In the middle of a park.

A super-tall skyscraper of over a hundred stories stood tall as if to pierce the sky above. Indeed, this was what the modern skyscraper should look like. Just looking at him made him extremely dizzy.

There were only a few people walking around as it was already late in the evening now. The soulless streets gave off a strange vibe.

“Still, I can’t be sure, so…”

Ajin took a good look around, before pulling up the hood attached to his top to hide his face.

If someone saw a person disappearing and reappearing in mid-air without a door around it, it could cause a bit of a ruckus. Not only that, there were several CCTV cameras set up here and there nearby, so it wasn't such a bad idea to avoid being too visible.

….Actually, there was someone busy watching Ajin at that time.

"Who could this kid be?" »

To think, there would be a straggler wearing a hoodie busy loitering around the building at this time of night….

The security guard watching from inside a building near the park found Ajin's behavior rather suspicious and got up from his chair.

However, as this guard walked towards the door, he couldn't help but stop abruptly and his eyes opened much wider.

" What ? »

The security guard gasped in surprise and ran outside.

The man was definitely walking towards here, yet he disappeared from sight, just like that. Absolutely without a trace.

The security guard searched his surroundings, but he couldn't even spot an ant here.

He cocked his head in all directions before turning around.

"Well, I'll be... What a confusing thing that was.

The security guard was about to go back inside the building, but then he grabbed something out of the corner of his eye and turned his head to see what it might be without thinking.

“U-uwaaahhk? »

He screamed in shock as he fell hard on his bottom.

"What, what, what's going on here?!"

The security guard shouted with a pale face.

A person's disembodied hand floating in the air then disappeared once again.



Ajin pulled his hand away.

“He is connected to the outside world. »

The key also did not disappear and remained hidden in his pocket. If he wanted to, he could get out of here anytime, in other words.

‘Now that I’ve finished confirming the escape route…’

Since he didn't know if the rarity of the key matched the difficulty of the dungeon, he was much more careful than usual.

Ajin removed the hood and glanced behind him.


It was shocking enough to make him groan. Just now, as he took a few steps in the park, the world before his eyes changed in an instant.

Could this place still be called a dungeon?

A completely different world awaited him.

Instead of the vanished park, a massive tower-like structure stood there.

"Wait, is it really a tower, or should I call it a castle instead?" »

A tower rising high into the endless air, enveloped in reddish black flames. It was as if the tower was not burning, but was spitting flames instead.

"A tower on fire, huh."

Rather than the name "Demon's Castle", this nickname perhaps suited him better. Ajin slowly walked towards this burning tower.

Crackle! Pop!


He was transported again and this time he was in a cave-like place.

He continued on his way and he came across a group of vampiric bats whose attributes showed in front of him.

[vampiric bat]

Level 2

Health 100

Vampiric bats love the taste of blood]

"Already?" Said Ajin

He didn't care about the description, he jumped and attacked the group of bats before, the bats could react, he swung his hands and attacked them in the eyes, it only took 5 blows to knock them down.



-Critical Hit -100-

All bats have been critically hit and die instantly. They couldn't even attempt an attack.

You Level up!!!

You Level up!!!

He improved twice.

Ajin was delighted with his reflexes and his movement speed. The fighting style he used to hunt all the creatures before was like deep in his bones, he could never forget all that awesome fight he had against Allen. He was happy to be able to fight again.


After killing the bats, he swung the daggers and got rid of the bat blood stuck to the blade of the daggers. Then he started to move along the path, he again encountered a group of 5 bats which he quickly killed as before.

He continued on his way but this time he came across a group of 10 bats. 9 bats surrounded a bat that was twice their size as if they were there to protect a huge vampiric bat.


He was transported again; he opened his eyes and saw the same scenery as in the modes before nothing really changed. He made his way through the path after a short while he encountered a pack of wolves. This time there were 5 dire wolves and one more wolf that seemed much bigger than the others.

[Dreadful Wolf]

Level: 10

Health: 1500

[Dire Wolves are easily provoked, they have a strong offensive ability with their sharp claws that they can cut through steel.]

But Ajin got rid of it quickly. And continued on his way to the castle.


The closer he got, the louder the sounds of raging flames.

“Can I even get into this thing in the first place? »

However, even if he did, there was still another issue to consider.

Much like the last Subway Station-based Snapshot Dungeon, there was a good chance that since this dungeon was based on a location that exists in the real world, it would have to climb 100 floors to clear it completely.

He couldn't even begin to imagine how long this would take.

“Mmm? »

Ajin's footsteps stopped. He felt a strong aura near the entrance.

He slowly surveyed the surroundings and spotted a black bull-sized life form huddled just outside the door.

Ajin carefully summoned hid other Scorpion's Poison Fang.


[Item: Scorpion's Poison Fang]

Rarity: C

Type: Dagger

Attack +25

[A dagger made from the poisonous fang of the Scorpion. There are traces of the Scorpion's poison on it, so when attacking, it will cause Paralysis and Bleed status effects. Can be stored in inventory, or can be sold at the store.]

["Paralysis" status effect: The target will no longer be able to move. The success rate is fixed.]

["Bleeding" status effect: Target's stamina will be reduced by 1% per second.]

Its attack power was not that high, but the greatness of its additional effects has been proven time and time again in real battles.

"It would be nice if the paralysis worked and I killed her easily."

Ajin walked as quietly as possible approaching this creature. However, it was impossible to fool a monster's olfactory senses. Soon enough, the creature sniffed the air and lifted its body.


Ajin clicked his tongue.


There was another creature that was the same as the wolf but.

[Demon Dog]

Level: S

Health: 5000

Ajin was very surprised when he saw that the Demon dog was at S level.

The creature stood up completely and its three heads turned in Ajin's direction.


It was a huge dog with three heads. The name written in red letters floating above his heads immediately caught his attention. This was proof that the "level" of the monster was very high.

Since he's S-level, does that mean he's roughly the same level as a boss? The Serpent he had faced was of B, and he was the boss but this demon dog is on level S that is to say that he was much more powerful than the Serpent?

"Shit….. I'm going to die.."

Well, he was only an C rank level back then, so he must be stronger now.

"But, it's different this time."

He had gotten stronger pretty quickly in the short amount of time.

Undoubtedly, this creature was strong, but still, it didn't seem overwhelming. His enhanced and alert Perception told him he could do it.

It's not for nothing that he increased his perception stat. He continued to invest points into this stat so he could easily tell whether to fight or flee in instances like this.


The Demon Dog sensed the enemy and pulled out its fangs to threaten it.

Ajin's gaze then turned to the creature's tail. It looked a bit like a whip, and its end was also enveloped in flames.

Ajin's eyes sharpened in an instant.

“Fangs and a tail. Bare minimum, two methods of attack, huh.

Ajin swallowed his dry saliva.

The Demon Dog slowly closed the distance before stopping right in front of him and started studying him for some reason.

"Is it… looking for an opening?" »

Just as he thought….

The monster attacked him.


He leapt into the air, then opened his mouth towards Ajin and vomited flames.

Wow !

Yes. This Demon Dog had suddenly become a bomber, flying in the sky and spitting fire.

Holding his daggers, Ajin opened his eyes. An indelible wave of anger welled up in his throat.


The monster howled on a desolate land.

“Gaaaaargghhh! »

It was indeed a huge monster. It measured several meters from head to tail and its fuselage was as big as a bus. Its body was a mixture of thick fur and red scales. Eight horns grew out of the dog's head attached to the top of its long neck, and lightning shot through it.

Grrr!!! Boom!!Boom! Boom!!

And at that moment, the monster gets up and starts running towards Ajin at high speed.


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