His gaze then stopped on his hands.

He may have bulldozed his opponents, but for someone who fought to the death against 10 other people, his hands remained remarkably steady.

"Is it okay to be like this?" »

Ajin placed his hand on his chest and felt his heart beat.

Boom, boom, boom….

His heart was beating as calmly as if he had been walking.

Even when you kill a monster, or even a small animal, you usually feel excitement or guilt. Some kind of emotion should be aroused, but Ajin looked like he pulled the weeds from the side of the road after killing those people. Ajin couldn't feel any change in his emotion.

It was as if Ajin was something more than a murderer.

'What if…..'

For the very first time, he began to think that seeing the System wasn't the only change that happened to him after returning to life.

However, his thoughts were to be brief. Soon the familiar beep entered his head.


[You have completed "Emergency Quest: Kill All Enemies".]
[Completion rewards are now available.]
[Do you want to confirm the rewards?] (Y/N)

He half expected this to happen, and of course he had now received rewards. Ajin didn't even hesitate and chose "yes".

'To confirm.'


[The following rewards are available.]

Reward 1. Full recovery of current physical condition

Reward 2. Ten extra stat points

Reward 3. Skill: "Intimidation"


"Not just ten points, but even a skill too?" »

Ajin's eyes widened at the huge amount of rewards available. All those stat points were one thing, but this new skill stole most of his attention.

'If I didn't have the Dash skill while fighting that spider.....'

The only reason he managed to track down the boss was because of “Dash”. There was no need to mention how important a skill was during a battle. It is not for nothing that a rune stone, with which a person can acquire a completely new skill, cost several hundred million Won.

Ajin immediately checked this skill called "Intimidation".

‘Show me the third reward.’


[Reward 3]

[Skill: Intimidate Lv. 1]

Active skill.

Mana required for activation: 100.

[Can render a designated target into a state of fear for one minute using your powerful aura. Multiple targets can be selected.

"Fear" effect: All stats -50%]


Although it was only active for a short time, it was still a rare skill that could significantly lower the opponent's stats.

Of course, just like the other effects, if the opponent's resistance was high enough, it wouldn't activate. But, if it worked, then Ajin thought that taking care of his enemies, no matter who it was, would become as easy as pie.

And since it could be used against multiple opponents, the scope of this skill's usefulness also seemed limitless.

"It's really good, isn't it?" »

The rewards were just as good as the potential penalty was just as bad.

'Wait a second…. Come to think of it, it's not like that, is it?

After all, his life was at stake here. And that was all?

Ajin looked around.

He frowned deeply after seeing this horrible sight.

He's never seen a pile of dead bodies around him before. But he still had no feeling in his heart.

We must not forget that these men were killed by him.

Yet that was what this quest demanded of him. But, for a quest that required many lives as a condition of completion, the rewards handed out seemed rather cheap and not quite enough.

Well, even if it wasn't for the quest, he would still have to fight Koner and his crew in the end, but still.

"And they say a man's greed knows no bounds..."

Ajin shook his head ironically.

It was then that the cave shook once more.


The tremor had become stronger than before. Now was the time to get out of the dungeon. But, before he could do that, there was something else he had to take care of first.

And it was Takuya. Ajin's gaze moved towards him.

In front of Takuya, nine lives were taken in an instant. He tried to cover his mouth with both of his hands as he tried to stop the words from almost slipping out of his mouth.

Takuya couldn't even moan as he was afraid of Ajin. He was just standing there. Takuya got his feet wet in the E-rank dungeons, but it was the first time he saw someone get killed in front of his eyes. Moreover, the murder was committed by the hands of a person.

Takuya had been pitifully frozen in place until then, and flinched quite majestically before hurriedly lowering his gaze to the ground.

"Now, what should I do with this kid…?" »

Of course, he wasn't thinking of harming Takuya. There was no need or reason to do so either.

However, if the events of this place were leaked to the rest of the world, there was a good chance that his life would be hampered in various ways.

"So I guess I should make sure he doesn't talk, huh."

Just as he thought this course of action would be best, Takuya quickly ran over to him, knelt down, and lowered his head.

"big brother, please spare me!!"


Suddenly, Ajin felt that the next conversation should go much more smoothly than he initially expected.

Takuya was shaking like a wet dog. Her complexion was pale too. Well, nine people died in the blink of an eye right in front of his face, so that was normal, really.

Ajin turned his head and looked into Takuya's eyes. He was so surprised that he almost wet his pants. Ajin had killed nine people, but his face was too indifferent.


One of the most important tools for dealing with people was this: “fear”. So, Ajin decided to use this situation to his advantage.

"Why should I?"


His calm pushed terror deep within Takuya.

" Why do not you answer me ? »

Ajin thought he heard the sound of Takuya's heart falling to the ground just now.

“The people I hate the most are those who try to stab others in the back. Right, Takuya? »


His bad conscience asking: "Was that too much?" only lasted a second, though.

"Yeah, if you want some money, I can talk to my dad, and..."

"Who do you think I am?!"

Ajin's expression wrinkled unpleasantly.

Sure, he grew up poor, but that didn't mean he was corrupt enough to take someone's life hostage and extort money that way.

Ajin looked indifferent after killing those people. He acted as if he had experienced such insignificant events many times.

"You almost died because of me."

"N.. no."

If it weren't for Ajin, he would have already died when he was left to the monsters.

Takuya made an expression as if he was about to cry.

Wouldn't he be different from Koner if he did that?

"I-I'm really sorry."

If Takuya's current state wasn't absolutely terrified, Ajin would have hit the back of the child's head or something by now. He was only holding back because it looked like Takuya might have a heart attack if he really did.

Confirming how displeased Ajin's expression was, Takuya nervously swallowed dried saliva.

“Come to think of it, even back when Koner offered him money… Could he have given up all material desires and now only follows the path of blood and murder?! »

The image of Ajin in Takuya's head solidified in an even stranger direction.

However, it was still too early to draw a conclusion.

“If that was the case, then why did big brother extract those magic crystals? »

Not so long ago, Ajin personally went to extract all these magic stones, even going so far as to dig the innards of the beast.

Of course, it has been used in various ways, as a source of high-density energy, as a raw material in the manufacture of magical tools, etc. - but, to a hunter, a magic crystal was just another word for "silver". .

Takuya's mind raced at a faster pace.

“So that was it! »

These crystals were "blood money".

It was the deserved prize he earned by staining his hands with blood, and that's why he didn't mind digging into the stomach of a dead monster.

He showed no sign of mercy towards those enemies who tried to harm him, but he was also the practitioner of the way of blood. This means that he wanted nothing to do with the monetary gain he had not earned with his own hands.

"And I tried to buy his benevolence with money, so of course he would be mad at me..."

In this case, what Takuya needed here was not 'his father's money', but the 'deserved benefit' that could be earned if he managed to get out of here alive.

When he glanced up, Ajin's expression was still somewhat distorted. Takuya quickly continued with his words.

"big brother, if you spare me, then I will give you all the profits earned in this dungeon."

“Mmm? »

As expected, Ajin immediately showed interest.

“Please think about it, big brother. If you monopolize the profit intended for ten people after the death of nine others, the others will certainly begin to interrogate you. »

From Takuya's perspective, Ajin was, without a doubt, an unknown hunter. Not only that, a highly skilled unknown hunter who enjoyed murdering people!

Obviously, he wouldn't want the attention of others to focus on him.

Of course, there was no way Takuya was suspected of foul play here. Well, his dad owned one of the highest ranked companies in the country, after all.

The potential profit he would earn from selling the magic crystals would be like loose change to him.

“That money is something big brother totally deserves. I mean, that's your deserved reward for saving me and getting rid of Koner and his lackeys, isn't it? »

"Hmm" Ajin puts his hand on his goatee.

Well yeah, he was right. We can say that Takuya also sees him as a kind of "Hero".

And so, as they regularly cleaned the dungeon….

Suddenly, screams echoed throughout the dungeon from somewhere, one after another.

“Uwwaahhhk!! »

“Uwahhkk!! »

These did not come from the Goblins. No, they definitely belonged to humans.

Ajin and Takuya exchanged looks.

They thought things had calmed down, only for another desperate cry to reach their ears.

“Uwaahhhh!! »

Takuya's expression hardened.

“Let's take a look. »

The two quickly ran to where the screams were coming from.

Ajin could have run faster than his companion, but for his safety he matched his speed.

….How long did they have to run?

Takuya cried out in alarm after finding a person.

"There's a person over there…!" »

And that was just the rank B hunter, Leon. He was lying on the ground, completely covered in blood.

Leon yelled at them.

" Stay safe ! I don't know where he could be right now!

Leon spat out those words with great difficulty before collapsing to the floor in pain.


Takuya couldn't watch anymore and rushed towards Leon.

"Wait, I'll come and help you right away!" »

Takuya quickly ran towards Leon, while Ajin remained standing with a surprised face.

He was surprised to see a powerful man like Leon on the ground covered in blood. Who could be powerful enough to do such a thing?

It was possible only if his opponent was at the same rank or higher. Ajin looked around and he saw all the men who had accompanied Leon were all dead. But there was one person missing.

"Allen, where is Allen?" he said.

Allen's body was nowhere to be found.

Takuya stood in front of Leon and held out both hands to help Leon up.

It happened then.

A shadow out of nowhere suddenly appeared and aimed at the center of Takuya's neck with his hand full of magical energy.


Just before his finger could touch Takuya's body someone managed to grab the person's wrist just in time.


“Ah…!! »

Stunned Takuya stumbled backwards before falling on her butt.


When he raises his head, he discovers the identity of the man who tried to kill him. It was Allen.

Allen's expression changed to one of shocked astonishment.

"He stopped my attack in that short time?" »

It wasn't hard work for a high-ranking Hunter to face a handful of lower-ranking Hunters.

The only thorn in his side today happened to a C-rated Hunter. The silver lining to that thorn was that he wasn't as good at combat. He didn't possess any ability to protect himself, so as long as he managed to sneak attack him, it would all end pretty easily.

However…. thinking, his sneak attack would eventually miss.

With things like that, there was no reward for all that great acting he had done.

Allen's gaze followed the hand that grabbed his wrist and its owner. And Ajin's face was at the end.

Ajin's eyes emitted a very strong light of murderous intent.

Allen frowned deeply.

"How dare you, a fucking bottom eater of the Association!!"


Allen's other fist flew into Ajin's face. However, Ajin just nodded and let the fist pass.


Allen hurriedly pulled his arm out of Ajin's grasp.


Ajin then showed his shock. As expected of a high ranked Hunter and his power.

Now that both of his hands were free, Allen began to launch attacks without resting.

However, Ajin also moved at a speed that didn't lose to Allen and went on the offensive as well.


Fists and weapons belonging to two men continually collided and exchanged countless blows.

None of them showed the slightest sign of backing down.

Seizing this opportunity, Leon quickly dragged Takuya away from the area.


Takuya couldn't finish what he wanted to say due to the shock of seeing what was happening right now.

However, there was one person here who was even more shocked than Takuya, and it was none other than Leon.

"How the hell is that possible…?" »

This fierce battle was unfolding at an unbelievable speed – he had a hard time trying to follow it with his eyes.

Something like that was expected of a high-ranking hunter, so that was fine, but then, the Ajin fighting that man couldn't be the same person in Leon's memories. The youngster was definitely no loser against a B-rank Hunter at all.

"I'm B-rank and even I can't follow his eye movements!" »

Indeed, his intuition turned out to be correct.

The Ajin in front of his eyes right now wasn't the same youngster he remembered, an F rank who was weak but possessed a good head on his shoulders.

In the blink of an eye, the two exchanged hundreds of blows and they quickly backed off trying to catch their breath.

Ajin glared at Allen and frowned.

"The blood on your clothes...I guess it's not yours."

Allen loosened his wrist and answered.

“That's right, he belongs to those stupid hunters. On top of all that, I didn't expect a hunter of your caliber to actually be in this shitty place."

Honestly, Allen was really impressed.

He had been ordered to kill a high-ranking Hunter who didn't care about those slums working for the Association.

“Change of plan then. »

He thought that after having killed all the hunters who could hinder him he could then kill Ajin that was why he did his actions, but quite unexpectedly, it did not go as planned.

But there was something, Allen couldn't control his curiosity and asked out loud.

"Who the hell are you? What rank are you?

Ajin summoned Scorpion's Poison Fang and, while holding it firmly in his hand, answered rather curtly.

“Ajin Genku. I am a rank F. Not that it's important for you to hear since you're going to die."


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