With excellent timing, agents from the Association's investigation department arrived at the door. Their eyes really widened after spotting Leon Takuya and Ajin quietly exiting the door as it gradually closed behind him.

Eh? Don't tell me there are only three of you?

" Yes that's right, the others were all killed by the monsters."

At Ajin's compound words, the hunters employee's eyes narrowed.

"So how could you collect all the Mana Stones?"

“Even if others die, that doesn't mean all valuables should be left behind. Right?"

At Ajin's assertive response, the public employee's eyes narrowed further. When he looked at the situation, he guessed that these three had stabbed the others in the back to monopolize the profit. However, he had no way to prove it.

But to avoid suspicion, Leon intervenes.

"Allen was an agent of the 'Scorpions'

This news put all the agents present in shock.

"What?!! What do you mean?"

"Right? I knew Allen for a long time so I was surprised as well and the thing is that he wasn't the only one, Koner and some who entered the dungeon was also a bunch of "Scorpions" spy, we don't know why they were here but all that we know is that they were trying to kill us."

"Hmm and what about the boss?"

Ajin quickly respond..

"He's dead."

“What? The boss is dead? Who kill it?”

"Me and Mister Leon...and also Koner and the other members who had accompanied him, we managed to kill the boss before me, Leon, and Tatsuya got together to kill them."

First, Ajin was able to match and kill a hunter who was vastly superior to him, and now he's been able to single-handedly kill a boss and the sudden arrival of scorpions.

Well danm, it seems that ever since Leon entered this dungeon, he was only getting some surprising news.

But Leon instantly realized what Ajin was trying to do.

He knew Ajin was trying to hide his potential but why, Leon couldn't find any answer but Leon knew he would have one in time to come.

Ajin only let out a sigh.


And he really wanted to hide as long as possible, but….

Eventually he was discovered.

There were two eyewitnesses, so it was impossible to get out of this one now.

"It's not like I can threaten Takuya or Mister Leon."

Killing the rank B Allen should be considered self-defense. He had two eyewitnesses, so no worries there. The real issue would be how an F rank managed to kill a B rank.

"Guess being a Re-Awakened is the most plausible excuse there is, huh."

He decided to go with that one, then.

He would reveal himself to be an Awakened Hunter and pass a reassignment test.

No one would believe him even if he told them about the system or the upgrade and all the other stuff. Either way, there was no reason for him to willingly reveal this information.

After deciding to take the reassignment test, he felt somewhat relieved on the one hand and a bit nostalgic on the other.

"And there I was, hoping to take the test only after I got even stronger…."

But since when does the world move as we wish?

He couldn't do anything about it now.

“I wonder what level my new rank will be? »

Since he was fighting on par with Allen, was he slightly stronger than a B-rank Hunter at that time?

He thought he had become really strong now, but it turned out that these high-ranking Hunters, from B to S, were indeed all bizarre existences far beyond his imagination.

‘Well let’s think about that in the future

Ajin takes a deep sigh before addressing Leon.

"Mister Leon, I have a favor to ask of you."


…The "uncrossed" dungeons. Can you search them for me.”

“Wait, why all of a sudden?”

Leon clearly didn't understand what was going on.

“The unstepped dungeons you used to explain when I was in your class. Have the hunters found a way to clear them yet?”

“No. There's no way for them to do it as of now. The hunters even so far abandoned the idea of ​​invading them.”

“What if I told you I could do it alone?”


Leon furrowed his eyebrows. He knew Ajin wasn't the kind of guy who would joke around with this kind of topic.

“Can you explain what you mean by that?”

“You said they were impossible to conquer, right?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“What if I told you that I could do it alone?”

Leon started blinking in disbelief.

“Wait, are you…?”


“Please tell me I'm wrong. You're not actually saying something crazy like you're going to invade these dungeons, right?”

When his teacher suddenly got up in fury, seemingly ready to split his stomach open, Ajin tried to calm him down.

“Whoa, whoa! You're still as hot-headed as always, huh. Hear me out first.”

“You, you, you…! Are you really fucking outta your mind?!”


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