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Ajin moved his body to the corner of the room. He leaned against the walls as he considered his next move.

After, He left the room and went to conquer the dungeon. He encountered many skeleton soldiers and goblins on his way, but with the experience he had gained, these skeletons and goblins were no problem. He could defeat them easily.

He didn't even have to wait long to arrive in front of the Boss room. But Ajin was a little tired again.

"I want..." Ajin slowly closed his eyes and took a short nap.

He woke up exactly four hours after falling asleep.

"Oh!" He yawned and looked around. He didn't think he would fall asleep. He only intends to rest a few minutes before going to fight the boss of this dungeon.

"Okay, let's do this." Ajin took a deep breath as he closed his eyes.

After a while, he opened his eyes with a will to fight.

It takes a group of players to take down a dungeon boss. But Ajin had no group. All he had was himself.

After Ajim reached up to a giant door, he rested his palm on the cold metal door. He opened it and peeked inside the Boss room.


[You have entered the boss room!]

Wow !

A cold wind brushed his face.

Ajin took a step forward and entered the room without hesitation. He couldn't see anything because it was too dark.

And suddenly the torches around the walls lit up and it lit up the whole room.

The room was somehow circular, it doesn't have the four corners of a normal room.

Opposite his direction, there, a monster dressed in a black robe. The monster was two meters tall and emitted a very menacing aura.

With just one look, Ajin immediately knows what it is.

It was the boss looking at him with a menacing face.

A cold feeling shot through Ajin's spine. By reflex, Ajin decided to attack the monster but the monster jumped as far as he could as the wind from Ajin's wild swing blade sliced ​​through the air a hair's breadth away from the green flesh of the creature. Ajin sensed to him that he was weak compared to the monsters before but even after dashing towards the monster, he landed several powerful blows which made his hands tingle with numbness but the monster was still alive. The problem was not that, the problem was the monster's expression.

Ajin could quickly understand the definition behind this expression.

"Is that all?" That was definitely what it meant.

Ajin clenched his sword tightly, veins started to appear all over his body.

As a man, Ajin couldn't stand it, a monster was looking down on him. It's has if he was looking at Billy, and just by imagining it, a gold aura was starting to envelop his body without him noticing anything.

Then with imminent speed, Ajin appeared in front of the monster and swing his sword, the monster had planned to take the attack head on but…..


In the final seconds, his eyes are suddenly widened and quickly changes his plan dodging the attack by jumping in the back.

The monster's expression suddenly changed. He no longer had the mocking face he had before.

At that moment, the monster had become aware of something.

"This human had become dangerous for some reason."

Ajin once again dashes towards the monster, swinging his sword around while performing a series of attacks.

It was then the monster began to perform some evasive moves almost every time Ajin attacked, his evasive moves slowly began to annoy Ajin as time went by.

Then suddenly….


Ajin was sent flying but he manages to retaliated himself then lands on the ground on both feet.

"What the hell?"

When Ajin looked up at the monster, he could see some kind of large sword on his right hand.

Ajin's eyes widened.

"Wait, where the hell did that even come from?"

Ajin was sure that the monster had nothing in his hands when he entered that room.

"Well, it doesn't matter. If I kill him, I'll be able to go back to the real world."

With that in mind, Ajin dash towards the monster again with his various attacks but once again the monster began to evade all of his attacks and at the same time , unlike before the monster also began to counter with fast leaping strikes.

Having no time to dodge, Ajin decides to block them with his sword.

This monster proved to have elite skills which allow him to perform these fast combos with his weapon , and don't forget that these combos are pretty much deadly, Ajin couldn't afford himself to be caught by these attacks otherwise his end will be fatal.

Within seconds, Ajin decided to counterattack but the monster already leaped away from Ajin's attack.

"Danm, this guy is fast. Well I guess he's pretty good at dodging after all."

Ajin knew he could never defeat this monster if it continued like this.


The monster began to put itself in a strange position. Ajin backs away a bit from the creature, hoping for another opening to attack. As the monster suddenly raised its blade in the air, Ajin took the opportunity to quickly dash towards the monster in a zigzagging fashion, unsettling the monster.


When Ajin appears in front of the face with his sword nearly slicing the monster's head, the fully guarded beast lowers his broadsword with great speed, force and precision, nearly slicing Ajin in half.

But the iron Sword crashes heavily against the floor, ringing loudly through the hallways. The monster's eyes widened, its prey was right in front of him for a few seconds and then he had suddenly disappeared.


The monster hears a sound coming from next to him. He quickly turned his head to see what it was and he saw Ajin who had just reappeared.

Giving the monster no chance to defend itself, Ajin kicked the monster's knee with all his might. This had caused the lower leg to dislodge from the upper leg, which caused the monster to fall.

As the beast fell to the ground, where young Ajin rushed to the monster's skull and stomped on the creature as hard as he could. Exploding his head, during the trial.


As Ajin took his breath after his fierce fight.


Suddenly, he heard something. Ajin tapped his ears when he heard the unfamiliar sound.


And then a ringing piercing the mind of the young man and a screen appeared in front of him.

[Congratulations! The dungeon has been conquered!]

[You have satisfied the condition! You have met the Exp required to level up!]

[Congratulations, you've reached level 1!]

[You have earned the right to be the host of Raijin Hans "The King of Humans"!]

[You have unlocked 2% of the King's power!]

[The 2% of the King's power have been transferred to your new body!]

[Congratulations, you can now use The King's power!]


While several messages kept popping up. There is one who forced Ajin to rub his eyes, and opened his mouth in surprise.


[Race: Human]

[Level 1]

Title: None


CV: 100


MP: 100

Fatigue: 0




Strength: 10

Stamina: 10


Agility: 10


Intellect: 15


Perception: 10


(Points available to distribute: 0)


[Advanced Skills]

[Bloodlust: Level 1]


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