When he got home, he opened the door and turned on the light. Juice bottles and several other types of trash were on the floor.

His body being too weak to pick them up and throw them away, so he goes to his room and lets his body fall on his bed.

Lying down, his eyes were towards the ceiling, his heart was empty. In the past, he wanted to change somehow but now he didn't expect himself to change anymore. Ajin had given up on all that, he was just waiting for his end.

He didn't know where he would be taken after his death, maybe heaven or hell. All he knew was that death is "eternal rest" and he wanted that rest.

If only someone could kill him, he could finally disappear from this world.

After some time, the sun began to set, and darkness began to invade the room, and Ajin began to feel sleepy.

As his eyes finally close.

Then the next day….


The clock that was right next to Ajin chimed loudly.

Ajin's still, sleeping body jerked and his eyes opened wide. Rubbing his eyes, his blurry vision was gone, he was back to normal.

It was early and it was time to go to work, Ajin slowly gets up from his bed and goes to take a bath.

As he had no talent to become a hunter, Ajin had to find a job in a cleaning company, a company specialized in cleaning up the streets of the bodies of monsters who had managed to escape from their dungeon, and who were more later exterminate by the hunters.

That was what someone like Ajin had managed to find a way to do in his life.

After he finished, he put on his work uniform. Quickly packing up everything he needed then left his apartment after making sure he didn't accidentally leave anything behind.

It was all he did when he wasn't in school.



Ajin arrived very quickly towards his destination since the distance was not so long.

While walking whittin the distance, the road between his destination and his home was by no means short. It usually took Ajin around 40 minutes to travel between the two locations.

Arriving soon, He was now in front of the door of a large building. Opening it, he was quickly welcomed by 40s looking man who seemed to be waiting for him.

"Hey, Ajin!"

It was Mr. Joseph, one of the people Ajin respected more than anything. Always smiling, and making everyone around him laugh, Ajin was no exception of that.

Ajin answers him with a big smile.

"Hey Mr. Joseph, how are you this morning?"

"Ah I try to keep my body in perfect shape and you young people?"

"As you can already see…I'm in great shape."

"Hehehe…ah by the way, there's someone I wanted to introduce you to someone."


It was then that a young man with white hair appeared, he was very tall and was very handsome too. At the first Ajin was surprised.

"Ajin this is Ryan and Ryan this is Ajin."

Joseph introducing them.

The young man bowed his head toward Ajin.

"Hello." The man said calmly and dryly.

Ajin bowed his head as well.

Monsieur Joseph then continues.

"It's seems like this kid is new in town and he wanted to join the cleanup crew so from now on Ajin, he's in your care."

"Yes sir." Ajin responds with a smile.

After this brief introduction, Ajin, Ryan and Mr. Joseph join another group of 3 people who were waiting for them at their destination.

It seems that a group of monsters had managed to escape from their dungeon but some hunters had managed to arrive in time to eliminate them.

Joseph's group containing Ajin, Ryan and 3 other guys as members had been called to clean up the place where the monsters died.



Throughout this work, Ajin was always close to Ryan, telling him what to do and how to do it. Truth be told, Ajin made a good impression. They even started to get along with each other and quickly became good friends.

After a few hours, after they've finished working….

"Good work today, Ryan!" Ajin said

Ryan bowed his head.

"Thanks to you, I was able to get through my first day here. Thank you very much."

"H-hey, you don't have to bow. You know, it was the boss who gave me this responsibility anyway Hehehe."

Frankly speaking, Ajin was really feeling embarrassed. Well that was his first time seeing someone giving respect to him for something.

As the two exchanged friendly smiles.


Ryan's eyes widen greatly.

“Ajin! Behind you ! he shouted with all his might.

As soon as Ajin turned his head from behind, suddenly something bit him creating an explosion.





The destruction caused by the explosion was horrible, dust had completely invaded the territory.

And in Ajin's case, several large pieces of rocks had enveloped almost his entire body, only his head, his right hand which was half destroyed and a small part of his back burned, could be seen.

“Ajin? Ajin.. are you okay?..”

Ajin could hear someone addressing him but he didn't know who it was, his vision was too blurry to know.

After this mysterious person came closer, Ajin soon recognized who it was. It was none other than Ryan.

Seeing Ajin's serious condition, Ryan's face was filled with sadness.

“Hey Ajin, hey…. Are you doing well ? Don't worry...I'll get you out of this..."

Ajin could see Ryan's white face, it even looked like he was going to cry. This expression had already ruined the handsome boy that he was.

Frankly, Ajin didn't know if he was fine or not, no he was probably not fine since he couldn't feel one of his feet, maybe it was because of the rocks.

Ryan grabs Ajin's right arm and tries to pull him out. At that moment, Ajin could feel pain. He had excruciating pain in his back, as if the back of his body was still on fire.

Now that he thinks about it, he had just been attacked by a monster, right? Judging from his current situation, he may have just been attacked by an explosive monster. These kinds of monsters were called 《Kamikaze Monsters》they were fish-like monsters that surprise hunters by exploding, they were considered one of the most dangerous types of monsters on earth.

As he began to feel pain, pain he couldn't bear, he could at the same time feel something else, something that seemed to be clinging to his feet biting him.

“Don’t tell me…there is another one?” he thought with his eyes wide with terror.

“Hey Ryan, I think…. I think you have to go..”

“What? »

He had tried to speak aloud but he was too weak to do so. His voice had barely come out.

"It's useless... you have to go now..."

“Are you crazy? There is no way in hell that I will leave you here alone.”

It was almost touching, to finally see someone caring about him, plus it was someone he had just met.

"So are you plaining to die with me?" Because it looks like there's a Kamikaze monster clinging to me as I speak to you."

“What?! Ryan was surprised

Following this, the rocks started glowing. Seems like the monster was about to explode.

With all that was left of his strength, Ajin cried out urgently.


He felt his heart freeze, it was all he could do for Ryan.

For a few seconds, Ryan stared at Ajin, he couldn't believe what he was hearing, but it was all Ajin could do for him to protect him.

Ajin smiled bitterly.

"Just.. just go already." »

Ajin couldn't bear Ryan's teary face, he could barely hold back his own tears, seeing his new friend crying for him made him even sadder. Ajin could feel his chest tighten.

Ryan takes a deep breath.

“Ok, I will go but only to get some help ok? I'll try to get some help ok?" Ryan said desperately as the tears continued to stream down his face.

Ajin nodded to reassure Ryan, but Ajin already knew that "there is no saving me" his ending was already here.

With that, Ryan turns and runs off. Ajin could see him starting to fade his vision little by little.

Ajin smiled, he had no regrets about his decision. At least before he died he had done something useful.

Ajin takes a big deep breath. To tell the truth, it was a relief only he didn't think he was going to die this way.

But at least the thing he wanted the most was now going to happen.

So while he was thinking about this, the light started to get bigger and bigger and then...



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