Ajin started walking towards Koner.

He glared at Koner's party, who was taken aback.

"What the hell?"

Having noticed that Ajin after the strong reaction earlier, they were on guard against him and something told them that he should be very careful of him. It felt like Ajin was giving them a single F rank.

'He is on guard against us.'

That was his conclusion.

Meanwhile the henchmen of were still shocked that Ajin's falcon had returned their companion mage's attack.

"I can't believe he did this

“is really a F rank?

Koner scratched his chin.

"Hey, Stuart, why didn't you finish it right the first time?"

Stuart's face flushed a little.

"Yeah…I should have."

But, it wasn't fair.

He really gave it his all with that shot.

When he attacked Ajin long before he blocked the way He had spent all of his overall magical energy, but how could this kid still be alive? Was the attack unable to connect properly? But then, there wouldn't have been such a loud explosion if that was the case.

Many questions were forming about Ajin's true rank but he had no time to ask them.

Since Ajin opened his mouth addressing them.

“you guys said you were part the scorpions right?…”

The eyes of Koner's group were now fixed on Ajin. He stopped in front of them.

"So there will be no problems killing you guys."

Takuya who was looking at Ajin flinched in surprise, but the reactions of the other Hunters were rather subdued. Some of them even started to smirk.

Ajini continued to stare at the guys with Intense malice that filled his eyes.

Koner let out a groan after hearing that.

"What is that fool saying?" »

"Chief, let me take care of this kid."

A hunter approached Ajin and put his arms around Ajin's neck as if he was one of their buddy.

“It seems that you, sir, haven't fully understood the situation yet, but the fact is…. Eh ? »

The expression in the small eyes became more and more strange as he strengthened his arms.

'….What the hell? Why can't I shoot it down?

He tried to perform a headlock with his physical strength, but no matter how hard he pulled, Ajin's upper body showed no signs of movement.

Wasn't that b*stard supposed to be just a fucking rank F?!

Cold sweats were forming on the foreheads of the small eyes.

“How could he be so strong…”

That's when Ajin's murderous eyes turned to the man.

"Who said that you could put your filthy hands on me? You dumb bastard"


The head of the small eyes fell to the ground.



Koner's eyes shook like an earthquake.

"Wait, what the hell?!"

"That knife, just when did he make it?!"

"Where did he get that?!"

Koner and his henchmen quickly took several steps back and drew their weapons. Ajin's hand was already holding the "Poison Fang of Scorpion".

Blood dripped from the tip of the blade.


[Number of remaining enemies to kill: 8]

[The number of enemies killed: 1]

“8 left. »

Ajin glared at Koner and his group like a predator ogling its prey.

Koner swallowed his saliva. He was already surprised enough by the dagger appearing in this man's hands, but more importantly, Kaf's death shook him to the core.

“How did an F-rank hunter kill a D-rank in one hit?! »

He had no idea what kind of trick Ajin had used, but from now on, underestimating his opponent was definitely forbidden. No, he had to be very meticulous here. Koner gave a signal with his eyes at his side.

'Stuart, hit him again.'

Stuart nodded slightly.

This time, he wouldn't make the same mistake again!

As the lights began to gather again in his hands. But, before the arrows of light could even leave his fingers, Ajin appeared first right in front of Stuart.

"You're next, bitch."


"Uh? Huh?!"

Stuart's jaw hit the ground.

The light in Ajin's eyes was shining coldly. His daggers had shown no hesitation or mercy.

“You first, the magic-type hunter who has strong firepower but a weak body.»

Ajin had already finished his calculations.

The dagger pierced Stuart's neck.



Stuart tried to cover the hole in his neck and collapsed on the floor.


"Kill him!!"

“Uwaaahhh!! »

With that as a signal, the Hunters around him immediately rushed towards Ajin. Ajin heightened all of his senses to the max and calmly focused on his enemies' movements.

Time has become like a world in slow motion. The Agility Stat and its 38 points had begun to show its worth. He then blocked and dodged swords, spears and arrows thrown at him from a very short distance.

The Hunters' eyes grew incredibly large.

'H-how can an E rank move like that?!'

'Too fast!!'

"I can't hit him at all!" »

The Hunters' complexion turned ashen.

Indeed, speed was a subjective thing. In their eyes, Ajin's movement was absurdly fast. Meanwhile, Ajin slipped among the Hunters and calmly cut their vital points, one at a time.

['Effect: [Paralysis] has been activated.]
[Effect: [Bleeding] has been activated.]
[Effect: [Paralysis] has been activated.]
[Effect: [Bleeding] has been activated.]

Scorpion's Poison Fang special effects kept activating and the Hunters all fell into a quagmire of confusion.

"I-I can't move my body!! Wow?!"

“Magic?! Was it magic?!!”

"You son of a bitch!!"

[Effect:[Incineration] has been activated.]


[“Effect: [Bleeding] has been activated.]


['Effect:[Incineration]has been activated.]
['Effect: [Bleeding] has been activated.]



"W-what is this guy's real identity?!"

“Uwaaahk!! »

Cries echoed without interruption from here and elsewhere. 7 Hunters surrounding Ajin all collapsed to the ground in no time.




[Number of remaining enemies to kill: 1]

[The number of enemies killed: 8]


In a flash, the whole group was shot. He was still shaking, so it looked like he was still alive.

Ajin looked back at the last remaining survivor.

And it was none other than the big bearded man, Koner. He threw down his shield as a look of determination formed on his face.

Then Ajin walked towards him.

His face was slightly flushed and it looked like he had taken some minor facial burns. However, Ajin smiled.


He then screamed loudly.


Koner kicked the ground and rushed forward.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!!!

His mind raced as he raced forward. He was a tanker and was considered one of the best, even within rank C.

His opponent was most likely a damage dealer.

Although this man seemed to be very agile, judging by his quick movements, he had no way of possessing enough power to surpass the great Koner's 'reinforcement' skill.

“You can't mortally wound me with a miserable little dagger! »

The one who would be crushed during their collision would rather be Ajin!

Ajin extended both his arms.

“Come and die.”

Ajin let out a wide smile.

Their distance closed in the blink of an eye and Koner tackled with his shoulder.



But then his whole world seemed to spin in circles,


Even though he had used all of his power in this attack, the target's body hadn't moved an inch.

"Wha- what the hell is this?"

Ajin smiled smugly."

"Is that all you've got? Color disappointed me."

And before he realized how, he was on the ground.


His brain shook hard, and strong impact force was transmitted to his whole body.

He wanted to get up, but his body wasn't listening to his orders. Koner tried very hard, but eventually gave up and lay on the floor.


He coughed up a mouthful of blood.

‘Did he…Did he knock me down?!’

Did Koner really lose in the strength contest?

In a battle of physical strength?!

“How can a wretched F rank…”

He was now so sure that something had gone terribly wrong somewhere.

Five C-ranks and four D-ranks were overthrown in the blink of an eye. There was no way that bastard was an F rank.

Ajin stood next to Koner.

The man couldn't even move his body properly. His fate was now evident.

If it was a sports match or a spar, then this battle would have ended here. Too bad for the bearded man, however, Ajin had no intention of stopping there.

"Wait a minute 'W-wait a minute, let's talk...'

Koner raised his hand first.

" Let me go ! If you want m-money, I'll give it to you. As long as you spare me..."


Ajin's voice remained cold.

"Aren't you being a bit shameless, asking to be spared from someone you tried to assassinate?" »

When he returned alive from the underground temple Ajin resolved to return as much as he had received.

….Whether kindness or hostility.

He would repay acts of ill intent with an equal amount of wickedness. There would be no room for negotiation.

Realizing that begging for his life wouldn't work, Koner's eyes widened and foam bubbled around his mouth.

" You you !! You think everything will be okay after laying hands on me like that?! Do you have any idea who my superiors are? They will surely come for you…..”

To break!

Koner could no longer continue with his words sinceAjin without hesitation had separated his neck from his body, the body trembled for a moment before becoming limp and fell to the ground Ajin looked at him without showing much interest.


The whites of the bearded man's eyes now appeared.


[The number of enemies left to kill: 0]

[The number of enemies killed: 9]

Finally, this quest was over.


Ajin let out a long sigh containing a myriad of emotions and lifted his hand from Koner's head.

Also, Ajin searched Koner's body and he took his wallet. He took out all the money and stuffed it in his pocket. Before he knew it, Ajin was humming a tune.

Ajin also searched the pockets of other party members and then mumbled.

"Damn, they don't even have money."


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