Koner and his henchmen rushed into the boss room. As soon as they spotted the dead beast behind Ajin, their expressions turned dumbfounded.

"What the hell?! Is it really dead?!"

"Did those two kick him out?"

They came back to carefully search for the magic crystals, but the problem was that the boss was dead, and Ajin and Takuya were still alive. This discovery turned Koner's head.

Greed grows in him.

No matter how much the men turn their eyes to slow, they could only find the corpse of the boss. The corpses of Ajin and Takuya were missing. This meant the two had to kill the boss on their own.

"That snake couldn't have been much, even with that big body and all."

“Well, if a D-rank and an F-rank managed to kill him, then…”

“Mister Koner, what should we do now? »

Koner scratched his chin looking at Ajin and Takuya.

Koner's thoughts were in a state of total confusion. One F-ranked Hunter and the other D-ranked were able to take out a B-ranked monster, so he couldn't believe what happened.

But if they were really able to defeat the boss, it meant that one of them was hiding their real abilities.

With the beast dead, the door would soon close. It would be too late to start mining manastones now. They hadn't even finished getting ready, but the time remaining was now less than an hour.

Ajin laughed.

Those who were blinded by greed could not see what was right before their eyes.

And Koner couldn't stop staring secretly at the bag full of Ajin Crystal Stones.

Then Koner lets out a short breath before opening his mouth. At the same time, he tried to assess the situation. He tried to figure out if it was worth killing them.

In the end, he makes his decision.

"Hey Mister Ajin, I have a proposal for you…."


"Why don't you join the "Scorpions?"

Ajin raises one of those eyebrows in surprise.

"What the hell?"

Unless his ears trying to put a joke on him, is this guy really asking him to join the "Scorpions"?

Koner tried to put Ajin at ease. But his eyes couldn't stop going in the direction of the bag filled with magic stone when Ajin put it on the ground.

At the same time, Ajin answers her.

"Wait why would I join someone who tried to kill me a moment ago? How do I know you'll not try to do the same thing again?"

"It looks like you were wrong. Do you think we'll try to kill someone, who defeated a monster that we couldn't kill? It's a misunderstanding. We are not that stupid. And what we did earlier was worth it."

"Worth it? Bitch please, I'm only here to kill you guys so don't waste your time doing these stupid proposals to me" Ajin said.


By agreeing that he had no chance of convincing Ajin.

It was "plan b" time. So, he loudly called Takuya.

“Takuya!! »

Takuya flinched and took a step back. His face was full of nervous tension.

An oily smile floated on Koner's face.

“I thought your gear looked really eye-catching, so we did a background check, and it turns out you're the son of a real bigshot. The son of Wilkins Corporation owner Louis Wilkins, no less.

“S-so what? »

“We will give you a chance. I have some things to discuss with your old man, you see. However, it would get really inconvenient for us if the business of this place goes out. So if you want to live, you better become our accomplice.

"An accomplice?"

Koner pointed at Ajin with his chin.

Being the target of that disgusting stare, Ajin's brow furrowed for a second.

"Kill Ajin."


Takuya panicked. And Koner chuckled as if he found that expression rather funny.

Thing is, he quickly used his phone to research Takuya's family online and discovered that his father was the owner of one of the biggest companies in the country. Seeing this, a sinister plan formed in his head.

He filmed the scene of Takuya killing Ajin then, under the pretext of keeping quiet, blackmailed Takuya's father who was very rich.

"Your father's known wealth is supposed to be around $10 billion, right?"

He might be able to rake in several times more money than mining those Mana Stones if he plays his cards right.

“It’s the only way to leave this place alive. As long as you kill Ajin with your own hands, we'll let you live. Otherwise, we kill you both."

Ajin laughed in his heart.

"….spare my ass". It was obvious to Ajin that those salads were going to betray after he killed him. But the final answer was in Takuya's hands.

Ajin's eyes were now on Takuya, Ajin noticed Takuya's shaking body, maybe it was the first time he was in this kind of situation.

"Hmm too bad for him."

Upon noticing Takuya's current behavior, Koner's eyes turned very hostile right away.

“Why are you hesitating? Either way, no one will know what's going on inside a dungeon. Wait, could it be that you are afraid of an F rank, even if you are a D rank? »

Takuya turned his head to the side, his eyes meeting Ajin's. Ajin him with a smirk on his face, shrugged in response. He implied that Takuya could do whatever he wanted.

Ajin used to be betrayed by others. When he was in high school, the time when the students mistreated him, the so called friends had dropped him and had grouped with Billy.

With a determined expression, Takuya unsheathed the sword on his hips.

“Well, he made his decision, huh. »

A smile formed on Koner's mouth. Unfortunately for him, his expectation was not fulfilled.

Takuya drew the sword not towards Ajin but towards Koner's direction.

Takuya stood beside Ajin.

“Ho-oh? So you want to team up with this guy and fight us, right? »

Ajin's eyes will open wide.


"This guy…. what the hell is he doing?" The reality was different from Ajin's expectations.
He thought the guy was going to try to kill him but instead….

"Is he trying to team up with me?"

It was this.

Koner mumbled softly. A scion of a wealthy family got lucky and killed a C-rank boss, and it seemed his ego had become somewhat inflated as a result.

Stuart whispered to the side.

"Mister, what should we do now?" »

Koner lowered his voice so Ajin and Takuya couldn't hear him.

"For now, take care of this first.
Ajin. We have to keep this bag of potential money. Our losses today are quite significant after all.

"Okay, that'll do."

Stuart's hands then began to emit a bright light.

Seeing this, Ajin's eyes narrowed into a slit.

"Now they will try to kill me by themselves, huh."

It would be his very first time fighting against other hunters. However, he had no intention of taking it easy with those bastards who were actually part of the scorpions and who had already tried to take his life earlier.

…But then it happened.


There was that mechanical beep again.

[An emergency quest has been generated.]

“An emergency quest? ! »

Ajin gently lifted his head.

He didn't even say he wanted to watch the content, but the quest window suddenly opened in front of his eyes.

Ajin smiles inwardly.

It was a first.

[Emergency Quest: Kill All Enemies!]


There are life forms that have murderous intentions towards the "host". Kill them all to ensure your own survival.


Number of enemies left to kill: 9

Number of enemies killed: 0


Ajin's eyes widened.

"To complete the quest, and his teammates must all die?!"

And At Koner's words, Ajin felt that he had been too sensitive.

Maybe they were hiding at the top of the stairs in case they ran into a monster? From their perspective, they had no idea what was going on downstairs.

It is a place where peace and morals were alive….


After Koner fled, he had come to an agreement with his party. They weren't skilled enough to attempt a C-rank dungeon. The money wasn't great, but they decided to go back to the E-rank dungeons.

It was an amount of money roughly equivalent to working in a D-rank dungeon for a month.

The fact that he was on his guard meant that it would be dangerous for them. He didn't know what method they used to kill the many monsters, but he was afraid to attack them.

He decided to use the fact that his opponent felt a sense of danger against him. He thought it was worth trying to attack them.

"Let's hit them. »

Koner made the sign that they agreed in advance, then he used his ignition ability. At the same time, Ajin's face was engulfed in flames and an arrow pierced Takuya's shoulder.


Members of the group attacked the startled man before the flame had even formed. Weapons would cut through human flesh more easily than the hard leather of monsters.

"Phew. Please don't blame me. Aren't they all excited like that?

Koner pulled the sword from his belt, then he stabbed it towards the staggering Ajin.


Even though the flame blocked Ajin's view, he was able to grab the hand that tried to stab him. Ajin reversed the grip on the hand as he threw it. His strength and speed were so fast that Koner didn't get a chance to do anything.

He was on par with a Hunter with physical ability.

"Whew. It's pretty hot."

As the flames dissipated, Ajin wiped his face with his hands.

It was then, a beam of light flashed right in front of his eyes. The light beams left Stuart's hands and headed straight for Ajin.

Ajin hurriedly waved his arm through the flame that ignited before his eyes.

"You motherfuckers, that won't work against me twice."

"Aim for the other."

At the scream of Koner, the man fired a fireball at Takuya.

Ajin still holding the man's attack, showed great brute strength as he returned the two ball to the attack that was heading towards Takuya.

The hunters were shocked,

"did he just…?

Ajin turned his eyes to the mage.

This mage with his fireball attack was someone he had to get rid of first.

During this time the screen was always present

The quest content was changing slowly, that's why.

[Emergency Quest: Kill All Enemies!]


[There are life forms that have murderous intentions towards you. Kill them all to ensure your own safety.]

Number of enemies remaining to kill: 9

Number of enemies killed: 0


What a clear threat it was.

If he didn't complete the quest as intended, Koner and his friends would kill him instead.

“Kill if I don't want to be killed, right?"

The content was quite shocking, but Ajin had no problem.

No, his restless mind quickly turned to one of relief. Even he found it hard to believe, but it was the truth.

All these things that happened to him were not a coincidence, he had been specially chosen by the "King of Human" to protect the world from its destruction.

For it to accomplish this, The System had a clear purpose.

It was to "Make Ajin Genku Strong" to "Make Ajin Genku the new King"

This was the goal of the "King of Human".

Ajin was overjoyed, overjoyed that he was destined to save the world.

Ajin was reassured.

The purpose of this system and Ajin's wishes aligned perfectly.


…. Whenever he found himself in danger, Ajin wanted to kill his enemy and become stronger.

In the past, he had wished so badly to stop living the unhappy life that he was.

But, on that fateful day, the "King of Humans, had given him the chance to become someone.

"If the King wants me to become the strongest then I will, if the King wants to become the protector of this world then I'll, if the King wants me to become new King of this world then I'll. All I have to do is to accomplish everything that the system requests me to do.

That was all there was to it.

With this aim, Ajin's eyes glared dangerously.


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