At the beginning of the universe, there were only 2 entities, the angels and the demons, having differing opinions regarding the concept of life, they fought in a devastating war causing vast destruction in the process around the universe.


 After eons of endless war,“God” had intervened in this great war and had banished the demons to the underworld.


 After ten years of peace, God created humanity in his image.  Lucifer, the fallen angel and the greatest enemy of God, who was hidden in the shadows, had grown jealous and envious had now decided to destroy all of God's creation, which would include the earth.


 To do this, he had freed the demons in the underworld, so the demons engaged the angels in a new war and Lucifer used this moment to attack the earth with his personal weapon.


 But it would seem that it was not only Lucifer who had planned to attack the earth ......

 In planet Earth


 Men in golden armor began to appear over and over, falling from heaven to earth and thus, beginning to slaughter the humans they saw on the way, men, women and even children.


 The men in the golden armor turned the whole planet into chaos in a flash.


 And of course, the human race wasn't even a threat to the men with the golden armors as a whole.  The human race wasn't powerful enough to handle the superiority of the Golden Armored Men.


 And for them, there was no problem in dealing and massacring these low class humans.


 Nobody knew this was an actual apocalypse… ..


 While many people were screaming and running away, there were some who were brave enough to fight against the men in the gold armor, But they not did last long.  They were easily massacred.


 The last one of them, Matias, who was kneeling on the ground, in front of him stood one of the generals of the armored men.  He had tried everything he could but nothing worked.  In the end, he had brutally lost his fight.


 "I had a good life ... and I don’t regret anything"


 Matias continued to psyche himself up non stop as he glared at the general.


 From the beginning of his existence, he had a good life.  Had a good mother and father who truly loved him, and had a wife who greatly fell in love with him and recently found out she was pregnant, yes he was about to be a father.  He obliges to separate from his wife and come here to do his cultivation work.

 The only thing he regrets is that he might not see his son or his girl born, and his wife might even by dead right now.


 Matias smiled.


 "I’ll see you in heaven ..."


 Matias slowly closed his eyes, thinking that there would be no more need to open them.


 Meanwhile, some people began plopping down on the ground and started praying God and begging him to help them…


 And then their prayer was heard and accepted.




 A sudden noise of explosion coming from his front shocked Matias and the others, as Matias quickly opened his eyes.


 “Huh?  What?


 The general's head separated from his body after being struck by a first was flying away.


 Matias stared at the fist, only to realize there was someone who was straight standing right next to him.


 It was an unknown man with a white hair, having a muscular frame and having some kind of red tattoo on him.


 Matias was completely lost, he didn’t know who it was but there was something that surprised everyone present even les hommes aux armours.  Is that he had just killed one of the armored men with a single blow, and do not forget that the victim was a general who was supposed to be about 100 times more powerful than a normal gold armored man. 


 Meanwhile, the unknown man was wordlessly staring at Matias before shifting his gaze over the remaining armored men who began to shake in fear when the unknown man’s dead glare was now on them.


 The man then makes a step forward as his body begins to be surrounded by a golden aura, and as his eyes begin to glow red.


 Every step he takes makes the body des hommes aux armours tremble even more than before.


 Their faces even seems to mean they didn’t want to fight a person who was giving a deadly pressure like this


 And it was then a storm suddenly arose in the sky and strangely formed 4 lightning bolts which formed a whirlwind landing on the ground thus creating a tremor as if a giant had just landed on the ground and thus forming a mountain of smoke.


 And even so, the man’s face remained unchanged, he was still carrying a serious expression on his face.


 As the smoke began to clear, the faces of strange people began to appear.


 The eyes of Matias and the other humans watching the scene from afar began to widen in terror that they could recognize the faces of these individuals there.


 “The gods….  "


 Even the unknown man recognized them as well.


 It was "The King of the Sea" Poseidon, "The Hero" Hercules, "The King of the underworld" Hades, and the "Hindu god" Indra.


 Due to their hatred of humanity and had decided to end them, they had ordered the men of the golden armor to eradicate the humans.  And so they can come to earth to create a new race of humans in their image.


 But if they were only planning to come to earth after all humans are eradicated, why are they coming now when there are still several humans left on earth?


 It was because they had sensed a gigantic presence on earth, a presence that no human had.  This presence, since it appeared on earth, began to eliminate one by one several of their soldiers from the entire planet.


 Now there is only one group of soldiers, and they were in the same place where the gods had just landed.


 Poseidon was scanning the strange individual with his suspicious eyes.


 And yes, the man in front of him was really suspicious, he then threw out a question.


 “Who are you, human?”


 Even though he referred to the creature as “human”, Poseidon himself wasn’t sure if this creature was a human being.


 The creature before his eyes was having some kind of an authoritative power, all the gods present now could sense it.  And not only that, his physics was not a thing to ignore.  Really tall and having well bulking muscles, something a normal human did not have in this present day.  There was no way that this creature was a human.


 And if he is possibly a human, then he is a human possessing the power of a god.


 Toward Poseidon's latest question, the man didn’t say anything, just standing there at the same spot looking at them with his gold glaring eyes.  Poseidon saw this reaction and became flustered, considering it disrespectful especially toward a god.


 However, the first god who made a step forward was Hercules.


 Even the creature in front of him was already considered to be very dangerous, having a statue as a demi-god, he was utterly confident to not losing to him, no he was confident that he could take him out easily.


 Slowly walking toward the unknown man, closing the gap little by little.


 The man didn’t even move, He was now looking at Hercules since he had managed to catch his attention by moving forward.


 And now they stood before each other and started exchanging glances.  Hercules makes the first move by putting his right arm up as it starts to bulge with several veins that could be seen, it seems he was reuniting a great amount of strength in his right arm.


 And then….




 He swung his arms down to the man as if he was about to hammer him down.






 Strangely, a knocking sound came through and Hercules’s body was felt far away, disappearing through a building.


 This causes the gods to be immensely shocked by this.


 Matias and the others who were still watching were immensely shocked as well.  With great difficulty, Matias tries to throw out a question.


 “Did- did he just…?


 “Yes, he just did.”


 An elder who was next to him, responds to him confirming the scene that Matias could not believe.


 Even the humans couldn't see what had really just happened, they could only see that Hercules' body was feeling away and also judging by the unknown man's current stance.


 The gods were still carrying a shocking expression on their face, they couldn’t believe what just happened now.


 And Poseidon narrowed his eyes in rage, clenching his teeths and turned his head toward the man but the man was nowhere to be seen, when Poseidon raised his head to the sky, He found him in the air looking at him.


 Poseidon's eyes gleamed dangerously then!


 He clenched his trident and dashed forward and thrust his trident forward, however the man easily dodged the attack by tilting his body to the right side.


 Surprisingly, Poseidon’s trident changed directions multiple times and continued to harass the man slightly.


 The first target was the face, Next the stomach and then the heart.  Poseidon's movement was smooth like flowing water but the man was just too quick to be struck by Poseidon's deadly attacks.


 Poseidon tried a last attempt to strike the man's heart once again however the trient was constantly grabbed by the man and quickly countered with powerful knee to the stomach which make Poseidon gasp in pain but that was not all, the man raised his hands to the sky  , putting them together and strike Poseidon with a great amount of forces.  Due to the impact power, Poseidon falls like an arrow to the ground, making a huge crater to the ground.


 "Brother !!" Hades exclaims


 Seeing his brother being knocked to the ground like this, Hades couldn't help but feel the pressure of rage on his face.


 He glared at the unknown man and lifted his hands toward the sky.


 Since he had just raised his hand, a strange black smoke had appeared and through that smoke, skeletons were starting to form.


 This strange technique could be recognized by humans even though they have never seen it before.


 "Army of the Dead" Matias said in his thoughts.


 It was a technique of Hades allowing him to bring the dead back to life.


 The unknown man unfazed, stared at Hades just waiting for him to make his move.


 From the view, an army entirely consisting of skeletons and dead corpses appeared around the King of Hell.  There must be over a thousand of them.


 When Hades lowered his hand pointing to the direction of the man, the dead army rushed at him like a black tide.


 As their master had just ordered, they rushed at the man in only order to kill him.


 But the man makes a strange move on his own.  He lifted his right arm toward the direction where the dead army was rushing at him.


 For the first time, the man opened his mouth with a calm yet authoritative voice.




 After saying this word, flames began to appear on each of the dead corpses and the same goes for the remaining Men in the Golden Armors.


 Hades's eyes widened with great confusion.


 “What's happening right now?”


 As the dead corpse was screaming out in pain The flames began to engulf each of their victims until turning them into ashes.


 Hades’s eyes widened even more than before.


 “What the hell is happening !?”


 As he was struggling to find a response, he noticed something resembling a fist approaching him.  Not even having time to protect himself, the fist struck the unguarded face of Hades with a massive strength, slamming him to the ground.


 The results were obvious now, everyone could see it.


 The King of Hell was defeated.


 The man then stood straight and turned his serious eyes toward Indra who was standing there with his arms crossed.


 The situation was obvious, the hindu god was next.


 Indra was very surprised to see a man capable of taking out Hercules, Poseidon and Hades easily.


 He then asked curiously.


 “Who are you?”


 The man remained silent to this question, Indra's brows narrowed as his body started to envelop himself in a purple aura,


 "Fine, I'll find it by myself"


 The unknown man in turn envelops himself with a gold aura.


 These two then closed their distance in instant by dashing at each other.


 As their fists started to clashes, two extremely powerful being and their fists that was powerful enough to kill a human began exploding out like bullets towards one another,




 This exchange of blows relied only on brute force and humans watching from afar were left absolutely awestruck by this show.


 They continued exchanging blows for a long time.  For the humans, they seemed to be equal.


 However it was not as he seemed.


 Drops of cold sweat began forming on Indra’s forehead.


 “What is this?  What is this sensation that I have right now? ”


 An anxiety born from a sensation of a noose gradually tightening around his neck.


 His fists were clashing with the man’s fists, judging only by that, they are equal but why is he feeling like this?


 Indra quickly was able to find the source of this anxiety.


 From the beginning of the fight, the man had been looking at him with the same kind of beast glowed with gold eyes.  It was as if the man was signaling him that he was not giving his all but there was something else.


 Even though they seemed to be equal in the beginning of the fight, currently Indra started to feel weak, especially his arms.  The same arms that were kept countering every attack of the stranger.


 Indra ultra sense finds it dangerous and quickly slides back.


 “What the hell is happening?  My- my arms! ”


 Indra could not feel his arms anymore.


 “What the hell did you do ?!”


 Indra was left utterly shocked and frustrated at the stranger's unknown technique and the stranger did not bother himself to respond to Indra as he quickly appeared in front of him as his eyes gleamed dangerously.


 Indra gasped, he tried to protect himself but his arms were not responding.

The unknown man then unleashed a barrage of punches connected all across Indra's chest with the extra effect of lifting him helplessly into the air.

 And It was then, to finish him off.




 The stranger unleashed a devastating punch impaled with a gold magic on his chest.  At this moment, Indra was largely smart enough to realize that the stranger was not even trying to fight seriously in the fight.  This guy was only keeping holding back since the beginning.


 The monstrous force sends Indra flying through a mountain, nowhere to be seen.  Letting the stranger the only remaining on the battlefield.


 Right now, no matter who saw it, this fight had now a clear victor.  It was an overwhelming victory befitting the stranger who was now referred as their “savior” by the people who began raising excited cheers and celebrations for his victory.


 Matias quickly runs toward the stranger with an expression full of awe, tears barely begin to come from those eyes.


 “Thank you, thank you!”


 Was the first thing he said after approaching the stranger.


 Surprisingly, The stranger broke out in an amiable smile, something he didn’t show since arriving here.  And with his calm and strong voice, he let out something that made Mathia's eyes grow super wider in confusion.


 “Your wife and your son are alive.”




 Matias couldn’t understand a thing but He had managed to pick up something.


 “Wife?”  " son ?"  “Alive?”


 As he gradually began to understand, tears began to fall.


 “Do you mean that…. huh?”


 As Mathias was about to speak again, The Stranger turned his head sharply to the sky in concern.


 He could feel something coming through the space.


 “Is it the other gods?  “Was the first thing he thought of,“ no ”the energy he felt had no similarity to that of a god, that was another thing.


 “A demon.”


 Indeed it was, but it was also a high ranked one.  After confirming his suspicions, the stranger returned his attention to Matias who was still looking at him.


 The stranger then said.


 “Sorry but I have to go.”


 The stranger started to fly in the air.


 “It was good to meet you.” Matias was surprised.


 “Huh?  How do you know my- “




 Before he could finish his question, the stranger flies up to the sky with an incredible speed.


 The stranger continues to fly up until he finally comes out of the earth.  As soon as he came to space, he came to a stop.


 And in front of him was someone he could quickly recognize.  His eyes narrowed.




 He could also recognize the latter's face.  A face he had met in the past.


 ‘’ Raijin Hans, ’’ God’s chosen one ’’ ’’


 The stranger’s name was Raijin Hans, he was known and feared especially among demons because of his gigantic power.


 Next to Lucifer was someone who was no stranger as well.


 ‘’ You… ‘


 The person next to Lucifer was known as Beelzebub "The King of Flies."  Thus known as among the most powerful of the army of Lucifer.


 Raijin returns his gaze to Lucifer.


 ‘’ I don’t think I have to waste my breath asking you what the hell are you doing here?  ‘’


 “Isn’t it oblivious?  to destroy Earth of course. ”


 “That won’t happen, even in your dream because I’ll be always there to protect it”


 Lucifer smirked.


 “If I remember, you weren’t able to protect“ your planet ”last time right?”


 Raijin’s brows narrowed even more.


 “This time, it will be different.”


 Raijin was having such a confident expression on his face that it was starting to annoy Lucifer.


 “We will see about that.”


 The demon army then rushed toward Raijin, Rashin also dash toward them with his body covered with a gold aura as they clashed.  This battle was raging, Raijin continued to fight fiercely against Lucifer and Beelzebub with their demons and he continued to do so for several minutes.


 It was then a massive explosion occurred which was such that it could even affect humans who were on earth by blinding them a bit.


The Humans didn't know what just happened but strangely, the immovable bodies of the gods who lost to Rajin begin to disappear as if they disintegrate.


 The sky that was red as blood was returning to its normal color.  Beauty has covered the world.


 The apocalypse had ended.  Mankind was celebrating their survival against the gods.  This is something they wouldn't think would be possible, but it was, with "this person".


 They didn't know who he was or where he came from.  But there was something they were sure of, God answered their prayer by sending a majestic person.


 Matias on the other hand was waiting for this person to reappear but he didn't.  Matias believed that this person died in the final battle that was happening in space.


 Matias wanted such a hero to be known by the next generation.


 Not knowing his name, Matias wanted to identify him with a title.  A title that was worthy of a human god-like being like him.


 A being that could "Protect" them and "Guide" them in the right path.


 Matias was smart enough to know that the words "Protect" and "Guide" could refer to a title, a "King".


 It was then that Matias knew what kind of title He could give this person.


 This title was "The King of Humanity".




 "The King of Humans."


About the author


Bio: Just a teenager who likes to writes and reads novels.

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