It was really dark...

“Where am I? Am I dead? "

Maybe not, it seems that because of the explosion, he was buried deep in the earth.

He tried to move but his hands weren't responding, no actually he had no more hands, no more legs. He didn't even feel the pain and the way he lay, he was comfortable.

He was in a dark space, unable to see anything, he was blind because of the darkness. Ajin was surprised that he was still alive but he was not worried, he would surely die from blood loss.

Now that he was facing these final moments, tears were starting to well up in his eyes. His heart was seized with a terrible sadness he had never felt before.

Inside his mind, memories began to appear.

He was starting to remember his times with his family when he was still a baby even though he couldn't clearly remember their faces. When he was still in middle school, his mother had died in a car accident while his father went missing. He then began to remember the face of the cleaner's newcomer, Ryan. His face filled with anxiety and concern before leaving.

“I think he was a good guy. " He said with a smile on his lips.

He was also starting to remember his times at school, although most of them were shitty, but he had managed to make a few friends, "real friends".

“I can't believe that I'm going to die like this. “

He couldn't accept that he was going to leave this moment without making Billy and the others pay for everything they had done to him and others

At the same time, something crossed his mind.

How will they react when they find ou that I died? »

For someone like Billy, he would surely laugh even in Ajin's death.

The only people who will have sadness in their hearts will be his "true friends", Ryan and "his father" if he is still somewhere on this planet.

During his life during the academy, He had several objectives. His goals were to become stronger to then free the students of the academy from Billy's grip and the high ranks, to become a hunter to then save the world against the monsters, and then to find his father.

"If only- if only I had the power to achieve all of this…" he said with a helpless voice.

That's when Ajin's eyes began to slowly close.

And that's when a powerful voice that came out of nowhere, a type of voice that Ajin had never heard in his life rang out.

[Greetings, Humans..]

Because of that voice, Ajin's eyes that were about to close started to re-open. When he opened it, he saw something that was a bit difficult to explain.

A kind of hologram having the appearance of a human being now appeared in front of him. The rubble, which was completely dark, was now lightened to a blue color due to the effect of this hologram.

Ajin didn't understand what was going on.

Is it a hallucination? Is it because of the explosion or is it because he was close to death that now he sees unreal things in this way?

He couldn't tell if it was a hallucination or not but one thing was for sure was that this thing was in front of him talking to him.

But above all, he wanted to confirm the identity of this thing.

"Who are you? Are you the god of death? Did you come here to take my soul to the after life?'' He said.

[No, I'm not a god and certainly not of the death, and I did not come here to take your soul or anything. My name is Raijin Hans,a Celestial.In the past, Your race the "Humans" used to call me their King, I think it was “The King of Humans”.]

Raijin Hans? The King of Humans? Ajin was more than sure and certain that he had never heard of the existence of such a being. Ajin had studied several types of gods while at the academy such as Zeus, Poseidon, Odin, Thor and many others. But this Raijin Hans was new to him.

Ajin then threw out another question with a bit of difficulty.

“If you.…. did…… not came…. here to take my soul then…. Why are you here?”

[To tell you, young Ajin, I was looking for you for a long time but I wasn't able to find you anywhere. But while I was in my divine world, I was able to hear your voice.]

Ajin now became confused.

"Looking for me? My voice?"

[Yes, now that I am here, present in front of you, I have a question to ask you.]

Ajin closed his mouth in a straight line, waiting for this question.

[In order for me to be free and protect Earth a second time, I shall help you fulfill any of your desires, so Ajin Genku do you want to have a pact with me?]

That's when Ajin's eyes will open wide. He couldn't hide his surprise face.

This thing might be a demon pretending to be a god but did it really matter to think about that? Especially in this situation he was in now.

Making a pact with a god or a demon made no difference, both wanted something in return for their absolute powers.

But this thing only wants to be free so it can protect the earth? Based on that alone, Ajin was now convinced that the being in front of him might really be a god or a "Celestial" he said he was.

But as he hesitated a little to answer, something appeared in front of him but this some kind of image that told him.

[Do you accept the pact? Yes or No?]

It looked like he could choose, but his hesitation was still there.

When Ajin notices this, the being asks Ajin again as if to urge him.

[You have to make a decision quickly, you don't have much time. You still have a few seconds before your heart stops beating. Do you accept the pact?'

In this world, power was absolute. The strong dominate the weak, it had always been so since even before humans were given superpowers. For him to rise above them all, he needed great power and that power was now in front of him. If several other people were in his place, would they refuse? Of course not, they would never have missed such a chance.

While several seconds had passed, death was now close to him. As his eyes were about to close, he had enough strength and courage to let out his voice at the last moment.

“Yes… Yes… I accept… the pact..”

Hearing his response, the same letters that had appeared telling him whether he accepted the pact or not changed his writing.

[Congratulations, you have become the host of Raijin Hans “The King Of Humans”]


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