From now on, he would start attacking for real.

The two daggers locked in a deadly embrace continued to push against each other.

It seemed that their strength was about the same.

It was here that Ajin's eyes shone dangerously.

“In that case, should I find an opening elsewhere? »

Ajin's leg moved in an instant and he stomped on Allen's foot.


“Uwaahk? »

Allen had only paid attention to the daggers, so he was truly stunned by the pain rising from his foot, causing him to step back in a hurry.

Ajin did not miss this opportunity.


['Skill: Dash' has been activated.]
[Your movement have been increased by 30%. One Mana will be spent every minute while it is activated.]

Ajin quickly closed in on his target.

Allen's eyes widened again.

‘He got faster?!’

Ajin already displayed a high level of agile movement, but now that he had become even faster, Allen found it quite disorienting.

The two then began to clash, Ajin slowing his vision, seeing every attack coming. Allen was impressed with how he could counter each of his attacks, wondering what had become of Ajin. He tried to attack with a powerful attack but, but was countered…..

Ajin closed the distance again in the blink of an eye and rammed his Poison Fang of Scorpion into Allen's thigh.

“Kouwahhhk!! »

He was aiming there precisely because Allen was solely focused on defending his upper body. It was his plan from the start.

['Effect: Paralysis' has been activated.]
[The effect has been canceled due to the target's high resistance.]
["Effect: Bleeding has been activated.]
[Target's stamina will decrease by 1% per second.]


The additional effects of the Scorpion Dagger also manifested. It was a bit unfortunate that the "Paralysis" didn't work, but despite everything, this fight had become a little easier now.

However, Allen was a high-ranking Hunter himself! So his resistance was not to be laughed at. His dagger aimed at Ajin's vital signs and kept flying.

Swish, swish!

Ajin evaded the blade with just a hair's breadth and attacked Allen's vital points as well.

Even though his thigh was badly damaged, Allen calmly defended himself against Ajin's attacks, as befits an experienced hunter.

Noise! Cling!

Beads of cold sweat formed on both men's foreheads.

“Our speeds are pretty much the same! »

“We are moving at the same speed! »

Two men inwardly admired each other's nimble movements and continued to clash in a dazzling display of close-range knife fighting.

Several powerful attacks, each capable of ending this fight if hit, were exchanged without rest.

Swish, swish, swiiish, swish, swish, swish!!

It was a truly chilling and engrossing battle that made the viewer's blood run cold.

"I have to get out of this impasse one way or another."

They both stand still and wait for the moment to move, with a faint breeze from the winds blowing, they charge towards each other, they both swing their daggers and stand still in their place, Leon and Tatduya who was watching this incredible fight stood there motionless then after a few seconds Leon could see the results, both Ajin and Allen were now seriously injured and both collapsed. But Ajin was not done.

Ajin gathered strength in his eyes.

["Skill: Intimidation" has been activated.]

The moment his eyes met Ajin's, Allen flinched slightly for some reason.

'What was that?'

[Target's stats (all) will decrease by 50% for one minute.]

'It worked!'

Ajin knew he had won now.

On the other hand, a small earthquake erupted in Allen's eyes.

"How come my body is…?" »

After meeting Ajin's gaze, his body was as heavy as if he was wading through deep water or something. His confidence speed also began to decrease.

Rustling! Swiiish!!

The wounds on Allen's body grew rapidly one by one.

“This is not possible! »

Allen's thoughts became confused and disordered.

It was, without a doubt, a debuff effect. But, he had never, ever heard of a case where an assassin class was able to use debuff magic.

"Then assassination was not his specialty?" »

If so, then what happened to his insane speed?

However, Allen had stopped his train of thought there. His confusion had quickly turned to panic, instead. Because… he had spotted Ajin rushing sharply closer.

Allen glared hurriedly at Ajin's eyes.

~ Rustling!!~

Ajin quickly tilted his head out of the way, but the dagger still managed to graze his cheek.

Of course, he knew he would be hurt, at least that much, if not worse. In order to get that decisive strike, he decided to take the risk.

Allen's expression wrinkled.


Ajin managed to get close to Allen's chest and stabbed the latter with Scorpion's Poison Fang.



Allen's eyes widened.

Both men knew right then and there. The winner had truly been decided with that single move.

Crimson red blood pooled in Allen's mouth. It sprang from his chest. As blood trickled from the side of his lips, Allen smirked.

"To really think of meeting a hunter as powerful as you, it seems that "he" was right to send me here..... Alright, ask me what you want before I leave this rotten world...."

'Who is this “he” you just mentioned?…..'

“We call him "the Dark King" nobody knows who he really is, according to what we say in the association, he is not on this planet since he was sealed there are centuries. They said he is so powerful that only his appearance here will destroy the universe…. Heh.. that's crazy isn't it? One of the 13 kings contacted me and ordered me to eliminate you, saying it was the wish of the “Dark King” that’s all I know…."

Ajin was speechless…but it seemed that Allen wanted something.

“H-hey….. Could I know your name? And then the essence of your power? I deserve to know them, don't I? Please…."

So Ajin answers calmly…

“Ajin… Ajin Genku…and my power comes from an entity, since I made a pact with him…”

“Ah….that was it huh? Heh… that explains everything…”

" What do you mean by that?"

"You are… not the only... one...who have made a pact with a god...…"


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