his heart was beating faster right now as well, he could sense strong energy flowing inside his body .


Ajin couldn't help but smirk softly to himself.


After hearing the truth about himself and the Entity, Ajin was feeling happy at the moment, it was good and beautiful the first time his heart was so happy. Thinking himself possessing the power of a god could only be realized in a dream but it was reality.


Now he had an important mission. To become stronger. But why?


Well probably to fight against his future enemies...


With that in mind, Ajin couldn't sleep.


The next morning,


A nurse and the doctor who was in charge of Ajin entered Ajin's room, only to have their eyes widened in surprise.


The patient who was supposed to be deep asleep on his bed had completely disappeared, not only that, the bed had remained well arranged.


In shock, the nurse drops the files she had in her hands, with complete panic on her face, she turns her head to the doctor who also has wide eyes.


It is then that the doctor lets a smile float on his face much from the confusion of the nurse.


The doctor recalled that he had told young Ajin that he would let him go this morning.


“Looks like he couldn’t wait huh? »


The doctor lets a small sigh come out of his mouth.


The nurse who was still confused over the doctor's expression decided to ask….


“Doctor, what is happening to you? why are you smiling? »


“Huh? nothing. The doctor told her with a smile.


The nurse's eyes narrowed down to a slit with suspicion.


"Are you behind all this?" »


The doctor scratched the back of his head a little.


"Well, I told him I'll let him out this morning, since he was fine yesterday. »


"But!…. The nurse raises her voice a little but the doctor quickly cuts her off.


"Now now.." The doctor gently dabs her shoulder.


To tell you the truth, it was a relief that there was nothing to worry about in Ajin's condition. Several people who were victims of the explosion of the Kamikaze monsters did not come out alive. It was already a miracle that Ajin was still alive.


Of course, doctors and nurses would never wish harm on their patients they were in charge of, if every patient could have the luck that Ajin had, they would be even happier.


As the doctor in charge and the nurse were about to leave, he glances behind him and quickly notices something that appears to be a piece of paper.

As the nurse had already left the room, he then slowly approached the bed, so he took the little paper and opened it. As his eyes widen a bit, a genuine smile emerges from her mouth.


In the paper, there was a "thank you" letter from Ajin, thanking him for the doctor's treatment during his unconscious state in the hospital.


"Hehe, kids these days.."


After taking a taxi and having traveled a long road, Ajin who had just been a patient was already standing in his room.


From the view in front of him, he could determine that about 1 week had really passed since he left that room, all the clothes and trash he left before going to work were still there.


Ajin sighed.


“What a mess. »


Indeed, all he could do was stand there watching everything around him.


Ajin wasn't going to let any more time slip away. So he started picking up all the things that were on the floor, the garbage that was on the floor went into the bins and the clothes that were clean into the washing machine.


The room that was dirty a few minutes ago turned into a clean area in an instant.

Then, he went to take a good bath before lying down on his bed, having many thoughts in his head.

He couldn't find a single happy memory in his memory, no matter how hard he tried. The complete state of his room a minute before was the total example of his life"A mess". Just considering that had left a migraine in his head.


He then remembered Billy and his acolytes whose talents were exceptional, for them Ajin was only a pebble that rolled on the ground and they were shining jewels that attracted everyone's attention.


No one even cared about him, everyone treated him like dirt, dirt that they used in the beginning for their needs and then threw in the trash. Honestly speaking, Ajin was a bit sad but that sadness didn't last very long.


Ajin closed his eyes, he takes a long, deep sigh and then lets it out. The heavens have now given him a chance to become someone. With this chance, he will become a "new Ajin".


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