Ajin starts to open his eyes very slowly.

The first thing he saw was an all-white ceiling. He could also feel something very soft behind his back. It looks like he was lying on a bed.

Ajin gently lifted his upper torso on the bed while grabbing his head with his right arm because he was feeling some headache. As he glanced around, Ajin could quickly recognize where he was.

"A hospital ? »

Due to the problems they had in the past with Billy, Ajin was somewhat familiar with those kinds of places. Although he had never been in a hospital before but Monsieur Leon's clinic was somewhat similar.

Ajin quickly thought back to events before he passed out.

"The monster that attacked me..."

The monster that suddenly attacked him and created an explosion on him. The damage this monster had created had cost him both his feet and his arms.

Ajin's eyes quickly shift to his left hand, his eyes widening wide as he couldn't believe what he had just seen.

"My my arm..."

His arms was completely fine, in flesh and bone. Ajin tried to touch it to confirm if it wasn't an illusion and no it wasn't an illusion, it was good and very real.

He quickly pulled off the blanket covering him to get confirmation for his feet. At that moment, he smiled and tears of joy began to come out.

They were all there...

Not only that, he could also feel vibrations coming from his chest. Which confirms that his heart was beating normally.

But how was this possible? He remembers very clearly that he was close to death because of the severe damage they had received during the explosion. Him being alive and being here now in a hospital was something that shouldn't have been possible.

"What really happened"

Deep in his memories, he could know that something was missing. This important and missing part was perhaps the reason for all this mystery.

Just then a voice is heard from the door of Ajin's room.

“You are finally awake Mr. Ajin.”

He quickly turned his head in the direction the voice was coming from.

He saw a man in a long white shirt reaching down to his legs, with hair sliding down the floor and wearing a pair of glasses. So this man approached Ajin's bed.

So the man introduced himself with great politeness.

"Hello Mr. Ajin, how are you?" My name is Lee Jin, Your doctor in charge. »

In fact Mr. Lee Jin was the doctor who was assigned to take care of Ajin since he arrived at the hospital.

Ajin meanwhile was a bit concerned about another thing, he felt that today was not the next day of the disaster he had been through, he felt that he had spent several in that hospital. But he wanted to know something important.

So he slowly turned his head, looked the doctor right in the eyes and asked him with great curiosity.

“Mr. Lee, how did I get to this hospital? "

His body lay deeper in the rubble after the explosion, when help arrived it was impossible to find him due to all the debris and rocks that were there.

And indeed, young Ajin really wanted to know how he got here.

The doctor opened his mouth.

"You have been through the Eagle Guild."

Ajin's eyes will open.

"The Eagle's guide?"

The Eagle Guide was one of the strongest and most massive in the United States, which was why it was ranked as one of the top five best guilds in the country. It was also Ajin's favorite guild and had always dreamed of being part of them. This would therefore mean that someone had happened to meet in contact with them when he had gone to seek help.

Ajin smiled admiringly, thinking that the guild he considered true hunters was the very one who saved him. Ajin couldn't help but have great gratitude in his heart towards them.

He asks quickly then.


"Today is what day?"

Doctor Lee and the nurse who was right next to him, for some reason exchanged small glances which seemed to disturb the young man a little. The doctor turns his head towards him, slowly opening his mouth.

“Today is 18 August, Mr. Ajin. »

Ajin put on an extremely shocked face when he heard that.

If he remembers correctly, the day he went to work was August 10, right? So if today is August 18, that would mean he spent a week unconscious in that hospital.

It was the first time in his life that he had been asleep for a week, he had never slept for more than seven hours in a day in his entire life, but that was another story.

Ajin mutters to himself.

“Looks like I was really damaged then. »

It was the only resolution he could make.

After a few seconds, Ajin realized something about his body, it was as if he knew he had become bigger than before.

His eyes widened a little.

Fat? Now that he thinks about it. He turns his eyes to his arms as his eyes widened even more than before.

“Was my hands really this big and muscular?”

It was his body it was all about, of course he could feel a change. The feeling of being extremely weak was no longer there, his body was overflowing with energy.

Ajin was not the only one surprised, He could sense the suspicious reactions of the doctor and the nurse.

The doctor couldn't hide his astonishment from his expression. As we said before, he had been in charge of Ajin since he arrived here which also means he had already seen the young man's skinny body, so he was right to be so surprised.

The doctor quikly makes a suggestion in his head.


He had worked in this hospital for 15 years, he had treated several types of hunters which means that he was already used to seeing hunters who changed, gaining new powers.

This phenomenon was extremely rare, there were cases where humans could awaken their powers that were dormant thanks to the "Re-Awakening". The Hunters who could benefit from the Re-Awakening were those who were close to death.

When a Hunter undergoes this phenomenon, he normally becomes extremely powerful compared to what he was before. Jumping beyond their own limits, they could exit E-rank to A-rank or even S-rank, could exit from A-rank to S-rank, could exit C-rank to A-rank or S-rank.

The doctor nervously swallowed his saliva.

But this young man, Ajin...his physical transformation was amazing. His transformation was of course different from Hunters before. This little boy who was all skinny had now become muscular.

The doctor continued staring at Ajin with his expression full of surprise before he approached the young man to take his body temperature, he wanted to know his condition.

The doctor placed his palm lightly on Ajin's head and Ajin let him do it without saying anything while a small white aura started to be visible on the doctor's hand.

After a few seconds, cold sweats began to form on the doctor's forehead. For some reason, he now had a serious expression. Shortly after, the small energy that was on the doctor's hand was gone.

The doctor gently removes his hand from the young lad, he takes off his glasses as gently as he had his face with his eyes wide open.

“This boy…”

The doctor could know the conditions of his patients by just laying his hand on their head, by doing this he could see their internal conditions for example, If they had serious conditions about their lungs and even their hearts, or others problems some of them had lack of energy due to serious injuries.

But Ajin was different, his body had no problem at all, his internal condition was new, this little boy was healthier than a normal person, it was like Ajin had just been reborn.

But the thing that was even more surprising to the doctor was the energy he felt, it was the first time he felt this type of energy, it was clearly different from that of a normal hunter and even different than an S-rank hunter, at first the doctor thought it was the energy of a demon but the energy was so pure that the doctor immediately erased that theory from his head.

Suddenly, a little earthquake shook in the doctor's eyes, as he made a another suggestion.

“Is it came to a god? »

The doctor's eyes lift slightly as he shakes his head.

“No no no, it is impossible. »

Humans who possessed the power of a god were extremely rare on this earth. But the doctor knew some hunters who had benefited from their powers. Not only him but several other people since these hunters there were recognized throughout the whole world being placed at the top.

If the United States could have hunter having the power of a god, the government could be proud but too bad it did not have any for the moment.

Ajin then say..

“What is my current condition doctor?”

"I haven't detected any internal injuries, which means you don't have to take care of Mr. Ajin, you are in perfect health. »

Ajin then let out a breath. He's glad everything was fine. The doctor quickly adds that if he wanted, he could even leave the hospital tomorrow. Ajin was now even happier then before as a wide smile appears on his lips.

“Good, thank you everything Mr. Doctor.”

The doctor answers him while smiling back.

"You're welcome."

It was his job after all, the doctor was also happy that his patient was healthy but he was still surprised. It was then..

“Can I come in please? »

A voice comes out towards the direction of the front door, a voice that Ajin could recognize. Everyone in the room turns their heads. To which Ajin happily exclaims after seeing the person's face.

"Hey Ryan, you're here!" »

A little white-haired boy stood in the doorway.

Having no reason to be here anymore, the doctor and nurse turn their backs on each other to leave.

"Let's go. »

" Yes sir. replied the nurse right away.

Before leaving, the doctor turns his head.

“See you later Mr. Ajin. »

Ajin then nodded his head.

“Yes, thank you.”

After hearing the young man's answer, the doctor and the nurse leave Ajin and Ryan alone in the room.

Ryan starts walking towards Ajin's bed and then he swept his eyes all over Ajin's face, his face started to darken with sadness, he then let his body fall over Ajin's body as he began to cry. At first, Ajin was surprised by this reaction but later on, he cracked a smile. He lightly patted the back of his dear friend who was worried about him.

It was a miracle and a relief that he made it out alive.

After leaving him in the accident, Ryan thought he would never see Ajin again back then.

For Ryan, It was some kind of hell that Ajin experienced back there.

After a few minutes, Ryan stopped crying. After wiping and rubbing his eyes, Ryan's eyes widened as if he had just noticed a big change.

He then let out an expected question..

“Hey, Ajin, What happened to your body? and your hands … your feet…”

Ajin slowly lowered his eyes to himself and then raised them with a goofy smile.

“Hehehe, ya see… i don’t know myself. When I woke up, I was like this.”

Ryan was speechless. Although he didn't spend much time with Ajin but when he met him, He noticed a trait about Ajin that everyone could see, that was he was skinny, a trait that could defining that Ajin was extremely weak, his hands and feet which were all cut off were now attached to Ajin's body.

How is it possible ?

There were so many things that Ryan coundn't understand.

Well no matter, the most important thing is that his friend was now alive, and he got to see him again, that's all.


A small telephone sound arose in the room.

Ryan takes his cell phone out of his pocket.

Then having seen what was there, he smiled a little.

Now that he has the satisfaction that his friend is good and well he then slowly turn his entire body as he open his mouth.

“Well I have to go.”

“Huh, are you already going somewhere?” Ajin asked

"Yeah, to the Hunter's academy."

“Ah, the hunter’s rentence exams.”

Ajin quikly remembers that Ryan had completed an academy application and handed it in. He was just waiting for their response.

“They called me to evaluate me. »

All like Ajin, Ryan had a strong will to become a hunter but while Ryan had powers, Ajin didn't, it was for this reason that the hunter academy had never accepted him for them to evaluate him.

Ryan then continues.

"I'm going to become a hunter and take care of you Ajin, you don't have to try so hard"

That came up from a guy that have a deep concern for his friend, Ajin knew it very well but he couldn't accept it.

“I cannot…” Ajin said with a darkened expression.

Hearing this answer, an akward silence descended in the room.

Ryan was surprised, he was going to argue with Ajin on this issue but after seeing Ajjn's face, he gave up, for now. Even though he had just realized that he had no way to change Ajin's stubbornness, especially after seeing this determine and dark expression, he decided to talk with him about it later.

Ryan lets a breath of exhaustion escape his mouth as he prepares to leave the room.

"Well, if it's your wish, see you later"

“Yeah, thank you for coming.” Ajin said with a wide smile.

Ryan then leaves the room closing the door shut.

The hospital room which was small but had several people inside was now empty and silent leaving only Ajin.

Ajin now lays down on the bed, several things were going on inside his head but he couldn't answer anything.

As he continued to think, he slowly looked up at the ceiling and that's when he noticed something odd.

“Huh? What the? »

A small white light, coming from below, enveloped him, leaving him speechless, without emotion, without time to react. First, the white light enveloped his ankles, then moved to his legs and torso, gripping him up to the neck. "Huh" was all he had time to say, still in disbelief whether he was awake or not. And then Ajin's body suddenly disappears.

No indication, nothing, no sign that the Ajin man was even on planet Earth. As if he had never been in the first place.

It wasn't until he regained consciousness that the Ajin man found himself blind and helpless in a strange place. The existing darkness was such that it was clearly impossible to try to make out anything. No, it looks like he was in some kind of cave.

Then a voice spoke through an even brighter light:

[Greetings, Host, welcome inside the dungeon]

Ajin's eyes quickly get widened

"What? I'm inside…. a dungeon? What the hell is going on?"

But what Ajin was about to discover was going to drive him deeper into despair.

[You have received a new quest from the King.]

[In order to unlock the King's power and return to your world, You must complete the dungeon.]

"Me? Insidea duegon? And I have to complete it ?"

A cold sweat ran down Ajin's forehead.

It made him want to squat and bow, such was the superiority and out of this world feeling, no matter how powerful he was.

"Just what the fuck is going?" was all he could think of.


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