While 1 million years after the great war, the world had become joyful and peace reigned until in 2012 a dungeon appeared out of nowhere, no one knew how and why this dungeon appeared but was there At the time no one knew whether it was a dungeon or not, which led her to ignore it. But people were starting to get suspicious when several other dungeons started appearing around the world.

Out of curiosity, most of them decided to go there, and it was there that they discovered several horrible things. There were several types of terrifying creatures inside these dungeons who had not hesitated to attack those who dared to enter.

With no way to defend themselves, several of them died but others managed to get out. It would seem that each dungeon has different environments and locations, as if these dungeons lead to another world.

Following this incident, people decided not to enter it anymore. Thinking about it, they will be safe but they were wrong. Monsters were starting to come out and start slaughtering people, destroying towns. The damage caused by these monsters was extremely horrible, the whole world did not know what to do.

After a week of panic, humans suddenly begin to have superpowers. With these powers, they began to fight the monsters and get inside the dungeons, completing them by killing any monsters that were inside. As a reward, they had received crystals and several types of artifacts.

These humans would later be known as "Hunter".

With their intelligence, they discovered that each dungeon had different ranks. Some were, Rank S, A, B, C, D, and finally E. And of course, that also applied to hunters, each hunter had different ranks. So to facilitate the difference in power and strength, they have been separated into several rankings [rank F, E, D, C, B, A then S].

With these rankings, hunters could know what kind of dungeons they should enter or not. Then later, The Hunter Association was formed.

Then after a while, people started to get used to it and also started to treat these dungeons like everyday life, the hunters started to see them as their job to do.


In a classroom filled with students who were all standing in circles, watching in horror at a scene passing in front of them.

A skinny young man who had his knees on the ground bowed his head in fear to the group of 3 men in front of him. His body was shaking and he had several scrapes and wounds. It seemed that the 3 students had just punched him in and finally stopped after thinking the young man might die.

The skinny man’s name was Ajin Genku, he was largely known for being the school’s weakest, or even the world’s weakest human. Ajin was so hopelessly weak that it was even embarrassing for the other students to say that such a student currently existed in their school. Even a 10-year-old kid could use his power better than him. As a result, the highest ranks among the students treated him like dirt. Especially for those three who were in front of him. Most terrifying was that they were in the same class as him.

The trio was Billy, Devol and Jorge.

Billy Stewart, although he was only a sophomore, he was hugely appreciated by professors for his power and his mastery over his power. He was one of the idols of the school, he didn't even waste time getting recognized around town, and yes, he had become a star.

He was also appreciated for his friendly demeanor with the teachers but at the same time some of the teachers and all the students knew that he was not a student with bad intentions in his head. The fact that his parents were highly ranked in society and important to this city proved Billy's cruelty.

He was also extremely cunning, he knew how to use his parents' positions to manipulate others as he pleased and even take control of the entire school. On top of that, he was extremely mean and terrifying. He even had an obsession with trampling on or even dominating others who were even weaker than him, especially Ajin. And he had for members, Devol and Jorge who were his faithful companions and were also among the current high class of the establishment.

For a few months, when Ajin was transferred to High School, completely unaware of his physique and weakness, several high school students started approaching him because he had a good face, and yes people with good faces are considered. to have a rich family and have tremendous power. They had only done this in order to escape into Billy's hands. However, as time went on, when they learned that Ajin had none of it, all the students finally turned their backs on him and some of them grouped with Billy to make fun of him. him.

And it was there that Ajin had become the best prey for Billy to unleash his darkest desires at will. And it was starting to become hell for Ajin.

Billy didn't like the light in Ajin's eyes. No student could dare look him in the eye but, this piece of trash just did it. Billy was now very angry.

"What about giving him some more punches?"

And suddenly, the classroom's door opens and a person appears. Which catches everyone's attention.

"Hey, what the hell do you think you’re doing? Return to your seat immediately."

It was Professor Leon, but he was not only a teacher, he was also a B-rank among the Hunters. He was really experienced in terms of saber.

He was always the one who saved Ajin in those kinds of situations against Billy by always appearing at the right time. It had even become a habit.

The students exchanged a few vicious gazes at each other. Now that the professor was there, there was no more reason to stick around anymore. Billy and the others decide to go and sit down but before doing that, Billy lowers his head slightly, whispering in Ajin's ear.

“You better bring more money tomorrow, hehehe.”

As they went to sit down, the students who had suffered under Billy avoided Billy's gaze, others then laughed at Ajin.

While he remained on the ground, Ajin tried to keep his body calm but in the end he couldn’t, his whole body couldn’t stop trembling.

Leon's pitying expression was on Asuka. It hurts to see a person like Ajin suffering like this all the time. For Leon, Ajin was extremely intelligent and had a passion to become a Hunter someday, something that was difficult to become, especially for a weak person like Ajin. Nowadays, a person who seeks to become a Hunter is only looking for money to fulfill their needs. This was the case for Ajin.

Leon rubbed his neck with a sigh.

"Hey Kid, you can go to the infirmary."

It was something he said to Ajin every day, he couldn't let Ajin go to court with a body beaten up like that.


As Ajin heard the professor's permission, he gathered all strength to his leg for him to get up. He then began walking with great difficulty because of all the blows he had just received.


He was now in front of the class taking himself out but before that, he bowed his head to Leon in terms of thanks.


Leon’s eyes narrowed his eyes down toa slit and a little smile appeared on his slips. The thing is that was the only thing he could do for Ajin. Even himself couldn’t do anything against Billy because if he does Billy’s parents could give big problems like losing his job as a Hunter in the future. The problem was, almost everyone knew about Billy's mean acts, it was just that they couldn't openly express it.


Leon was even impressed that Ajin could endure all of these things for several months. Students could even leave the school if they were in Ajin's place.


Ajin continued to walk towards the infirmary which thank God was not far from his classroom. His steps were light and shaky, but he was almost there.


After many struggles, he had managed to find himself outside the door.


He used his right hand to pull the door to his right. After performing the action, the first thing he saw was the nurse who was sitting on his desk, reading a newspaper.


Sensing that someone had opened the door, he left his gaze from his journal to the person. But he recognized this person quickly. His eyes narrowed.


"So Ajin, you're back again huh?"


Ajin smiled a bit.


“Yeah, we can say that Mister John”


John sighs tiredly.


“How many do I have to tell you to take care of yourself? you should really watch yourself against these students. ”


"I -I'm sorry Mister, the thing is, you know Billy is in the same class as me. So it can’t be helped. "


Indeed, John already knew that. He already knew Billy was a big troublemaker and had heard the rumors about him and Ajin before.


Just like Leon, John was still wondering how this little one was dealing with all of this. Ajin the poor, if it continues like this, he will die at the end.


John turns to get a glass of water and then brings it to Asuka.


"Here drink this, you’ll be healed in perhaps 30 minutes. "


“Thank you.”


Asuka picks it up and drinks it, then decides to go and lie down on the white bed next to him.


John then says.


"You can go home after you’ve healed, I’ll notify Mister Leon that you’ll not be attending class for the rest of the day. "


“Yes sir, thank you very much.”


After getting his permission, Ajin got up after about 15 minutes. He left school to take a bus to take him home.



When he managed to find a bus and walked in, the people inside seeing the school uniform on him began to wonder why a student was on the street at this hour. But Ajin decides to ignore them and goes to sit down.


Along the way he began to wonder if his life was just a game. Since going to this school, Billy and his men didn't want to stop attacking him, no one was there for it. 'to help. He had tried to ask others for help, but no one answered. Because he had no superpowers and no talents.


He had a dream, a dream of becoming a hunter, but because of everything that was going on around him. He had decided to give up.


He didn't know what the point was for him to continue living, he didn't know why he was struggling all his life. Since his mother died and his father went missing, he was alone. His life was wasted. He was no longer worth anything.


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Bio: Just a teenager who likes to writes and reads novels.

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