Sheer terror had filled Ajin. At first he thought he was dreaming, It's probably a dream, no a nightmare. It must be one. Ajin slapped his cheeks but nothing had changed.

He was not dreaming. But instead, something suddenly appeared in front of him that startled him.

It was like a nightmare.


[The king's power will display your status.]

Name: Ajin Genku

Level: 0

Class: None

Title: None


MP: 0

Fatigue: 0


Strength: 0

Stamina: 0


Intellect: 15



'Level 0?'

It was like looking at a status window of a game. It looks like this status window shows him his stats like a character in the game.

But something was strange to him.

"Level 0?" He says again.

Usually, in a game rpg, a player's beginner level was 1 but Ajin was 0.

"Am I that bad?"

Well, he who had no power and was useless at everything. It wasn't surprising that the "system" showed something like this.

His class was "None"! His health was 0, all of his stats were 0 except his intelligence. Well actually, although he didn't have any superpowers, he was really smart, which made Billy jealous in the past.

That's when Ajin takes a minute break to calm down and breathe well, erasing the status in front of him without knowing. And then after 2 minutes, he opened his eyes finally making his decision.

As his eyes were wide open, he focused on the surroundings around him. The room itself wasn't well lit, but he could still see enough to determine he was nowhere familiar.

"Dungeon?" he felt that was the most appropriate word to really describe his surroundings, and this thing that suddenly appeared in front of him told him 'he should complete this dungeon' if he wants to return to his world. And then let's not forget the stat.

But there were a few other things written, but Ajin was so preoccupied with the word "dungeon" that he didn't even know the other words.

Thinking about that, the screen popped up in front of the human again, causing him to jump slightly. He quickly glanced at the information on that screen.

"What now?"

[Note: In order to unlock the King's power and become stronger and return to your world, You must complete this duegon.]

"The King's power huh? Well, if it's what you want.. then let's. "

He gathered his strength and stood up as his confusion grew but there was something he could sense, that was he could grow stronger and return to his world if he completed this dungeon.


The screen once again disappears from Ajin's view.

Then He began to search his immediate surroundings for a weapon of any kind. But there was nothing he could find, a little disappointed, he headed straight for his path hoping to find something that could help him in this dungeon.

The little man carefully searched the room which had been dimly lit ever since. The boy's bright eyes darted left and right, finally settling on a moving shadow in the middle of the room.

As he decides to get a little closer, he discovers 2 green dwarfs with pointy ears and ugly faces dressed in leather armor. One with a rusty sword and another with a rusty mace.

Ajin could identify them since he liked to play these kinds of rpg games, of course they were goblins.

Then there was also a long sword on the ground, a few centimeters from the goblins.

Ajin closed his eyes and his breathing became slow and calm. Then he opened his eyes, starting to walk little by little, without making a sound, towards the sword that was on the ground.


Rift .

Ajin deliberately stepped hard on a piece of tile to reveal his existence.


"Holy shit…"

To his surprise, they already sensed his presence and rushed towards him. Ajin quickly picked up the sword, and when they got closer, Ajin swung it at the green dwarf with a rusty mace in his hand.


It hit the goblin's head, severing it from his body and the second green goblin launched his attack with even more intent to kill Ajin. Now that his buddy had just been killed by a human, the other goblin had become angry.

And with his relatively fit body, Ajin was instinctively and easily be able to dodge the green dwarf's slash.

"Woah there, did I just dodge an attack?"

It was a first, Ajin had never been able to dodge a blow sent by those who targeted him especially from Billy and his acolytes but Ajin had managed to dodge a blow coming from a monster who was even more intimidating than Billy .

"That's a first."

Did he make some progress after he killed the first goblin?

Well, something like "you level up" should have popped out but it didn't.

Anyway, it was not the time to think about this...

Now that the green goblin had missed his attack, there was an opening in his defense.

Taking advantage of this opening, Ajin swept his sword without hesitation to cut off the green goblin's head.

As he died, two notifications appeared on the left side of his vision.

[Congratulations, you have eliminated a Green Goblin.]

[Congratulations, you have eliminated a green goblin.]

Ajin completely ignored the notifications, he was completely off.

He who considered himself to be shit had just killed not one but two monsters by himself.

This accomplishment alone makes Ajin not only having proud in himself but having for the first time on his life, a big wide smile on his face.

Thanks to these notifications that had appeared in front of him, Ajin had confirmed that the creatures that had attacked him were indeed goblins.


Not even letting his moment be taken, 3 other green goblins who were nearby and had heard commotions were now heading towards him.

Ajin gets up with his heart full of excitement, forgetting his sword on the ground attacks the goblin who seemed to be the strongest who was the one in the middle.

The other two goblins suddenly stopped because of the sudden Bloodlust Ajin was releasing.




The goblin, who was suddenly attacked by a powerful punch that had sent him crashing into a wall, was now having trouble getting up.

His brain must be shaking because he was hit very hard by a very strong punch.

Goblin quickly lifted his sharp nails and swung them at him, but Ajin easily dodged the attack.





Ajin hit the Goblin with another punch with all his might.


The goblin fell back with a loud shock to his stomach.

Without missing the gap, Ajin quickly climbed on top of him, swinging his fists and punching him in the face.

Bam! Bam! Bam! bam


The goblin desperately scratched Ajin's skin to free himself, but it didn't work. Ajin had completely ignored the pain the goblin was inflicting on him.

After the goblin, whose face bone collapsed, stretched his body after a short period of time.


At the end of the desperate fight, Ajin also took a hard breath.

He didn't even use a weapon, but the hospital clothes Ajin was wearing were now covered in bloodstains.


The excitement of the battle didn't dissipate immediately, instead the excitement grew and spread through him.

The two goblins who had stood silently watching the fight, turned their heads to look at each other, then

Dashed toward Ajin with rage.



Seeing them coming, Ajin calmly gets up and walks towards the sword he had left on the ground, after picking it up, he clenched his fists, with his sword in his hand, then he walks towards them without a second thoughts.


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