Watching Ajin kill the first goblin, the second one became even more aggressive and even though it was small in stature, it swung the rusty mace upwards strongly aiming for the side of Ajin's head.

Ajin understood his intention well and instead of walking away, Ajin dodged it and slashing his knees with his rusty sword. This way, dodging and attacking can be done at the same time.

The goblin fell to the ground with blood gushing from his knees. Ajin quickly jumps towards him and stabs him in the chest.

Ajin breathed a sigh of relief after killing the Green Goblins.


But it is at this precise moment. A message came before him.

[Congratulations! You have received new experience points!]



[A total of 300 special experience points will be awarded.]

Ajin surprised opened his mouth.



[Note: Remember! This dungeon allows you to gain experience points so that you level up to level 1!]

Ajin could already consider himself a hunter, since he was in a dungeon.

According to Ajin, for hunters, hunting monsters was nothing more than training along with hands-on experience.

But unlike them, Ajin had a system that could help him evolve.


He could probably grow so fast that you can't even compare yourself to others, and besides there was no level for hunters.


“Level up…level up. ?"

[Up Level 1!]

Ajin's eyes remained fixed on the unidentified message floating in front of him.

It was like a play structure, a game that could help him become stronger.


But will he really get stronger?

Despite the system's claims, Ajin had some doubts.

But for him to confirm this, he will have to complete this dungeon.

"Okay, let's settle these things first."

Ajin, who deleted the message, and was going to relax a bit but before he could fully relax,



He looked away.

Hearing the sound of the battle earlier, a monster was about to come running through here.

“Kie! »



Another monster starts to appear but this time it wasn't a goblin.

He was like a living skeleton.

"Oh so you guys don't want me to rest for a bit ?"

Ajin quickly gets into a fighting stance and attacks his new enemy.


During all the attacks that Ajin launched, the skeleton was fast enough to block some attacks, not only that, Ajin had also found that the defense of the skeleton soldiers was much tougher than him and the goblins when his attack succeeded, to touch the skeleton. The skeleton's speed and defense were out of the ordinary, Ajin will surely have to look for a way to eliminate this monster.

As it echoed in his mind, his heart began to beat faster, his blood rushed through his body, and his mind filled with joy. He knew it would be nearly impossible to win when this skeleton was also even stronger than the goblins in terms of skills and brute strength, but his instincts had told him not to stop and he continued to move his body and squeezed tightly with his sword with his hands.

'Let's do this!' he thought as he rushed towards the skeleton, letting out a wild, excited human scream.


The young man threw his fist with all his might towards the head of the skeleton.


Shattering the Skeleton Soldier's barren skull with a sickening crack. The skeleton fell to the ground from the force of the blow, opening up an opportunity that would be perfect for the quick-witted young human to take advantage of. While the skeleton was on the ground, Ajin leapt into the air, using all of his weight on the skeleton's stomach, breaking some bones in the process.

After that, the skeleton was bombarded with a flurry of punches from Ajin, each one making big cracks, noticing that the skeleton's head had become weak, Ajin used the sword that was in his right hand, stabbing him into the skeleton's head, breaking it into several small pieces. In the end, the skeleton body was now immovable

[Congratulations! You have eliminated a skeleton soldier!]

A heavy sigh escaped Ajin's lips as he fell back on the disintegrating soldier.

He fell on his bottom with a look of exhaustion on his face. Then, the thoughts he had when he first arrived here popped into his head.

He still couldn't believe he was inside a dungeon. He didn't know who brought him here but Ajin thought there must be a good reason behind all this and it was mysteriously to get stronger.


His stamina had been exhausted, causing his body to refuse his order to stand up. Then after a few minutes of rest, Ajin cleared his mind and took a deep breath. Slapped his face with both hands, filling his ears with a hollow "pak" then got up and slowly walked into the hallway, advancing through the dungeon.

Along the way, the concept "Complete the dungeon." was firmly in Ajin's mind, that was what he wanted, for him to return to his world. Then without forgetting that he could also become strong.

With these terms in mind Ajin closed his eyes and concentrated on his next clashes that were to come.


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