Ajin walked carefully as he stepped forward and continued his path. The path was dark and the torches on the walls could barely illuminate the area.

He already guessed that it was the dungeon of an undead monster. According to him, the boss of this dungeon must be a powerful Skeleton Knight or Hobgoblin or Lich. If it's a lich, there's no way he can conquer that dungeon. Lich was a powerful undead and his level fluctuated between B and A. It was a boss-type monster that can be found in a C-level dungeon or a B-level dungeon.

He wasn't sure if he was in a rank B dungeon just after seeing the weak skeleton and goblin soldiers earlier.

As he continues to walk he then came to a place where there was a big door.

He placed his palm on the door and pushed it slowly. He peeked inside and saw that there were three skeleton soldiers inside the room.

"Three at the same time?" Said Ajin being surprised, but he quickly regained his composure.

There was nothing to fear, as long as he had a weapon and knew how to defend himself, there was nothing to fear.

He entered the room quietly. He doesn't want to alert the Skeleton Soldiers just yet. He needed to eliminate one of the Skeleton Soldiers quickly to reduce the burden of fighting them.

He watched the three skeleton soldiers as he tightened his fingers around the hilt of the sword.

"One, two, three, let's go!"

When Ajin shouted, one of the skeletons spotted him, alerting the others and then



cut his sword, aiming at Ajin's head.

Ha!" Ajin raised his sword and parried the Skeleton Soldier's sword. Then he threw a punch at the Skeleton's ribcage.


He then quickly crouched down as a sword passed over him.

He then tripped the skeleton soldier with his foot before sending an uppercut to the skeleton's skull, separating its head from its neck.


[Congratulations, you have eliminated a skeleton soldier!]

Ajin was sure now that he had eliminated the first Skeleton Soldier. Then He then saw the other two skeleton soldiers charging at him.

One to his left while the other was to his right.

"It's two against one now huh?"


Ajin pounced on one of the Skeleton Soldiers. He quickly raised his sword above his head and quickly swung it at the Skeleton Soldier.


The tip of the sword hit the skeleton's forehead, causing various cracks to appear.

The Skeleton Soldier fell but Ajin knew as well that the skeleton was still alive.

He lifted his feet and slammed the Skeleton Soldier hard on the ground. He then once more slashed the sword in his hand at the skeleton.

The bones in the skeleton's neck weren't strong enough to stay until a metal like a piece of a sword crashed into it. The bones cracked and the skull was separated from the body as it rolled on the ground. The cracks on the skeleton's forehead expanded before it collapsed.

This all happened in seconds.


[Congratulations ,you have eliminated a skeleton Soldier!]

He doesn't have time to read because the other skeleton has already made its way in front of him.

"Ha!" Ajin yelled, swinging his sword forcefully.


His sword and that of the Skeleton Soldier collided, causing a metallic echo throughout the area.

Ajin was pushed back by the strength of the Skeleton Soldier, which surprised him, he had just concluded that this soldier's level was higher than the other two they had just eliminated. His level was lower than the Skeleton Soldier, so it was only natural that the Skeleton's stats would be higher than him.

He gritted his teeth and bent his knees.


He charges directly at the skeleton while pointing his sword at it. But Ajin quickly changes direction sliding on the ground while slicing his sword on the Skeleton Soldier's knee. He then kicked the ground as he flew through the air. With the force of gravity, he nudged the Skeleton Soldier's skull, causing it to crack open.


[Congratulations, you have eliminated Skeleton Soldier!]

The Skeleton Soldier slowly turned to fading ash in the air as he pulled out his weapons.

"Ha~" Ajin heaved a tired sigh after reading the message. He slumped to the ground as his tense muscles finally relaxed.


I'm extremely tired!" Ajin mumbled looking at the rough ceiling.

He sat on the ground as he tried to catch his breath. The muscles in his arm were sore and he could barely move it.

After at least 30 minutes of pause, He stood up and picked up his sword. With his current state, he could probably finish this dungeon. Ah!" He now felt an overwhelming power in his body.


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